Josh Hawley misleads on Judge Jackson and child pornography sentencing

  1. As a Missourian I can safely posit that Josh Hawley is currently busy retrieving a lost crayon in his left nostril (he is convinced that only socialists put crayon's in their right nostrils). He has sent up an additional two crayons on a reconnaissance mission, and is urgently awaiting feedback. In preparation he and his staff are currently staging a flanking maneuver that involves consumption of a fair amount of paste that he hopes will slow the further advancement from the devious leftist leaning country - "Crayola."

  2. It’s a QAnon attack. These fucking idiots are just seeing what makes them popular. Meanwhile Gaetz isn’t in jail… It’s so interesting seeing the same signaling that Russia has recently done. It’s almost like they all went to the same conference and were trained on this bullshit.

  3. When does the vote for Jude Jackson occur? Is she likely to be approved or is Manchin likely to go the other direction? Thanks

  4. Just like pretty much everything they talk about, they want it to be ok when republicans do it, and bad when it's possible to suggest Democrats do it.

  5. That has always been the Republican playbook. It’s about creating narratives that excite their base. Even If they are totally wrong or toxic for society in the long run. It’s always been this way. It started getting worse once Obama was elected and it only continues to get worse over time.

  6. He's just taking a page from scum like Cruz and Cotton. Take quotes out of context, ask bad faith questions, and pretend to be outraged. They're all a bunch of dishonest sociopaths looking for attention.

  7. I quickly read only Josh Hawley and child porn and though…”not surprised.” I just figured it was an article about he and Matt Gaetz out on the town together, cruising the local Chuck E Cheez.

  8. He’s such an embarrassment to the human race, but pretty typical of the population of Missouri. Sadly, I have to live in this backwards cesspool.

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