Manchin is convening meetings on clean energy and climate. But few know exactly what he wants out of a deal

  1. he wants to spike clean energy and keep the status quo on climate..What is there to debate? He wants more money out of the deal, for himself and cronies, nothing more.

  2. If Manchin wants to be a kingmaker for all legislation, he should be the one to talk and propose language first every single time.

  3. Joe Manchin is 74 years old, he'll be gone soon, but the consequences of his complete lack of action will impact every future generation. So enough excuses; removing all fossil fuels is a strategic imperative to help our next generation remain competitive and viable.

  4. “Removing all fossil fuels” is a meaningless fantasy espoused by the online activist class and no serious environmentalists.

  5. I've yet to see a national TV ad produced by Democrats that directly attacks Manchin with: Joe Manchin is working hard to keep you poor while shifting taxpayer funds to corporate welfare projects that line his own pockets.

  6. as the world waits with bated breath and fear in their hearts of what our climate is going to look like in 50 years...

  7. We pretty much know...whatever Big Oil and the Repugs want. That's what Maserati Manchin wants. What a POS. He is Boss Hogg without the seersucker suit.

  8. It’s just to give cnn a chance to put a headline with clean energy and dirty coal Manchin in the title since few Americans have time to read a speculative article

  9. He wants money. The stacked deck he's created with absolute corruption isn't good enough for him even still. He has no interest in legislating unless he gets more money.

  10. No matter how many times this sub goes on about Manchin and Sinema, everyone knows that if turnout is poor come the midterms, they will not be blamed for alienating progressives. Progressives will be blamed for not being "pragmatic".

  11. To reassure his donors and Republican colleagues that he will kill anything on clean energy and will continue to fuck the environment over for a buck.

  12. > Manchin is being an obstructionist not on behalf of his constituents but on behalf of big oil and wealthy donors.

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