Do Republicans want to throw doctors who break abortion laws in jail? Their plans say yes

  1. It's more a state of delusion... The christian taliban have really stepped into fantasyland when it comes to policy. They can't see (or won't see) the truth and will never look to what the consequences of their actions will produce.

  2. We live in a time of regression. Decades of hate-mongering and fomenting bigotry gave us elected officials who are shredding precedent and democracy itself to seize and hold power indefinitely. This is a slow coup that is working.

  3. But they(the GOP) don't want to imprison mothers who abort. This is a very clear signal that they don't see women as people with agency.

  4. I'm not defending the laws that they've passed, but are you really outraged that breaking a law has consequences? Of course you can go to jail for committing a criminal act. Whether or not you agree with the law is irrelevant. Having a penalty for breaking it is pretty standard.

  5. These sentences for doctors who perform abortions are often more severe than the sentences for rape.

  6. In the eyes of the GQP legitimate rape is a beautiful creation of life. And masturbating is a sin because you are throwing away millions of half unborn babies.

  7. Also any restrictions on abortion that result in penalties for doctors ends up killing innocent women because of the chilling effect. A doctor is less likely to recommend a medically required abortion for fear that some ignoramus who thinks he knows better than a doctor is going to second guess her professional opinion, file charges, ruin her career and potentially put her in prison.

  8. It could be worse for the women. The current debate in Texas is if women who get abortions should be put to death or not.

  9. This means doctors will be afraid to perform life-saving abortions during wanted pregnancies (ie when the woman’s life might be at risk) for fear of criminal charges or civil penalties. Lots of women are going to be permanently injured or killed due to delays.

  10. I was talking about this with my OBGYN the other day, and she said she doesn't know how she's supposed to do her job. She said if it's a choice between breaking the law and letting her patient die, she'll save the patient's life every time. It's unfair that for this, her devotion to the lives of her patients, she may be thrown in jail.

  11. I’m really curious if there will be legal grounds for someone who is injured or their family if they pass away, God forbid, to sue the state for denying life-saving treatment (abortion).

  12. Yep. OBs already over-use unnecessary interventions during pregnancy and birth to avoid liability, resulting in unneeded c-sections. If the hospitals are already coercing women into medically unnecessary interventions that often result in major abdominal surgery to keep to minimize risk of a lawsuits, you can bet your bippy that they'll throw patients with high risk pregnancies and miscarriages under the bus to save themselves.

  13. As someone who has been severely affected at times by the crackdown on opiate prescribing, we are going to see an unprecedented rise in deaths of women due to doctors fearing losing their license and going to prison for doing what is medically indicated.

  14. Isn't this the case in Texas already? Like they want to make it if a woman gets an abortion out there they could straight up get executed.

  15. GOP has been completely taken over by the far right, and their positions are so off track with a majority of the country.. it's depressing they can keep drifting to the right and still win elections and remain a viable political party.. I guess hate and fear are helluva drugs

  16. Abortion is catnip to the evangelicals, and without their votes, this party has no constituency. Republicans will keep feeding the gaping maw of insatiable religious fervor; this party is a clear and present danger to our ability to self-govern.

  17. Women are going to die, make no mistake. Women will be in the ER for *wanted* pregnancies and have a life threatening emergency that requires emergency surgery or abortion to correct, and doctors will be put in a position to go to prison or let them die.

  18. Every anti-abortion law that is proposed should be forced to provide funding for expectant mothers while pregnant. It should also provide how large numbers of infants will be cared for and paid for once they are born. Provisions for the construction of state funded and staffed child care facilities should be defined as well as tax increases to fund them. You can’t take away someone’s choice of an abortion and then saddle them with 100% financial responsibility for the healthcare costs and costs of raising the child to adulthood. It isn’t about the rights of the unborn if you are fine with them dying of starvation mere months after they are born or worse yet, having them die in the womb and then charging the woman with murder when no provisions were made for the mother and child during pregnancy. They lie about their reason for opposing abortion because if they cared, every anti-abortion law would be packed with the means to ensure every child is healthy from conception to age 18.

  19. They want to throw women who get abortions into jail, not just doctors. And since most women who get abortions already have one or more children, they’d like to dramatically increase the enrollment of children into the foster care system.

  20. Heck, there’s a guy running for office who believes abortion should be a capital offense, making adult women (or teenagers who are tried as adults) eligible for the death penalty if convicted.

  21. I find it so strange that they deny that woman would have to be punished, almost like the mom has no agency of her own.

  22. Who said that they DIDN’T want to throw those doctors in jail. Pro-Lifers have been very clear from the beginning that they wanted these doctors to AT LEAST. Go to jail.

  23. Yes, and they want to punish anyone involved, including doctors, nurses, friends, family and ever Uber drivers. These are some sick fucks and they need to be stopped.

  24. Sorry, but Louisiam plans to make having or performingan abortion a "FELONY" How can this statement be Pants on Fire

  25. The article says that “republicans DO NOT want to put doctors in jail” is the pants on fire statement. Then lists the states that either already have or are in the process of passing laws that have jail terms for doctors performing abortion. I read the title that way at first too.

  26. They're slowly illegalizing all the people who vote against Republican candidates. They're making most of these felonies so people will never be able to vote again. They're playing the long game to try and eventually keep power for decades

  27. Your title change makes it seem like the “Pants On Fire” rating is saying the exact opposite of what it’s saying.

  28. Louisiana is getting ready for by noting abortion is the same crime as murder (no. I don't care where you sit on that idea, it's just no. Your book of reasons why won't sway me, so don't fucking bother, it's not the same as murder) so yeah this checks out.

  29. “One of those facts was: "Republicans DO NOT want to throw doctors and women in jail. Mothers should be held harmless under the law."

  30. Can't protect the voters when politicians redraw the lines and throw away the votes and encourage coups if they somehow lose.

  31. People in this sub would love the 5-4 podcasts analysis of the Alito Dobbs draft, they talk about what’s next and laws will be passed to criminalize abortion

  32. Philosopher Rob Lovering (CUNY), who is pro-choice, has recently argued that such legislation makes the most sense given the pro-life claim that abortion is murder (

  33. My state recently made a womans right to choose part of their constitution. I bet those "states rights" republicans stop caring about that if they try to make it illegal at the federal level.

  34. I'm glad people are waking up and taking this seriously, but there's one small problem, its too f*cking late

  35. I’m hoping that when all baby boomers are dead and no longer in office, including the SC, these backwards laws will be reverted. GenZ may be our last hope

  36. These types of posts are ALWAYS confusing to me. The accompanied graphic makes it seem like the statement in the title is a lie.

  37. To be honest it doesn't matter. The minimum threat would be loss of their license, which would amount to hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost income. No doctor would openly offer abortion if their license was threatened, and any doctor crossing the line would have their license revoked. Any repeat offense would then be practicing without a license which is already a jailable offense.

  38. If the next president is a Republican, this country is doomed. Fortunately I don't live there

  39. The Republican Party has seen the incredible power of pathological lying. Trump has shown them that the truth is whatever you can make people believe and the concept of "facts" is just an irrelevant philosophical construct that has little bearing on peoples actions. Lie. Don't acknowledge the truth or mistakes when confronted. Never apologize if caught lying. If you lie profusely enough, the opponent will never be able to keep up since calling out lies is much more work than telling them.

  40. Listen to the NYC Daily podcast on this. One of the antiabortion crusaders they interviewed said that is one of their explicit goals.

  41. “I didn’t leave the Republican Party…they left me” I was always somewhere close to an Eisenhower Republican… with a dash of Goldwater and Reagan. These current fuckers are lunatics

  42. The real test is whether they want to throw the women themselves in jail. They are a lot harder to otherize than doctors.

  43. So then doctors will flee to blue states (or just straight up leave the country), leaving the folks in red states with limited reproductive healthcare access, even if they comply with the laws. This is gonna be great for public health.

  44. Not arguing the morality of the law, but did this just say “Someone wants to throw someone else who breaks laws in jail?” Like that shocking? Man, the click bait headlines are getting better and better everyday.

  45. Um. Yea. Anyone who breaks laws should be held accountable. I know it’s a wild notion for a democrat, but, yes most of the country does agree with this sentiment

  46. So you support arresting Trump, a solid chunk of elected GOP officials, and every single member of the failed Jan 6th insurrection that entered the Capitol building?

  47. You do not seem to realize there are millions of pot smokers who cannot move to those States because they cannot afford it.

  48. That doesn't help if your pregnancy becomes immediately life-threatening and you have imprisoned or scared away all the doctors that could save your life.

  49. Some of these states are creating laws that would potentially charge you with murder for moving to another state if the purpose had anything to do with having an abortion.

  50. I think you are vastly overestimating the average resources available to the kind of person that is seriously considering abortions. This isn’t like popping over to the next state to get a better deal on vehicle registration…

  51. Can't wait for women who take birth control get arrested for taking birth control because it does not allow for an egg to attach to the uterus wall thus is abortion if Republicans eyes. It will be a fun shit show that shows how dangerous it is to vote republican.

  52. The problem isn't that some pot heads are too poor to move, it's that they are too rich and want to bring all their stuff with them.

  53. I don't know, but there are Democrats who want to throw in jail doctors who refuse to perform abortions.

  54. Yes, but there's a difference between thinking that, believing it, and then acting on your darker impulses in order to make the world a worse place.

  55. you mean to tell me people who break the law have to pay consequences for their actions? what a shock! what’s next, drunk drivers? murders? golly gee what a world

  56. Every child deserves a right to life. Just another propaganda piece to support the murder of unborn children.

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