Factchecking Arizona’s Blake Masters’ claim of open borders and Democratic amnesty plans

  1. Immigration reform proposals from Democrats often are a compromise of creating a pathway to citizenship where undocumented immigrants who are already here can get citizenship, but only after a decade or more of waiting to get a green card, and then close to another decade of waiting after that. I guess you could call that amnesty in a sense. But it's not "open borders", and the proposals also often pair that "amnesty" with much tougher enforcement of undocumented immigration and the border. Republicans just want the border security stuff without any pathway to citizenship, they just want to deport all the millions of people who have been living their lives here for years with no issue

  2. GOP leaders don't actually want to deport millions of undocumented immigrants, they want them living in a state of constant fear so they can be exploited by employers who will steal their wages and create horrendously unsafe working conditions.

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