Madison Cawthorn vows to 'expose' fellow Republicans following election defeat: 'It's time for Dark MAGA to truly take command'

  1. Omg please let this happen. Everyone just shut up. Be very still. Don’t spook him. We are going to learn the weeeeirdest shit.

  2. There’s a dark maga subreddit, looks memeish as hell, I can’t tell if it’s serious or satire. Good for some lol’s and maybe someone snagged the sub before all of the

  3. I saw a group of users on Twitter a few weeks ago with Dark MAGA as part of their handles and their pictures were all red with glowing blue eyes. Variations of some random person or Trump or something. But they were all pretty consistent with the rhetoric. It was all about Trump coming back and being vengeful. Imprisoning and/or executing anyone and everyone that they deemed a threat or that had betrayed Trump. I haven't been able to find those accounts since that day I looked. I'd only been able to find Ultra MAGA since Biden mentioned that, but no Dark MAGA until today. And his words are pretty consistent with what I saw weeks ago from other users.

  4. 10 years ago we would have said that the past 5 years could never happen. It's all like a badly written TV series with a drunk director.

  5. Fascism is on the rise in this country and it will disrupt our otherwise peaceful way of life. Sadly, I don’t think many people realize how close shit can get to hitting the fan, but PLEASE get out and vote in the mid terms this November. If enough Dems gain enough seats in the house, we can actually see meaningful legislation passed that will improve the quality of our life. The alternative is an evangelical fascist country. Too many people think “it can’t happen here” — it can. And sitting at home this fall will only add fuel to the growing fire.

  6. Yeah, we keep not taking these “trolls” seriously until it’s too late. We roll our eyes until they become a president or something.

  7. This is exactly the trajectory I wanted for Madison: defeat, vengeance, exile, onlyfans, obscurity.

  8. Elsewhere I've predicted that his defeat sends him in a downward spiral of self-hatred and self-destruction. I predict it will end with him slowly dying from sepsis after he perforates his intestinal wall while fisting himself with an "authentic" replica of Hitler's arm.

  9. I just want him to name names for the coke orgies before the OnlyFans into a double-tap to the back of the head wheeling off a roof "suicide."

  10. Please, as if building up a viable Onlyfans subscribers base is easy. The gays on Onlyfans all have to be present on other platforms producing non-explicit and semi-explicit contents in order to promote their OF content. They also collab a lot. Now I don't see Cawthorn as a diligent type.

  11. Giving it a cutesy funny name like “Dark MAGA” is the most dangerous part of this. We need to call it by it’s real name: Fascism. Authoritarianism. Accelerationist violence. These are all the things they’re referring to when they’re using this catchphrase. Lets not sanitize it and water it down. They’re vowing to be the bad guys and willing to embrace the horrors that come with it. Lets not kid ourselves here.

  12. More republicans showing their true colors. Can we seriously start taking action now before we have a repeat of 1930's Germany? Seriously. Also any liberals against gun ownership these are the kinds of people that pro-gun liberals want guns to defend against. Because no matter the laws y'all try and pass these fucks are still going to be armed and they will get violent.

  13. “Dark MAGA” is insane in a world that doesn’t already look like this. Think about trying to tell someone ten years ago that there was a generally accepted “dark Yes We Can (No We Can) movement” and that disgraced politicians were joining it to brood on destroying people. World Weekly News wouldn’t have touched that shit if it sounded this contrived.

  14. So if regular maga isn’t fascist enough, you can go dark maga for that pure, uncut fascism

  15. Not that I would give these idiots the benefit of the doubt of actually knowing a goddamn thing about even their own sick ideology but I think it’s just the alt right wrapping right back around to where they got their resurgence back in the late 2000s

  16. I misread it on the first pass as "Dork MAGA." And then after giving a second thought, I decided that, no, I didn't.

  17. Dark MAGA is the fantasy where they start murdering all men that disagree with them, starting with Liberals and the right that don’t believe them, and then imprisoning and raping all women in forced marriages. Basically Handmaiden’s Tale but even worse, more evil, and more dystopic.

  18. Man I seriously hope trump ends up ripping the Republican Party in half. It might be worth all this bullshit if that is what ends up happening.

  19. Every year they've got to come up with a new name for their shitty fascist movement because of all the slipped masks and domestic terrorism.

  20. Jeez. So fucking weird they are so obsessed with cringey, bone spurs, creepy, make up wearing, non religious (since they all fancy themselves Christians), weirdo, fat ass Trump.

  21. Mich McConnel and every other senator is too smart, cagey and rich to be involved in coke and hooker parties with dipshit Congressmen

  22. If it means Charles Booker beating his evil turtle ass then idc if we see what’s under his reptilian shell.


  24. Part of me wonders if GOP voters would even give a shit about this like they don’t give a shit about anything else. But if he’s serious, this could get messy for them.

  25. I think it was far more likely than not that he was telling the truth about the coke orgies. After everything he's done, the GOP didn't turn on him until that.

  26. NSFW - I can picture Mitch McConnell Jack hammering Marjorie Taylor Green with a sly smile on his face while Gym Jordan is doing a line of coke off of Mike Pence’s ass.

  27. "I've got a hatchet with your dick's name on it," needs to be part of more peoples' every day vernacular.

  28. You had me going for a second, I thought they actually had a news show. For as much as people make fun of ICP they're the biggest independent musical act in the US and they're always coming out with weird movies and crap.

  29. It's like they're trying to make DragonBall fan fiction, except by being louder, dumber, and more racist that the last evolution.

  30. He learned the hard way that the first rule of Republican cocaine orgies is you don't talk about Republican cocaine orgies.

  31. I hope he never gets over losing to a fellow Republican and for the party releasing their dirt on him. Seek revenge forever.

  32. Please please please please please please create your own political party. Pretty pretty please? 🙏🙏🙏🤞🤞🤞🤞That’s where all this is heading anyway. There’s going to be a breaking point when conservatives are forced to choose sides. Country club Republicans can’t stand that they have to run elbows with degenerates to win and the degenerates can’t stand that they have to have the money of the cc repubs to win. It’s inevitable and it’s going to happen when Donald Trump is betrayed and denied the GOP nomination in 2024.

  33. If they split up the crazies WILL start shooting. Tho that will be the end of them, a lot of folks are gonna get hurt before the North remembers and burns it’s way to the sea.

  34. No, it's made up of internet propaganda and memes like what radicalized that guy who shot up a grocery store full of black people. The idea behind dark maga is to black pill Trump supporters into being even more destructive and hopeless until they lash out and do terrorist attacks like mass shootings. It's no coincidence that a lot of these shooters hang out on similar message boards, read the same books and manifestos, and write manifestos of their own to take their place on the list.

  35. Can see Dark Maga saying screw the coke and orgy parties and go straight to heroine and pedophilia rings

  36. These are the people that would be happy to burn crosses on your lawn in the middle of the night.

  37. If I’d taken a massive public L at 26 after being a complete douche bag for years, I might be lashing out the same way.

  38. The attention is probably addicting. It'll take years of substance abuse and then he'll "turn his life around" and get re elected in 10 years

  39. I think the saddest part of all of this isn't really that Madison Cawthorn is getting rejected by his own party because of his political philosophies or policies, but that he talked about Republican cocaine orgies, wore a bra, and humped a dude's face on camera. His policies are AOK, but the shenanigans!

  40. That's reductive. They made a ton of judicial appointments and drastically increased the infrastructure of ICE. They did plenty of damage and we're lucky they were as inept as they were.

  41. Given all the projection (i.e., the ClInToNs hAvE pEoPlE kIlLeD!), I wouldn't be surprised if he "shoots himself" in the back of the head twice.

  42. Yes! Do it dude. Drop all the dirty you have on your fellow Republicans! I bet doing that will even somehow own the libs.

  43. I imagine they’re going to bring out the robo-trump that has an advanced “TurboMAGA” setting and a catchphrase.

  44. “I’ll tell you how evil these people are now that it no longer benefits me to keep it secret. I’m such a good person. I should write a book.”

  45. The true test of character comes not from the brief moment of victory but rather the unusually long, dark period following a defeat.

  46. Guarantee that this guy has a mental breakdown in the next year and will be filmed naked jacking off in public or something like that

  47. Pro tip: If you ever find yourself advocating for a “Dark _____” to triumph over its enemies, that’s probably a good time to ask yourself if you’re actually the baddies

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