Jan. 6 hearing piles on evidence: Pence didn’t have power to change 2020 election

  1. I didn’t need this hearing to tell me that. He never had that power, and nobody but Trump insisted he did.

  2. Even Trump knew he didn't have that power. It was all about Trump trying to convince Pence that he should do it even if it was completely unconstitutional. This can be evidenced by the fact that testimony says that when Pence told him that he did not have that power, Trump responded saying somethong to the effect of "but wouldn't it be cool if you did".

  3. Trump and Eastman knew it was illegal but didn’t care. Part of me wonders if they knew normal citizens would lose their shit, and he’d be able to declare martial law. Thus cementing him in as our dictator.

  4. It would be ridiculous (and incredulous) for our founding fathers to have provided a constitution allowing a president’s Vice President to determine the outcome of an election. This is exactly the thing they were trying to avoid, no more kings. Ffs… read the constitution, read the Code of Federal Regulations regarding presidential elections. Trump was simply groping in the dark, making shit up as usual, showing a complete disregard for basic constitutional protocols.

  5. What’s even more on-brand for Republicans is that Eastman admitted that Al Gore and Kamala Harris shouldn’t have that power. But Mike Pence should.

  6. In private it feels like the Dems dont want a conviction because they want to face Trump in 2024 while the GOP do simply because they dont want to have Trump on the ticket.

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