Kevin McCarthy said domestic oil is more affordable than imported oil. It costs more

  1. And even if it were more affordable, nothing would stop oil producers from exporting it somewhere they'd get a better price for it.

  2. I like that McCarthy is always sure, but seldom correct. It’s a dependable thing in this topsy turvey world.

  3. I do not mean to be poking fun at most of you on this matter. This is only true because of economies of scale. Because of our reluctance to get our own oil, there is a very limited amount of domestic production. So drilling will be expensive at first due to the initial costs. Mind that so many of your scream amount of good-paying jobs well work for an oil rig, and you will make some serious bank. Most jobs are close to six figures.

  4. I read it had to do with the kind of oil fields that we mostly have in the US. For example, oil from shale is more expensive to refine than the sweet crude type that is found in Saudi Arabia. It only makes sense to drill for oil in many places in the US if the price of a barrel is high.

  5. We are pumping more oil than ever before.. its been skyrocketing since 2010. Unfortunately we are producing more light crude oil than we can refine so we import as well as export. Its not just drill drill drill

  6. I cant handle how stupid a person has to be to say that the number one oil producer in the world isnt producing enough oil to do it cheaply.

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