Biden unlikely to meet bold Democrat demands after abortion ruling -sources

  1. Trust in the Supreme Court... Bush V. Gore called. It said “fuck the planet” then hung up after clarifying it was never meant to be quoted.

  2. Then why not bring back up the Build Back Better plans to have maternal leave, free pre-k, and 300 to families and put Republicans on the spot to support it while they gloat about being so 'pro-life'... bunch of hypocrits!!

  3. Fuck Joe Biden, seriously. What a goddamn milquetoast response from President Milquetoast. Voted for him, and will again if it is him or fascism, but tired of out of touch geriatrics running this country into the ground

  4. I have good news for them. That ship has sailed. So they might as well do one freaking thing that would be good for actual human beings who live in this country. 🙄

  5. I saw some share this video on another post and it's both highly enlightening and infuriating in regards to this situation

  6. I feel like he's got this one backwards. The Supreme Court has undermined our faith in all institutions. He and congress need to staunch our loss of faith in the rest of our governmental institutions by working to counteract the rabid, viciously politicized supreme court, or what esteem the public has for our government as a whole will continue weaken.

  7. They could not be more wrong in their assessment. One of the reasons people are radicalized is specifically due to decades of milquetoast, half assed policies. People want drastic change. Like, why do they think so many Obama voters voted for Donald in 2016?? 🤦🏼🤦🏼 The Dems are so fucking useless.

  8. See I don't think they're that stupid. This is when I want to put on my tin foil hat and say that the Democrats goals are the same as the Republicans they just know they have to act like the good guys, say they want to do the opposite of the Republicans, that they're just victims of the system, and is why they can't get anything done. They don't even brag about the handful of things that they do actually do right that would motivate people to come vote for them. It's like they want to fail.

  9. There it goes again ..."the president can achieve any political or policy objective if only he tries hard enough or uses the right tactics"

  10. I have a feeling this article massively over-simplifies what the administration is saying. Look at Biden’s coverage via a ve Trump. Corporate media hates this admin and they have a lot of power to mold our discussions.

  11. Dems have been doing this since I've been of voting age in 2008, and they continue to do it AFTER historic losses in the past decade Holy shit

  12. Gee we couldn’t possibly take steps to undermine trust in the institution that just told people who can get pregnant to fuck off and die.

  13. Radical? Pretty sure if we were seeing ANYTHING, we might be able to give the administration some slack. Having fundraising emails talking about reproductive rights "on the ballot" as the first response to something we all knew was coming? And after a lack of voting rights support, no less? Bad move.

  14. This administration came out of the gates swinging on covid relief and organization of the chaotic vaccine rollout. I was stoked. But it seems they then put the car on cruise control and rather than be proactive, have become entirely reactive playing catch up.

  15. Buddy Biden just nominated a McConnell supported anti abortion judge. He’s opposite of what we need right now.

  16. He's been bargaining with white Christian nationalism his entire career. He called out his ability to work with Strom Thurmond like it was a badge of honor.

  17. Likely the last President of the neo-political era. Kind of fitting, he was one of the first seated after the Party reorganized having swept the New Dealers from DNC control.

  18. He doesn't see challenges as much as he sees political capital for his next election. Vote for me next term or Republicans will make things even WORSE.

  19. Next election the Republican party will be voted in so y'all fucked. Hopes for peace from Canada 🇨🇦🇨🇦

  20. He served his purpose. Now we need to get someone in the White House who actually has the balls to go after the right the way they go after us on a regular basis. Fuck bipartisanship.

  21. lol if anybody like this gets anywhere close to winning the party nom Nancy will take a crowbar to their kneecaps, as always. you don’t remember those bizarre, unprovoked press conferences she’s been giving where she praises lifelong sociopathic Republicans?

  22. I really wish Biden would not run again. I sure as hell don’t want Kamala either. I would take Obama back if we could. We are so screwed. 4 more years of not getting anything democrats wanted accomplished is too much to think about.

  23. We shoulda went with Elizabeth Warren. Smart, female, energetic, track record of progressive moves, and not off-putting to the anti Bernie wing of the party.

  24. Next election the Republican party will be voted in so y'all fucked. Hopes for peace from Canada 🇨🇦🇨🇦

  25. "We're not going to do anything" and fretting about polarization and peoples' trust in the Supreme Court is an excellent way to make sure that doesn't happen.

  26. The scary thing is let’s say 2022 goes well for them and they still hold the House & Senate somehow. They still won’t do anything, which might be a worse outcome because that would mean 2024 is a bloodbath.

  27. Yeah I think he should be impeached honestly. We would still have a Democrat (Kamala Harris). Knowing that, I just want to see someone make an example of him.

  28. Moderate democrats are increasingly the reason why democrats are falling behind. Time for change and vote progressive up and down the ballots.

  29. He is not even going to try Democratic representatives basically gave up right away and decided to just say vote harder and use it to raise money. Warren, AOC and a few others seem to be the only ones with any fight in them.

  30. All that Dem leadership did between the leaked draft and the actual opinion was work on that donation email and perfect it.

  31. And look at how mad that makes some Democrats. Not the inaction, the fact that some politicians have a little fight in them.

  32. It was his life long dream to be president, that was the reason, nothing more. I don't think he gives a shit about anything he actually does as president, it was just to be president.

  33. What a terrible article. Lets look at the bullet points. No SCOTUS reform because they don't actually have the votes to do this. No Filibuster carve out again because they do not have the votes to do this. No abortions on federal lands because they can't legally do this.

  34. He won't and can't because of the filibuster a 6-3 conservative majority on the Supreme Court and Manchin and Sinema are refusing to gut it or reform it completely. Want those demands then vote blue

  35. He should have leaned on those 2 clowns from day one. LBJ scared people in Congress into voting for something they personally didn’t want, and Biden just plays patty cakes with Manchin.

  36. There's actually a lot he could do without having to touch the filibuster or worry about a single conservative. He just won't do it.

  37. Conservative Democrat responds to Republican theocratic victories with nothing. Tune in tomorrow for more of the same.

  38. He can't expand the court, he'd need 50 votes to change the filibuster to do that, at best he has 48, probably more le 46.

  39. Biden is a sad and unfortunate figment of the past. He has no fire or mettle in him. No guts whatsoever. His cronies in the senate are more important to him than America or its people. Honestly, if the Dems run him again in 2024, I'm done.

  40. He can't do it.. Because he's the president. He is not above the court. It's literally up to Congress to pass a law. Vote.

  41. Here we go. Let’s focus on Biden not doing enough to fix an issue he has no real ability fix and had no part in creating.

  42. BS that he can’t do anything. He is the president. His voice matters. His reassurance matters. Shrugging his shoulders is devastating to us and leads to people giving up hope. He’s actively harming us.

  43. Maybe it’s just me but every Supreme Court case that’s involved abortion has stated in some form CONGRESS can do something about this. This banging on Biden and the wider executive powers makes no sense to me. Most things he does will be temporary (as long as the next president feels it to be) or limited in scope. Congress has no limits and can go further.

  44. I have defended Biden up until this point. I’m a leftist and he has exceeded my expectations (I had very low expectations).

  45. Don’t forget it also took a massive ground game in Georgia (along with 2 of the worst Republican candidates ever) to even get him a “majority” in the Senate.

  46. I honestly hope he doesn’t run in 2024 because he’s going to end up losing to either Trump or DeSantis if he does. Democrats need someone stronger.

  47. If they had someone stronger they would have run them in 2020. That unicorn doesn't exist because the old fogeys in Party hoarded power without creating a leadership legacy let alone the type of mentoring that fosters new strong leaders to natural rise, they wanted ass-kissing yes-people whose top skill is following orders.

  48. This has been the thorn in the side of his presidency since Biden took office. Hell, it's been an issue for the party in general. To put it one way, Biden has continuously made the choice not to choose.

  49. Biden unlikely to get re-elected in 2024 and is more likely to be remembered as weakest president of the current century

  50. This! This is the reason people don't vote "Blue no matter who". Democrats have options. They can make moves to alleviate suffering right now and make a real difference. They don't need any more politicians than they already have. But they still don't do it.

  51. There's nothing wrong with criticizing Biden and wanting him to be more progressive, but can we not act like all of this is a Democratic president's fault and responsibility? The government has three co-equal branches, the president is not just the final boss or something.

  52. People on Reddit do not understand that we lost the abortion fight back in 2016. Biden and Dems will try and salvage what they can, but while Warren and AOC are rattling off ideas, these little consideration behind them.

  53. These are creative ideas. "But what if it fails" is no longer a valid opinion in my mind. You need to do every fucking thing right now that you can. You can't play the "Is it legal? We don't know so we won't even bother" card.

  54. I expect chants of "Voting blue is not enough; Democrats, we call your bluff" is going to get a lot louder as the midterm approach.

  55. Oh my God. Grow a fucking spine you wasteful oaf. Man who fucking called this jack ass up from the minors. Should have left his ass in Scranton and hired a real man like AOC (yea she is a women, I mean proverbially tough and not willing to concede on mission critical issues like freedom of mother fucking choice)

  56. You guys! This is what we always do - remember? Because we are just a bunch of normal people who don't have a religious order directing us on how to march and what to think- we can't, apparently unite on one thing. While we were busy jumping around to counter their moves they were plotting ahead all along, if we wanted to 'win' we would be doing the same thing, but we are just a bunch of normal people. And if we wanted to win we would stand together to oppose them. I guess we are just too trained to be decent and normal.

  57. He should emulate FDR, not by his social programs, but by his bold and novel approach to a problem, And the problem is that we have a rigged SC

  58. Democrats and Biden are the most inept and incompetent party to exist in the history of America! How do you have dumb ass politicians that allowed decisions made McConnell to block Obama’s Supreme Court pick? Under the Trump administration 3 motherfucking ultra conservative Supreme Court justices were immediately sworn and spearheaded in to destroy democracy? There needs to be a new political party for millennials! The Democratic Party should completely be disbanded! The really live up to the Jackass mascot while the GOP has a mighty bulldozing elephant!

  59. Biden needs to go. I voted for him, and I’ll vote for him again if I really have no other choice, but I’m sick of him sitting on his hands while the GOP brazenly dismantles our democracy and rolls back our rights. We need someone who will fight fire with fire, and he is not that guy.

  60. At a time like this, we need someone more like FDR or LBJ to get things done -- someone who knows how to apply leverage and work Congress to get what he wants. I thought Biden would be that guy with all of his legislative experience. But the republicans are determined to stonewall ANYTHING that might make Biden look like a successful or effective president. That's their long game. And it's working.

  61. We need Bernie back. I don’t care that he’s also old as fuck. He’ll die in office fighting tooth and nail for what the people want. Biden is like a fucking stuffed puppet with a motion sensor to activate catchphrases when needed.

  62. Biden got burned because he over-estimated his ability as a negotiator and thought he could get his old Republican pals to back some of his plays. Realizing he was wrong, I have a feeling he won't run again.

  63. I agree this is a terrible response, but please do not use this as an excuse to not vote Democrat. Not voting Democrat was what got us into this mess in the first place (for all those who voted for a third party candidate instead of Clinton out of spite). Remember odd events do happen. Democrats could gain senate seats and possibly even enough to overcome Manchin and Sinema. If Democrats keep the house, a nationwide abortion protection bill might be possible.

  64. Biden is unlikely to do ANYTHING. What an absolutely useless president. We elected him because we expected him to help us, not ignore us.

  65. much like the rest of the democratic party (minus the progressives) he is worthless. and wtf thought it would be a good idea to have kamala harris as a vp? pure grifter

  66. She definitely brought back the “weak VP who does nothing but hurt the party” role. Dan Quayle would be proud.

  67. Cause that approach worked out so well for the Obama administration, and the USA.... God I hate the fcking Democrats. Such worthless trash.

  68. Cancel the filibuster. We don't want to set a precedent the democrats said. Republicans are already talking about abolishing it to ram through a national abortion ban.

  69. The party decides whether to hold a primary, not the voters. There isn't going to be a primary with a first term dem in office. Biden is the 2024 nominee and likely loser.

  70. More weakness from the commander in chief. Is it so much to ask that those who are supposed to protect the American people… oh, I don’t know, DO THAT?!

  71. Remember when political parties that controlled the presidency and Congress and had majority support in the polls.... governed? Pepperidge Farm remembers!

  72. "Biden unlikely to do anything about anything" can just be the news every day until he loses to Trump or another fascist in 2024

  73. Dear Americans, please stop thinking politics is binary and recognise the inherent limitations of your own democratic systems.

  74. When will the dems learn that inspiring young people to get out and vote is the only way they’ll win in future.

  75. ITT: Bernie/stein voters who didn't want to hear about the supreme court in 2016 now mad that the president doesn't have a magic wand to reset the seats they handed to trump.

  76. Ah yes, the Schrodinger’s progressive. They aren’t a large enough voting block for the DNC to concern itself with trying to cater to them, but they simultaneously are the only ones to blame when moderate democrats lose elections.

  77. Joe has got to go. He’s too old, too stuck in the 20th century. He should announce he’s not running 2024. And if he doesn’t then he should face a primary.

  78. I voted for her as well in the primaries. In the end I don't care who runs and positions them self to will I just know it has to be a progressive tough Democrat.

  79. Oh wow, you mean the conservative racist Catholic guy who repeatedly expressed prolife views and voted to let states overrule roe isn’t going to save us?

  80. No shit. Biden won because people were motivated against Trump. Biden has been a relatively limp president and the undecided are starting to forget their hatred for Trump and be angry with Bidens lack of accomplishments and blame him for the state of the economy. Reversing Roe reminds everybody of their hatred for the GOP and rally the left to vote. Anything Biden does at this point will just distract from their anger at the GOP and possibly lose votes going into the midterm. Of course it won't matter, GOP will take back the house or the senate ( probably both) and any chance of accomplishing anything will be dead.

  81. It’s not a coincidence that Roe gets overturned with a Catholic in the White House. McConnel and Trump put those judges in place and Biden is doing nothing to stop them.

  82. So, he isn't planning on running in 2024 then. That's a death knell for any future runs. As it well should be.

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