Democrats swiftly raised $80M after court overturned Roe

  1. If the Democrats win, and take over more Republican seats, and abortion rights still aren't ensured at the federal level, then people need to start holding Democrats accountable for the promises they make.

  2. This is the first time in my life the entire 100% Dem caucus in the Senate have been pro choice, let alone have 95% of them willing to get rid the filibuster. Even during Obama there were pro life dems and most would never even consider looking at the filibuster

  3. Maybe if he had been holding Democrats accountable for the promises they make this whole time, we wouldn't have gotten ourselves into this position in the first place.

  4. i guarantee you this is going to happen. Democratic politicians care in that they use this to make money via donations. They dont actually care enough to do the work it takes to change the laws. Again these politicians all go to lunch together, go to dinners, fund raisers etc. This isnt a democrat vs republican issue almost no issue is its a ruling class vs everyone else issue. The democrat politician can very easily afford to fly to WA state for an abortion or canada or mexico or france or spain or germany.

  5. Next steps is volunteering. We have many resources for various candidates down to the local seats at

  6. Its almost like they love when Republicans cause damage to our society so they can make money off it. Then they act like they will do something and Manchin or Sinema will not be on board and it won't pass and they'll still blame it on Republicans and ask for more money. I'm so sick of this game.

  7. How else do you expect the Democrats to fight back? They have to win a larger majority in the midterms, enough to make Manchin and Sinema irrelevant. They need the money to run campaigns in order to win the midterms. Those who are complaining about the Democrats fundraising are ignoring the fact that winning the midterms is the only way to overturn these Supreme Court decisions.

  8. Defeating Roe was the fundraising cornerstone of the GOP for a long time. Saving Roe is the Dems new cash cow......

  9. Finally some positive news! That's a good sign the rulings by the Supreme Court are firing up voters. We've got to keep up the momentum in any way we can.

  10. Before I even entered the thread I knew like 50% of the comments would be "Democrats bad, democrats don't do anything, why vote democrat waste of a vote etc. etc.".

  11. Or If RBG had just retired while Obama was president and Dems held the Senate. Running cover for Dem politicians isn't going to get us out of this mess. We need to expect more from them, otherwise they have no incentive to be better.

  12. You realize that people are disillusioned with the Dems because of how ineffective they are right? Most of my friends and I voted for Hillary and Biden not because we thought they were good candidates but because they were the lesser of two evils.

  13. I do not see one comment in here saying or suggesting that people not vote. Yes, people are bitching about the Dems. I've seen one comment in here from someone saying they weren't going to give the Dems any more money. That isn't the same.

  14. Please continue making this argument. I saw the dangers in not responding in 2016. Trump didn't "win" because he was beloved. He won because a VERY coordinated "both parties are the same" misinformation campaign reduced Dem turnout in just the right places.

  15. If they legislated it under Obama then the Republicans overturned it atleast they would have made an attempt. And Republicans wouldn't have won the presidency in 2016 if dems had listened to there base and run Bernie.

  16. The Senate looks winnable; we keep hearing we need two more senators. Except now we’re poised to lose the House - by a lot. It’s scary.

  17. It's crazy how many good people the democrats have pissed off by making the SCOTUS decision primarily a fund raising opportunity. It's a seriously tone deaf approach.

  18. Said people would, no doubt, prefer that Democrats hold their nose up at the idea of raising money and instead concede the midterms. For the sake of dignity and "good" people.

  19. The Democrats haven't pissed off anyone by fundraising. Raising funds is what they should be doing to win the midterms so they can overturn the SCOTUS decisions. Those who are complaining about the Democrats fundraising are very suspicious in my opinion. It seems you have an agenda to discourage people from donating to Democrats so that they lose the midterms and conservatives get to continue oppressing people. You are helping the republicans with those types of comments.

  20. I'm giving them more money because they need the money in order to do something. They can't do something unless they win a larger majority in the midterms (so they can ignore Manchin and Sinema). In order to win, they need money.

  21. And here's the trolls joining the discussion to encourage withholding money from dems. They can't get stuff done because of the senate favoring red states, but let's not help to get more Dem senators.

  22. The Dems literally have decided it’s more advantageous for them to just shrug their shoulders as the GOP leads us into fascism. Look at how feckless they entire Dem leadership has been while they GOP is executing a slow motion coup.

  23. Good. Keep donating. This is the only peaceful way to defeat the republican party now. Don't listen to the idiots who complain about the Democrats fundraising out of this. This is what they SHOULD be doing. The Democrats need a larger majority than they have now due to the treasonous bastards Manchin and Sinema sabotaging everything. They can only get a larger majority by fundraising so they can win in the midterms. Winning in the midterms is the only way to reverse the Supreme Court's decisions. So stop complaining about the Democrats fundraising and help them raise funds so they can get a larger majority in Congress and fix these problems.

  24. Let’s just hope they put the money towards something a little more substantial than acapella rehearsal in front of the capital.

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