Over half of Republicans believe that parents of trans kids should be investigated for child abuse

  1. That’s insane. It’s absolutely none of my business or the state’s. That’s between doctors and families. I have absolutely no knowledge about it and I’m willing to bet neither do these people. It is best if we all leave private medical decisions where they belong. In the doctors office. If they want to do this why can’t we also investigate anyone that brings a child to church?

  2. The honest truth is that dead is how they’d prefer their lgbt kids if they can’t force them to be who they think they should be.

  3. Right. All this poll means is that half of Republicans have never known a suicidal 14-year-old who became excited about being alive again when their brain finally got the hormone it needed

  4. The state of Tennessee wanted to remove gay marriage to allow for child marriage. Interestingly, crickets from the reich wing.

  5. I’ve read all of the anti-transgender laws and Republicans have a more than a dozen definitions for transgender.

  6. Yup. That's how it goes. People often don't even think we get hate and discriminated against for being asexual. Yet, studies find that we are seen as the least human group amongst the LGBTQIA+ community.

  7. You have a constitutional right to defend your home and family from fascists and that's the ONE thing in the Constitution, it seems, that the Supreme Court won't shit all over....

  8. No we don't. We really don't. Accepting and loving my kid for who they are is not abusive. These far right Christofascists are the ones who should be because, let's be honest, the way they'd treat their LGBTQ+ child would be disgusting.

  9. Yes, republicans should be investigated for child abuse for not allowing children to be who they are.

  10. The GOP has zero intention of allowing kids to be who they are; their platform verges more on a form of fascism daily with profound anti-LBGTQ policies:

  11. It speaks horribly about our nation when so many times a person finding the ability to be free to be themselves means having to leave their home and family due to being kicked out. That's a bad indictment of our country that stories like that are all too common for LGBTQIA+ people in America.

  12. On a similar note: we have actual genital modification surgeries done on non consenting individuals for religious/tradition reasons and they don’t see any issue with that

  13. With trans becoming such a relevant political topic, I’m surprised conservatives haven’t made a move to classify the term ‘cis’ as a hateful pejorative and get it banned from classrooms or other places that receive public funding. I’m sure they’d love to try replacing it with a term like “gender correct”.

  14. republicans have a problem with people living their lives ,if a person wants to be trans,gay,lesibian,bi-sexual thats their choice same as you not being ,if they donot push their way to you why in the hell you push your way on them .do ya have a trans or any other come up and say you need to be like us, no but you have straight people trying to tell others how to live their life when they cant live their own

  15. I think those parents of J6th insurrection should be investigated for child abuse, boy would they scream blood murder over that.

  16. I believe 100% of Christian parents should be investigated for child abuse then. Seeing as how both the Catholic Church and the Southern Baptist Church in America have openly admitted to operating for years as a child rape protection scheme… the evidence points to Christian’s being the most likely single identifiable group with an extremely high occurrence of sexual attacks against children. If we’re going to get all extreme about protecting kids from sexual abuse, let’s start with the churches.

  17. Any parent that loves and respects their child regardless of who their are is the best kind of parent there is. Love for a child that others may call different is not abuse!

  18. It's amazing that with no common enemy, Americans have turned on themselves. All while the powers that be on both sides get richer and take more control.

  19. As a therapist in a highly religious community I’ll tell you my thoughts. I agree with this. Why? Because I’ve observed that more often, trans kids were sexually, emotionally abused. I observe that there is a high correlation of Narcissistic abuse and extreme homophobic/transphobic views that possibly exacerbate the symptom. The answer: love your kid for who they are not what they are or how they identify.

  20. That doesn't even happen. To do surgical transition, one would have to have to be age of consent to even do that. There is no surgical transition. That's just crap made up by Rand Paul & the American College of Pediatricians, a literal hate group made up of phony doctors.

  21. There are at least 10 known types animals in the wild that naturally change their sex. Like on a cellular level.

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