Doomsday? Nearly half of "strong Republicans" believe it's almost time for armed violence

  1. Future? They actively foster and empower such individuals in their communities as we speak. North of 90% of all acts and plots of domestic terror involve right wing actors... "but they are just a minority of extremists" who happen to be brazen enough to say, and do what the rest of them only fantasize about for now.

  2. I'm a member of the Liberal Gun Club and think it would be foolish for fellow liberals to not arm themselves. Handgun and a long gun.

  3. They may think it's "time" now but they've been arming themselves and proliferating propaganda specifically for this time for 20-30 years

  4. I wouldn't suggest taking up arms against the US military. Sure, some might come to your side. But most will come to the side of the constitution. And the constitution frowns on an armed rebellion.

  5. I would say the biggest worry is the police - you know, the ones that are sold military equipment for some idiotic reason- that are filled with white supremacists would absolutely side with these people. And a lot of them have fucking tanks, are mobilized, can easily rise up in many communities, and have the law on their side to do whatever the fuck they want.

  6. That's why the right has been stocking up on Punisher stickers and other cosplay gear. You think the most powerful military the world has ever seen wants to go up against a guy who spent more money on tacti-COOL gear and stickers than he did on his failed marriage?

  7. I think they're vastly overestimating how many of the rank-and-file people in the military joined up not out of patriotism (of any kind), but instead because they wanted an education and a reliable paycheck.

  8. I don't think they're wanting to attack the military. I think they're wanting to attack anyone they identify as "progressive."

  9. They don't want to go up against the US military. They want to commit isolated acts of terrorism against liberals.

  10. Part of their whole plan seems to rest on this idiotic idea that they are a “silent majority” who have not done anything to show their support, including voting, rising up from some clarion call from some fascist leader. They have never been silent or a majority. It’s just all posturing at this point hoping they can intimidate people into giving them what they want.

  11. These fucking idiots are willing to fight, die, and murder their neighbors and countrymen for a NY real estate trust fund baby and a political party of corporate serving elites that would burn them as fuel to heat their 3rd ski lodge?

  12. for fking what?!?!? Letting women have a right to choose, letting people be black or gay? Wanting free healthcare?!? Lower cost education?!?

  13. Can you guys not do this shit? Life is shitty and hard already enough with the fucking “let’s go to war” you goddamn idiots. Nobody wants this we just want to live our fucking lives, eat food, travel, be with our loved ones.

  14. instead of talking about the effect, lets maybe talk about the cause? extreme wealth and Power redistribution to the top / reaganomics / neoliberalism that led america into the plutocratic age in which a select few wealthy and powerbrokers play the rest against each other ?

  15. No way dude it’s gotta be all these poor people keeping the poor people poor, the poor folks should really think about doing something to get rid of those pesky poor people that use up all the stuff that should belong to us! The poor!

  16. Media...please stop using subsets of subsets to juice headline percentages to the max. This is the same 20 to 30 pecent of mouth-breathing brainstems we always talk about.

  17. That number is actually too high. You are assuming 50% of all Republicans, but the article is 50% of “Strong Republicans”. Not all Republicans are “strong Republicans” as most are probably right of center, like most Dems are left of center. The real percentage is probably closer to 15%.

  18. Let’s keep in mind that they surveyed 1,000 people over the course of four days. A representative population is not made by 1,000 people alone, and who knows what the fuck they were thinking during those four days.

  19. Hm, maybe, but this could easily amount to nothing. I know these types- I have country cousins who fetishize trump and guns, and though of course in numbers we've seen them do aggressive things, they are also too selfish and stupid to get that organized. I think there will be a lot of posturing and puffed chests and flashing of guns but it will go nowhere.

  20. The weird thing about these country types is that they're already left alone, so I'm not sure what more freedoms they want. On a trip recently I was out in rural areas and other people were few and far between.

  21. 25% is still a scary stat, you don't need that many people to topple a government just a group of very determined people.

  22. No sane person in the US is ready for insurrection and honestly I can’t believe people keep bantering about it like civil war is some afternoon delight.

  23. A real Nazi. He isn’t alone the republican/ nazi ( same thing) truly want camps for the mass murder of everyone not like them - liberals, LGBTQ, certain POC. it’s like a political party for sociopaths

  24. I’m sick of all this year welfare recipient trash acting like they pose a threat. They are so financially unstable they let their elderly die from Covid because they knew all the cheap jet skis, and 12 year old rvs would be repossessed if they couldn’t get back their shit jobs. I say try and revolt, and I’ll watch them starve in the streets, until they turn and eat each other. The republican politicians clearly are going to shun trump, and he’s going to tear them apart from the inside.

  25. You can a lot of damage for very little money. Just look at all the bombing around the world. It does not even take a ton of them to cause a lot of chaos and death.

  26. Tough talk from people who know they can’t win legitimately. Threats of violence are the last bastion of the lost cause. They aren’t scary, and they will lose. Badly. They are outnumbered by millions of much smarter people. They are tolerated. If they try that crap, they won’t be tolerated anymore and the second that happens they are done. Done. It will probably not take a week to finish that “battle”, so no, they didn’t want violence. Put their pig king in jail and let them try something. It won’t go well for them.

  27. Does anyone understand what these assholes are so upset about? Their the ones attacking democracy, scapegoat lgtbq people, banning books, punishing private companies for political speech....

  28. 100% of Democrats and roughly 50% of Republicans are against it; but if they are stupid enough to try and bring it, they’ll experience defeat and humiliation. The majority is against and will fight all Republican Christian Traitors until these racist losers are buried one and all.

  29. Murdoch Fox and his pals and influencers are building an authoritarian Fascist Oligarchy in America. And Putin is social engineering a civil war in the United States.

  30. So terrorism? They are terrorists. I though that was bad, but I guess only if you're off-white, brown, or black. Plus, who is it going to be? Republicans are already a minority population, many are older, and everyone calling for violence asks other people to do it. By the time you get down to the people who are actually willing to die for their "cause", there's not many left. So how will they cause disruptions? Attacks on civilian targets, pipe bombs, suicide vests? Sounds familiar. This is the exact thing that religious extremists do in countries that we invade or occupy. Fucking lunatics.

  31. Does “strong Republican” just mean racist Republican? Or is a racist Republican just saying the same word twice? Very confusing party Republicans are.

  32. I don’t think it will. I think when they lose, they’ll just go back home. Go back to being the closeted bigots and racists they’ve always been.

  33. Remember how it turned out the last time “strong” conservatives tried to rip the country apart because the majority of Americans kept voting against them?

  34. How much of the adult population of the USA calls themselves “strong republicans”? I mean it’s useless info without some hard numbers.

  35. My Dad is becoming one of those, except he doesn’t own a gun, hasn’t worked in 15 years, and smokes hella. I’m like wtf are you even rooting for Dad?

  36. Good. Let's get it over with. I think they'll be surprised by how quickly that gets stomped out. Good luck fighting against the strongest military to ever have existed.

  37. They're going to engage in terrorist actions against civilians not the military. Police will be the ones who respond. They'll be sympathetic.

  38. New survey of "extreme polarization and alienation" is dark but not surprising: Americans really hate each other

  39. They're killing pregnant people and children because they're too fucking stupid to listen to doctors and allow them to perform basic healthcare. They're stopping and undermining basic enviromental policies while our planet is becoming unlivably hot in front of our eyes. They're trying to dismantle democracy.

  40. This is mass media taking conveniently presented stats to try to instigate violence. While we should be aware that there are elements of the population who want violence we should be even more concerned about media sources doing things to make people think it's more of a threat than it is.

  41. They’ll change their tune the second they roll on some house whose owner/occupants they’ve designated “the enemy” and that person ends up raining bullets onto them.

  42. Do these Meal Team 6 types think they’re going to “capture” a major city(s)? What do think is going to happen if they try?

  43. I was asked a similar survey (maybe the same one). The way it was worded ... they asked me if I ever would consider political violence. Well, I have a good imagination. Say for example we have a neo Nazi regime and soldiers are on my street looking for Jews. Sure, I would consider violence. That doesn't mean I am "ready to shoot" or anything like that.

  44. If faux news tells me I need to get violent over and over for a long time, then that's all I need to know.

  45. They are already getting their way but of course they want to harm or even kill anyone and everyone that isn't them. These guys are clearly the bad guys, like Russia.

  46. I was thinking they are like 80 percent inbred- which is why they all want forced birth. They don’t want their incest embryos aborted.

  47. Strong republicans equals trump cult terrorists. The church of the orange pussy grabber. The knuckle draggers that fly trump flags and don't tread on me flags.

  48. Here is what they will do. First, they will increase the number of crimes that occur. Thinks like bank robberies, mugging, car jacking, home invasion and so on. Then they will add more mass shootings to the mix. Then bombings and further disruption of society and gatherings.

  49. I think the problem is, they honestly see themselves as the only true tough guys, the only ones with the tactical gear, guns, the willingness to stand up and fight for something or someone. They think they will be only going up against people wearing pink vagina hats and the wimpy gays, the whining millennial’s, etc…..

  50. And I think a poll had like 45-50% of the nation expecting civil war in the near future. Either way a lot of people expect a lot of violence to start happening.

  51. Of course. The Russians are shooting their wad with all their influence operations; this is the zenith of their ability to make us shoot each other.

  52. Oh they’ve been saying this shit since 1865. Individual terror attacks will continue but this won’t happen.

  53. That's too bad. Sad that so many people feel a gun is the answer here in the land of the free and home of the brave. I've watched so many countries through the years, disintegrate into total chaos, and then never recover. Because one guy thinks his idea is better than the other guy, and i'm gonna make you like my way!

  54. Fascism, bigotry, and authoritarianism can't survive on the outside of power forever. Their ranks are as inflated as they're going to be due to decades of anti-science, anti-reality propaganda, and weaponizing of the internet. They either use their momentum to take power (as they more or less have in congress and many governments of the world) or slowly get ostricized again as the new generation gets fed up with the capitalism and processes that enable fascists to be so enduring.

  55. This stuff keeps coming up, the right thinks the threat of violence will allow them to just keep pushing their agenda. If these people are stupid enough to start a violent event, many people will get hurt no doubt, but an awful lot of them are gonna be on the receiving end of violent responses as well, and they are apparently too arrogant and stupid to realize that.

  56. I think this article will be very popular because it's popular to talk about how shitty things are right now and to believe the worst. It sells ad space. Beyond that, I think it's nothing but rabble rousing.

  57. Until the first bullet whizzes by their ear or they get clubbed over the head. Republicans talk shit until shit happens then they cower like punks.

  58. A sample size of 1000 people is plenty to produce statistically meaningful results if the sample methods are well-designed.

  59. What the heck all these people do to earn a living and how can they afford all these assault weapon toys and meme clothing?

  60. Article finds half of a mentally stonewalled group weren't raised well or taught to be decent human beings. Surprise.

  61. Yeah this is all talk though. What's really funny is most of their issues come from being uneducated and once the educate themselves they would understand how things work and be less emotional. But they aren't organized enough to really start a civil war.

  62. Because they are desperate. Everyone calm down. Look at Bannon’s call for Shock troopers and claim that he is going Medieval. Now he’s been convicted. It’s like Russia warning the US. They aren’t actually going to do anything.

  63. They only surveyed 1000 people. Flip that to an overly conservative city and I’m sure they’d claim the same against liberals.

  64. They will carry out a false flag operation if some opportune moment doesn’t present itself soon. Indicting Trump would definitely do it.

  65. I can explain: The GOP are terrorist traitors to the flag here to end Constitutional elections for hostile foreign nations.

  66. Lol what is it they hope to achieve? And I don’t mean some glib answer like “own the libs” or whatever. What do they think America will gain from them killing people?

  67. Republicans make up less than 1/3rd of the country. Its generally not a good idea to walk up to a sleeping bear and start poking it with a stick.

  68. Their data shows 36% of Republicans, 35% of Independents, and 20% of Democrats feel it may be necessary at some point soon to take arms against the government.

  69. The Right has an inflated sense of self. Their party has indoctrinated them into fascist ideology, that they are correct, they are right, and they are god's chosen.

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