Trump blasted by Dick Cheney as former vice president stars in his daughter's latest ad

  1. Dude the real diehard Trump followers already didn't like Cheney so I don't think this is going to turn any of them but at least he's trying to help his kid out I guess?

  2. Fucking bat-shit crazy over there…either the bots are on overdrive or our country is truly fucked. I literally lost 20 IQ points reading those comments It’s inexplicable how brainwashed they are

  3. Cheney and GOP's bad behavior paved the way for Trump, making Cheney the danger we should have dealt with decades ago as we see what the Nixon to Reagan to Bush to Cheney gets you...Trump and a GOP that even its creators like Cheney view as a threat to US democracy.

  4. Dick should blow his load all over Trunp's pasty white face and I ain't talking about bird shot, I'm talking about dusty old baby batter, tired yellow ejaculate, rivers of hate filled semen drenching Trump's doughty mug, drying in his creases with pancake makeup and ketchup.

  5. Dick Cheney shot his friend in the face while quail hunting and his friend apologized to him. I would not threaten or insult that man if I couldn't outrun him. Currently I am spry enough to dodge Darth Cheney, I cannot say the same about Orange Nero.

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