Steve Bannon attacks Dick Cheney, criticizes his "demon seed"

  1. Grabbing my popcorn so I can see how a bout between two demons plays out. Although I give Cheney the winning edge for being a war criminal. Oh, and shooting a guy in the face and then making the victim apologize to him. Classic demon shit right there.

  2. Call me old fashioned but I just thought Cheney wanted to be a dictator for America, I never thought he was selling us out or doing anything that wasn't somehow for our advantage

  3. As bad as he has had been he never tried to hijack our republic. Steve will have time to figure out why he is sitting in jail and Dick Cheney isn't.

  4. Dick: Your right, Steve. Maybe you should come out to the ranch to discuss it. We could go for a quick hunt in the morning.

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