Sanders rips Inflation Reduction Act, says it will have ‘minimal impact on inflation’

  1. For the next decade I'm going to be hearing people say how bad this bill is and they're going to be citing Bernie's talking points, I feel like I'm still doing damage control for the bad faith spread during the Affordable Care Act

  2. It's astonishing how long stupid misinformation can persist in today's world. People hear "Obama bailed out the banks" or "Obama had two years of supermajority" or "Citizens United bad" so many times that they just... believe it.

  3. Opposite is true. People would be attacking the negatives (and there are some) and then credibly say the democrats played the bill off as an amazing, flawless utopian bill. Bernie is rightfully shining a light on the flaws. Its the honest thing to do. It's what having integrity does. This bill will have minimal effect on inflation. He's right. It's also a bill that does more good than bad and he's going to vote for it.

  4. Personally im just happy they are finally doing SOMETHING to address the climate a bit, especially with the courts gutting the president’s ability to do so.

  5. Lol, they're "doing something about the environment" by opening up the floodgates for oil drilling and building natural gas pipelines in coal baron Joe Manchin's back-yard in this "climate" bill.

  6. Good Grief Bernie...give it a rest. We are getting a huge amount done finally passing Build Back Better with a new name and getting the climate, health care and other good policies.

  7. Please the GOP isn’t gonna cite Bernie for its attack ads, they are simply gonna wait for the Supreme Court to rule that states conduct elections without federal oversight, I bet abbot will declare himself leader for life of Texas

  8. Except the whole point is that the Democrats could do better if they get more seats, and "Reduce Inflation Act" is a great way to get seats. He's just hurting the chance of getting better in the future for no benefit. It's... honestly infuriating.

  9. Sanders is pointing out how much worse this plan is than the original build back better act. For example, the Medicare prescription drug price reductions won't go into effect for four years and only 10 drug prices will be negotiated.

  10. Not to mention new oil leases, More money to fossil fuel companies.more money wasted on the mythological future of Carbon capture technology. The bill is a far cry from what it should have been and 2 senators wasted 2 years demanding everyone cater to them as they gutted Bidens agenda to less than a third of what it should have been. Sanders is correct on calling this out and pointing out the flaws.

  11. I do think the name is not the best. Inflation Reduction Act really doesn't describe what the bill mainly is about. It's most importantly a major investment in climate. I think Dems should've gone with a better name, one that Americans can more easily understand what it's doing regarding climate plus health, since it really isn't obvious how it reduces inflation.

  12. You're making the very generous assumption that the average American knows anything about inflation other than things cost more.

  13. The hypocrisy of everyone flipping out on Sanders for wanting a amendment when for the past two years centrist have been gutting the bill and undermining Bidens agenda. But somehow Sanders pushing for removing fossil fuel subsidies is to far.

  14. He's wasting his breath, Schumer doesn't care. Sinema was the last to get on board yet instead of just getting it through they feel the need to put multiple amendments forward that won't be recognized.

  15. A lot of centrists hate Bernie Sanders more than Joe Manchin. Even though Bernie's on the side of the people, and Manchin on the side of fossil fuel companies.

  16. It's human nature to be more upset about the person nominally on your side who betrays you than the enemy who never pretended.

  17. And yet, some major policy changes will be implemented that will especially have an impact on the environment and health care so I'm good with it not being the catalyst for slowing inflation

  18. It will have profound impact on inflation, by doubling then tripling it in the next couple of years

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