Rep. Lauren Boebert said humanity is in its 'last days' and Christians should 'rise up,' invoking Christian nationalist imagery that's linked to violence

  1. I think it’s a big reason why evangelical Christians are not environmental. The world is going to end so why bother trying to improve the situation? It’s all a gonner anyway. Never mind the first thing god tells Adam to do is be a good steward of the earth.

  2. So how is someone who believes this shit going to objectively represent any of their non-Christian constituents? How are we supposed to expect to work with someone like this in Congress when they cannot objectively enact laws to benefit the future…if they don’t believe there is a future worth working towards? This kind of end-of-days mentality should disqualify one from holding office and the power over our collective future that comes with it.

  3. Former Christian here. We used to say these people were so heavenly minded they were no Earthly good. Jack Van Impe and the like who were only focused on the book of Revelation, the rapture, the Anti-Christ, and Armageddon. Fuck these Earth trashing death culters.

  4. It’s disingenuous. End of days Christian’s should be focused on walking with God and leading people to Christ… and they should be doing so in Christ-like ways, none of which involve hatred, bigotry, racism, or forcing people to do anything they don’t want to do. Free will remember? I’m not a believer but this is my understanding of true Christian faithfuls. At the very worse they may pity a non believer but that’s where it stops. And that’s where it should stop for the sake of their own sinful souls

  5. Here's the thing that I don't get. If you're Christian and think the end is coming shouldn't you just be excited and spending all your time praying and making sure you are free of sin so you can meet Jebus?

  6. Jesus: "'Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.' This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’"

  7. It’s important to understand that, that’s exactly the reason they throw punches, they try to get a reaction so they can play victim.

  8. The smaller the religions get, the more they will become victims and the more violently they will act to force their views on others to keep it.

  9. It's like we live in the same country, but we certainly don't live on the same planet. These people say absolutely absurd shit, they get away with literal calls to violence, I've seen videos where they talk about civil war, killing teachers for teaching gender studies, hanging political officials (I mean I hate pence and Pelosi too but I'm not gonna string em up like it's fucjing tombstone), and groups on the right have actual fucking training camps for paramilitary forces, though videos from inside them are hilarious.

  10. It’s the only thing that gets their moronic, racist, bigoted supporters to get out and vote. They could say shit like “the radical socialist democrats are giving all of your air to migrants. They’re stealing your air. Vote for me and I’ll save your air” and 90% of Republican voters would believe them.

  11. Whenever I hear something about Christians being oppressed in the US, I like to point out that every single president in the United States grew up or identified as Christian. 95% of the Supreme Court through history has been Christian, with roughly the same percentage for the Congress and Senate.

  12. But the Constitution is standing in our way of having slaves like our holy book says we can! Help, help...I'm being oppressed! - Christian Nationalist

  13. No no no their faith involves forcing others to follow their faith so you not doing what they say is oppressing them obviously. /s

  14. Christianity is built on a persecution complex. The way you know you're a good Christian is if you're persecuted, so it's a kind of flex the crazier ones do.

  15. I live in an extremely Christian/Mormon area and let me tell you that they LOVE to find ways that make them feel “persecuted” it’s annoying. Anything that someone else does that goes against their faith some of them take it as a personal offense. It’s quite annoying really.

  16. but they are willing to kill all that they believe would.. in the name of their faith.. so in essence they are gunning for all other faiths/ and atheist at this point.. the evangelical craziness that's swept the gop at least is a threat to our republic and our national security.

  17. There is definitely some stupid zero sum rights arguing going on there. If anybody else gains rights, they believe they are losing rights for some incredibly stupid reason. Perhaps they believe their right is to oppress people.

  18. Ironically, God has been trying to end the world every day for over a thousand years. Thing is, he said no one would expect the end. Christians, at least one everyday, have been expecting the end. Therefore, God doesn't end the world. He ain't a liar, after all.

  19. I'm actually fascinated by the human concept of the "day of reckoning". It has such pervasiveness in the collective consciousness of our species. Entire civilizations have been founded around this concept. Eg. The Christians or the Mayans.

  20. Lauren Boebert has yet to file her defamation lawsuit against Muckrakers for the article they published which claimed Boebert was a former sex worker who’d had two abortions.

  21. They very much want the world to end. I had a friend who didn’t care about climate change and destruction of earth because she “knew” god was coming and with him a new earth would be created for his followers. I asked her what would keep Christians from trashing that earth as well and she didn’t like that.

  22. Fundamentalist are trying to speed run it, thats why they donate heavy to make it happen. For those that wonder why, this old vice video covers it.

  23. It’s sewn into the fabric of their faith and has been since literally the very beginning. Christians have been predicting the return of Jesus and the end of the world since 1 AD.

  24. It's the only way they will be proven right. Plus they really hate everyone for having a happy life without their good book.

  25. Even more scary is people elected to run the country are praying the world ends. Doesn't exactly inspire confidence for those of us who are trying for the world not to end.

  26. They are doing more than that. I was raised Southern Baptist and continued to go to Southern Baptist churches into my late 20’s. We have a national convention and they were showing recording of it for one of the services. From how they interpret the Bible as soon as everyone has been told the Gospel it will trigger the end times. The goal of the Southern Baptist Convention was to send missionaries to every corner of the earth and tell everyone the gospel so it triggers the end times. At that moment I started to question many things.

  27. Isn't the point of the end times that you shouldn't rise up because it's a good thing an inevitable, because you're going to be with god so you shouldn't worry about what happens to or on earth? Who am I kidding they know they just want to make excuse to be terrible.

  28. Yes, I'm fairly certain the whole end times/apocalypse/rapture thing was pretty clearly laid out in the Bible as unknowable as to when it will happen, unstoppable, inevitable, etc. Maybe someone can tell these Christofascists to chill in language they'll understand. Something like "just lay back and take it, it'll be over soon" and "it's God's Will" or something

  29. I'm no Bible scholar but isn't it in the Bible that false prophets will mislead Christians to fight for Satan at Armageddon? It's spelled right out in their own book and they can't even see it.

  30. Yes, but evangelicalism has eschewed the beauty and humility in living a Christian life in favor of political and social power. They conflate their religious beliefs with very specific political ideologies so they never have to compromise or consider a different perspective, because otherwise they’re contradicting God. It’s why everything they shout has an antidemocratic bend, but they don’t see it that way. To them, democracy only matters if the nation identifies as strictly Christian. This mentality seeps all the way down, even into the minds of the sweet blue hairs. “If only everyone knew Jesus” is their misguided wish. It’s not that they are seeking to fulfill the Great Commission; it’s that they think that faith in God is the only source of good, and the lack thereof is the only source of bad.

  31. We've been in the Christian "last days" for centuries. Excuse me if I'm not in the least bit concerned about the Christian "last days".

  32. This. Ever this Jesus claimed his generation will not pass until the Kingdom of God has come and John wrote Revelations convinced Armageddon was just around the corner Christians have been preaching violence in the name of the end times.

  33. The problem I see is that if they claim power, they very well may be capable of bringing the "last days". 1000 years ago they didn't have nukes or a global warming crisis that required active counter measures.

  34. I wonder what Jesus’s gun collection would look like. If Jesus attended the insurrection, would he wear his standard white robes or tactical gear? Would he bring zip ties or duct tape? So many questions. I’m asking because I want to live as Jesus did.

  35. Maybe I read the wrong New Testament? Jesus was not about violence at all, and Revelations is clearly just a bad acid trip.

  36. “I distrust those people who know so well what God wants them to do because I notice it always coincides with their own desires.”

  37. I'd wager the majority of christian nationalists couldn't tell you the difference between the new and old testament. And I'd bet the farm they haven't read either.

  38. Technically revelation was just about the politics in the time it was written and mostly about how awful Nero was. It really should be considered an apocryphal book by churches. But it's a convenient tool for controlling fearful followers.

  39. That hooker thing was never verified in any way. I'd love for it to be true, but the group who released the info never followed it up with anything after that supposed insider sent them texts.

  40. ‘Christians’ have always had their Crusades, using religion as a tool to eventually reach genocide and oppression. The Nazi Party even used Christianity as one of their tools to reinforce a sense of superiority into citizens and soldiers, and started stripping away the rights of people NOT Christian. Within 11 years of their Party running Germany, they began their Final Solution. Though people don’t always realize it as a Crusade, in part WWII did involve a Christian Crusade.

  41. Jihad is a metaphor for an internal battle within yourself. Where you are your own worst enemy and must defeat it to grow.

  42. As someone that grew up without religion and decided to see what the Bible was actually all about in his late 20’s, I gotta say there is something oddly enticing about the book of revelations. It’s beautifully written, and from storytelling and imagery standpoint it was my favorite book in the New Testament.

  43. Christ's followers thought he would return during their lifetimes. More recently, I remember being told that Saddam Hussein in the 90's was the antichrist and credit cards were the mark of the devil.

  44. As an atheist just starting to read the Bible, I can definitely say it has its charms but it’s not the best read out there 😭

  45. What most of them forget about revelations and the end of days/rapture is that only 144,000 souls would be saved. From the whole planet. So they should be concerned about living out their lives following the commandments then being judged and brought into heaven rather than having the world end and playing the holy lottery.

  46. My dude these people don't go to church. Poll after poll shows that. They're as serious about their religion as you or I. They haven't read Revelations. They just want to hurt other people, and to enforce the preservation of a certain social hierarchy.

  47. The bible explicitly says no one but God knows when the time will come, and literally right before Jesus states this, he makes it a point to reiterate that there will be many false prophets. That there will be many who lead astray. If this really is the end times, people like Boebert are absolutely on the wrong side of it. This is all detailed in Matthew 24.

  48. She’s backwards. NatC’s like her are in their last days and humanity will rise up. Vote every single Republican out of office! ✊

  49. Humanity is in its last days BECAUSE of these nutjobs. They literally want to start the rapture, which in this case would be a nuclear war.

  50. Christians have been talking about the End Times since the supposed Jesus died. My mom has been talking about them for the entire 34 years of my life. These people want the apocalypse. What a sad life they live.

  51. Yeah my fiancé’s parents are excited for the apocalypse to happen in their lifetime because it means everyone who believes in Jesus or has repented for their sins will be in heaven with them. Or something. And of course, they think “the truth” will come out and they have been doing everything right. They’re Catholic and very culty about it. I try not to talk to them much.

  52. For a religion whose founding prophet espoused meekness and non violent resolution, Christian nationalists certainly seem quick to use militant language...

  53. When conservatives tell us that government doesn't work, they mean they'll do their best to break it. When they tell us we're in the last days, they mean that they're itching for World War 3.

  54. It's hilarious that they think they're heaven bound. There's will be special place in hell especially for hypocrites like her.

  55. More projection and rightly so. But just last days in government Rep. Boebert, no apocalypse, no divine rapture, no divine rescue. Buh bye.

  56. Here is the thing, she does not BELIEVE in any of this. She is trying to keep the base angry, and see their way. With: "See we got abortions banned (yet secretly I had one)." "We will keep these pedos away from your children and from brainwashing in school (meanwhile we are destroying education and most of our people including my husband are child rapists)" They fall for it. EVERY SINGLE TIME!

  57. The same song and dance "Christians" have been singing for centuries. The real danger is Christianity. The Native Americans knew it, the writers of the Constitution knew it. And the only way to move forward is to marginalize it and let it die the death it's been dieing for 100 years. Tax the hell out of these charlatans and child-rapists, from the Catholics to the Evangelists to the Mormons, lock stock and barrel.

  58. I don't think that these white Christian nationalists realize that by being horrible people to speed up the rapture is self defeating when God won't take horrible people during the rapture.

  59. Christians be like "Erm actually the world is about to end that's why we can't plan for the future or try to help people" been doing it for over a thousand years

  60. I say this a lot, but if a genuine miracle-working Christ figure showed up, these people would crucify their own savior all over again.

  61. Exactly. They would brand JC as Antifa so Trump could finally and officially replace him as the true prophet and idol of this horribly corrupted belief system.

  62. Let me just say this about christian nationalism…if these lunatics start getting much more pushy or ever start being (more) openly violent, they will find out just what a small slice of the American population they really are…if you combine all of these fools with the non religious racist nationalists, they still represent a very small slice of America.

  63. I went to a Christian K-12 school in the 80s/90s and this is all I heard. Christians love fantasizing about the end of days for some reason. Perhaps to give validation to their shit lives.

  64. Like Trump she’s a fake Christian. She’s been arrested numerous times, has a husband that exposed himself to kids and drives his truck thru their neighborhood threatening people. But one thing is true, evangelicals are fucking nuts.

  65. Speaking as a former preacher that has actually read the Bible, I don't think Maga Christians are going to be very happy when Jesus comes back.

  66. My great grandmother said that too. She died waiting for the world to end. 11 years later, we’re all still here. Shocker.

  67. Did anyone hear that crazy story about how boebert, candace owens, tomi lahren and more of that type of vapid, gop agent of chaos - all started on a sketchy "modeling agency" website (which seems like it's also used as an escort service potentially) called "explore talent"?

  68. It's why she gets paid the big bucks. Go out there in front of as many cameras as possible and make a fool out of yourself because they know the media would rather report on her crazy ass than Biden's accomplishments. Crazy gets clicks, good news doesn't.

  69. I really don’t understand why Christians go on so much about being oppressed in America when anyone can see theyre the ones doing the most to oppress others…

  70. Persecution fetish because early Christians were persecuted and they want to have all the benefits of both being the ones in charge now BUT also the sympathy of being perpetually the ones being fed to lions.

  71. LINKED to violence? She is literally calling for Armageddon. She is literally calling for Christians to divest themselves of all national identity and Rise Up for fucking Holy War.

  72. This is one of the most concerning paradoxes about religious extremists. If they truly believe it's the end times, they do everything to speed up the process.

  73. Jesus Christ, it's 2022, we have a space station in orbit. Why the fuck are we still playing this "man in the sky" bullshit? It's embarrassing.

  74. Cool, Lauren. Go start a doomsday cult and fly your flock to a nice place to wait it out. Good luck and may the force be with you.

  75. This dumb GED failing , perverted husband having lunatic hussy doesn't believe one thing she just said, it's just another talking point for the power mongering and no foundation having Orange cult followers, they'll try and say anything to enrage a band of idiots that can't think for themselves and are swayed by any form of controversy

  76. Why do people keep pointing to a thousand year old book written by a bunch of men who wanted more power and money. I can’t get over how insane it is to live your life being guided by such an outdated and hypocritical fantasy book. Let alone being an elected representative and shoveling such nonsense.

  77. Everyone needs to be talking about the community that decided to elect Boebert into office. They're practically sending dirty bombs into the upper level of politics.

  78. These people are fucking dangerous. When will America understand that allowing these people to maintain power isn't harmless? Everyone said, "how much damage can trump really do? He's an idiot." Well, here we are. Are we going to say the same about Boebert and company, too?

  79. It’s because they aren’t Christians. They have co-opted Christianity in a manner similar to how the nazis co-opted the swastika and other ancient symbols for their own means. They don’t live in accordance to any of the faith, whether it be Christ’s command to love God and each other, or to not judge others, but rather work out our own repentance for our own sins. The leader of my Church body (the Orthodox Church in America) directly addressed stewardship of God’s creation recently.

  80. Speaking as a longtime evangelical Christian who is definitely not identifying with that movement any longer, there have always been calls like this within the church to rise up and influence culture etc. many a preacher or speaker will say “this is the generation that the Lord will use to change the world“. This language is generally used to stir up revivalistic ferver to greater piety and spirituality or greater engagement in helping the broader community. It largely has a positive affect on the listener.

  81. These hypocrites are behaving in opposition of everything their Lord and savior teaches them. They themselves are the assembly evil according to their scriptures.

  82. Rise up against what? We are largely still a christian nation. We have never had a non-Christian POTUS, majority Congress and SCOTUS. What are they rising against? They are in control.

  83. What does she know about Christianity? She reminds me of the Nietzsche quote: “I’d be more likely to believe in the redeemer if I saw some of him in the redeemed.”

  84. One side promotes fear. One side promotes hope. Why do people go to the one that causes anxiety? Is the Democratic party perfect? Hell no, but they definitely aren't stoking the fans of false fear. There's a real threat to this country and it's these "God-fearing Republican Christians." We have a God Complex and it's not good.

  85. I was raised in an evangelical family. My parents are boomers and have been spitting this “end times” rhetoric since I was a child.

  86. Just a friendly reminder, this lady doesnt represent all christians or even a fraction of christians (chrisitianity in 2020 there had about 2.6 billion adherents globally, just because there are a handful of middle aged angry people doesnt mean theyre even remotely all like that). Im not religious myself but have done a lot of research for my own peace of mind. The bible says to live life to the fullest, be kind to people. dont commit murder or wish death upon yourself etc etc. The end times are supposed to come, they will come (whether by some God or just global warming/natural disasters) wiping us all out anyway. None of that is preventable by us. So why worry. The earth sucks, lots of horrible people. But also lots of amazing people from different faiths and walks of life. Lets just be as kind as possible to eachother, ignore psychos like this lady, and get on with it.

  87. My interpretation of biblical end times is that the faithful should run for the hills. It’s almost like scripture is being misinterpreted or distorted for political gain.

  88. That’s the assumption that makes Christianity so dangerous! Humanity is not in it’s last days but people like her have perpetually ruined civilization with lies from an invisible friend. We need to stop this shit!

  89. This sort of rhetoric is entirely indistinguishable from radical terrorists of any faith or cause.

  90. Says the pro-lifer who got several abortions and married a pedo who abused her. The paragon of Christianity, right here folks.

  91. Let’s say for the sake of argument that the world is coming to an end soon and that all faithful Christians are about to be raptured to the eternal bliss of Heaven. What then, is the point of trying to make life as shitty and miserable for everyone else in the meantime?

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