Seven Rules for Surviving the Media’s Election Mania: If that surprising poll seems too good to be true, it probably is.

  1. The trend has also been almost entirely a heavily demoralizing push for anyone center to left. If that’s not intentional then we’ll see that reflected in the results. If it is intentional, we will simply start ignoring polls because its possible they are intentionally skewed or the methods involved are outdated.

  2. “Hot take Christmas” is a fantastic way to put it. I commented early on a opinion piece which suggested Gen Z totally won’t turn out for this election. Meanwhile, there have been several other articles saying literally the exact opposite. Nobody knows what the fuck is happening or even who’s voting right now. But it’s not stopping people from dropping their worst predictions all over the goddamn place. Fuck click-bait news, man.

  3. I think the polls are trending GOP because they are being paid. If the results turn out differently they will use the excuse of polls to question the actual results.

  4. All of them were paid? Unlikely. Personally I’m hoping for broad polling errors not picking up democrat voters inspired by Dodd in the same way Republican voters inspired by trump flew under the radar in 2016.

  5. It's also because they shifted from registered to likely voter screens and Republicans took a while to come around and admit they're voting for their shitty candidates instead of being "undecided."

  6. I’m trying not to be a pessimistic Debbie downer but I’m not feeling so good on the midterms. The decades of Gerrymandering by the GQP, voter intimidation, the sheer power of the right wing propaganda machine and younger folks not turning up has me not feeling so hopeful. The only thing most voters care about is “maaah gas prices!”. The Democratic messaging is always so convoluted and inconsistent that I really don’t know what the overall campaign message is. I really hope I’m wrong but from my view it’s not looking so hot.

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