Doug Mastriano’s Prophets In Pennsylvania: A shocking weekend with the supporters of the nominee for governor — full of swords, demons, and wild prophecies — shows the theocratic future of the GOP.

  1. Stuff like this is how we end up with people blowing themselves up for their cause. All so some lunatic can gain power. And a chunk of the country just idly shrugs about voting.

  2. I read through half the article, and it felt like my brain was melting with the concentration of crazy described… then it got worse.

  3. This explains a lot: “LifeGate Church is nestled in a wooded area of Elizabethtown, 6 miles from the Three Mile Island nuclear power plant that partially melted down in 1979.”

  4. It is an orgiastic mob, very sexually heated, praying to a God who’s pretty fucking tired of their weird bonobo monkey shit

  5. If the Democrats, the unaffiliated and the undecided don’t go out in full force tomorrow and vote for the democratic candidates across the board and at every possible level then America is fucked good and proper.

  6. Unironically I say "Jesus H. Christ!" I live in Pennsylvania and what in the ever loving name of craziness is going on here??? I can't fucking stand this shit anymore. Time to stand up and fight back against these zealots before it's too late.

  7. The Theocratic Future of the Country unfortunately. As always Tens of Millions of eligible voters will stay home and allow the worst to happen before shouting "Why Didn't Anyone Warn Us!?!"

  8. My favorite part (speaking about the amazing sword he made and engraved with words god told him to put on it, that he then took on a journey, also at gods behest):

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