Ukraine frets about US midterms

  1. The Republican party is basically bought by Putin and we all know that once they take the House and/or Senate the funding for Ukraine, and the weapons will stop and instead they will try to impeach Biden for it.

  2. I'm just trying to think how they'll twist the narrative to be about Biden (via Hunter of course) supporting Nazi's in Ukraine

  3. My guess is that congress passes a huge "blank check" legislation prior to the new congress being seated that given Biden the ability to send funds to Ukraine. I think the money and arms pipeline will be safe for two more years.

  4. That’s fine. There are other counties that can start footing the bill. We need to focus on Americans here and now, that’s a ton of money, and it’s not even in our back yard.

  5. I have had many discussions on reddit with pro Ukraine gop voting folks in the pro-ukraine subs. They straight up don't believe the gop are going to flip on Ukraine and I just ask them what are they going to do when their congressman does stop supporting Ukraine b.c Trump tells them not to?? They are in denial the right is anti Ukraine, and it's so frustrating.

  6. Ukrainian officials and lawmakers are scrutinizing the opinion polls and parsing the comments of their counterparts. “We hope that for our sake that we don’t become a victim to the partisan debate that’s unfolding right now in the U.S.,” Ivanna Klympush-Tsintsadze, a former Ukrainian deputy prime minister and now opposition lawmaker, told POLITICO. “That’s the fear, because we are very much seriously dependent on not only American support, but also on the U.S. leadership in terms of keeping up the common effort of other nations.”

  7. Yes, they're worried about literal Russian assets, who spent the 4th of July in Moscow getting their marching orders directly from the Kremlin, taking over the most powerful nation in the coalition to help them FIGHT the Russian invasion. The same people that blackmailed Ukraine by withholding foreign aid and weapons illegally for sleazy political posturing. Yes, Ukraine is worried. The WORLD is worried. The GOP is literally insane and would dismantle NATO and serve up Ukraine on a silver platter to a dying Putin.

  8. It would be a bad call with serious quote "unforseen consequences" if support were to be taken away by the Republicans. The effect would be felt across the planet and it would have serious consequences for the Republicans best interests in the long term.

  9. Both parties do support Ukraine but Republicans staight up said they won't write Ukraine a blank check whereas Democrats are looking at how effectively Ukraine is using the weapons and after doing the math they realized the current funding is a bargain.

  10. Republicans do not support Ukraine. MTG and several others have expressed that they would rather have Russia as an ally. It's pretty clear that they do not support Ukraine but actually support Russia. Oh, and they will have no problem either holding back funding so they can use it to leverage it against Biden and the Democrats and/or try to ratfuck Ukraine as well.

  11. It's pretty clear that there are two camps in the GOP on Ukraine: the first is the Trump-aligned group that is pro-Russia and the second are paleoconservatives that are anti-Russia. We don't need to distort it.

  12. I just wanted to mention, if you are a Ukrainian that is struggling without electricity right now (Putin’s way to attack more civilians), Solar Ovens are a thing. They can essentially be made out of cardboard with a reflective side that focuses and concentrates the sun’s rays to boil water and cook food. They are not very fast but they are cheap and reliable.

  13. As they should. Ukraine relies heavily on military support from the US and undoubtedly, Putin is using his influence on the GOP as a proxy-war with Ukraine. McCarthy's words: "No more blank check for Ukraine."

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