Hey Liberal Media, Here’s What You Got Really Wrong About the Midterms: Abortion mattered. Latinos did not desert the Democrats. Neither did independents. Why does the mainstream media fall for right-wing narratives every time?

  1. This article is pretty bad. They just rail against the nebulous "media" instead of calling out specific authors or outlets. The only one they mention is a poll by the NYT... which they don't even link.

  2. I think the truth is that the corporate media really wanted everyone to focus on inflation and the economy since it was affecting their own bottom line, so they pretended that’s what reality was dictating.

  3. Exactly. In the same headline they make clear they mean mainstream media, and calling them that rather than liberal media is more accurate. Mainstream media has been part of the MAGA problem from the very beginning. They get more ratings/views/revenue when elections are a horse-race, not a landslide, so they bend over backwards to make even the most unqualified of Republican candidates appear like not complete bananas, all in the name of their own profits.

  4. Yeah if anyone thinks CNN is “liberal” with how they covered the election for the past few months, I recommend them to go watch Fox News as a libertarian media outlet

  5. This idea was floated today and I think it holds some water. Who responds to polls, who picks up the unknown number, who gives answers to people on the streets, who cannot wait to explain their defense of their freedoms, internet polls who loves ya baby? That explains the skew in the polls.

  6. ironically enough it is liberal, in the true sense of the word. conservatives use liberal synonymously with "progressive" but they do not mean the same thing.

  7. This. The Waltons have especially tainted NPR with their mass donations to the point where I find myself occasionally listening to ranting right-wing nutjobs on public radio with little challenge to their nonsensical takes. Also, Sundays now seem to be entirely about religion. 😒🙄 I don't know what "liberal media" could be out there when even national public radio is influenced heavily by conservatives.

  8. Our whole politics is pretty excessively conservative. Now the major difference between democrats and republicans is fiscal conservative war hawks who want to preserve certain rights but not increase the social safety net in any meaningful way and fiscal conservative isolationist war hawks who want to have a theocracy and no social safety net.

  9. Which is exactly why the author didn't include any examples. What a bunch of nonsense that just plays to nebulous populist sentiment against the "media elite."

  10. yeah it’s not “falling for” when their ownership is the same people funding the GQP. it’s propaganda from a lot of major national and local media sources

  11. Utne Reader, Jacobin, commondreams.org are among those that are liberal. The problem is if you want a good quality left leaning media source there is not one.

  12. Who is the so-called "liberal" media? Michael Tomasky doesn't mention any specific journalists or outlets other than a NYT poll. Which is of coursee a poll, not any kind of narrative they're driving.

  13. people should really stop pretending like the media is working in anyone's interest but their own. they are corporations, they exist to profit, whats profitable? drama, blood, infighting, spectacles.

  14. It's like high school. Someone starts an absurd rumor and eventually even teachers start whispering about it and believing that it's true

  15. Why? Because there is no "liberal media." The idea that the mainstream media is liberal is a right-wing narrative. The media is inherently conservative. They are money making ventures with their own interests.What mainstream media isn't is overtly reactionary, racist, and anti-Semitic. There is a difference.

  16. Setting aside the idea of liberal media for a moment, I will point out one other thing this author gets wrong.

  17. 100% agree with the first bit about not treating minorities as unified blocs. Latinos in Florida HAVE largely abandoned the Democratic Party, and that should absolutely be cause for concern. But that’s obviously an oversimplification. Cubans have generally been swinging Republican for a while because of fear of communism back in Cuba and the scare tactics of the GOP, but obviously that’s a massive oversimplification. A lot of people from communist nations in Latin America are anti-democrat because they fear what happened in their communist regimes at home (and regardless how you feel about any individual regime, this attitude makes sense for those immigrants. You don’t generally leave a country, democratic, communist, authoritarian etc. unless you have some serious issues with that country), but that doesn’t really tell the whole story.

  18. There is no liberal media, probably one of the biggest lies from the rightwing narrative machine. It's all a bunch of mega corporations (fascist structures by design) with a lot of conservative shareholders. It's all about ratings and ad revenue. Former CBS CEO Les Moonves "It may not be good for America, but it's damn good for CBS." and he's 100% right, even Trump knew this as he made these execs and media companies a lot of money. Every misspelling, mean tweet, asinine statement=ratings! I think it was Sumner Redstone who I think said he was liberal but voted republican for his business or something to that effect.

  19. Because the mainstream media is all center right or hard right in the US. Even NPR (which I listen to daily) is very center right as an organization. All other traditional media and social media companies are owned by right wingers pushing their message everywhere.

  20. The Liberal Media part is just stupid and I think Elon and CNN declaring their newfound affection for the GOP cut off their own small dicks.

  21. As someone who worked for a “liberal” news station—they really don’t care about the issues. They love the commotion it causes for News’ Sake and AT MOST pretend like they care when serious issues are brought up or a Republican spouts out something racist/sexist/etc.

  22. Probably because they are not liberal media, they are corporate media, and probably because they aren't falling for the narrative, they are trying to craft it.

  23. Who fell for this? Who is this aimed for? What even is that title? It’s just a string of buzzwords, loosely resembling a sentence.

  24. Perhaps because there ain't no such animal as the "Liberal Media". It's a phrase created by Conservatives to mask the ownership of the majority of mass media by Conservatives.

  25. “Liberal media” haha. The corporate media structure would gladly embrace right wing authoritarianism if they thought they could make money off of it.

  26. Latinos aren't a monolith. Caribbean latinos went very far right in Florida while Mexicans and other Central-American groups remained democrat in key districts.

  27. I’m surprised people are surprised women don’t like being told they can’t control what happens in their bodies.

  28. They don't "fall for it," they are owned by billionaires and corporate oligarchs who intentionally promote such content.

  29. I absolutely hate the gloating tone of this headline. Last I checked the GOP still might get a majority in the house and the senate. Who cares if they didn’t win by a landslide? A win is a win and the democrats shouldn’t be celebrating that they didn’t lose as badly as they could have.

  30. The red ooze is still taking the house and possibly the senate especially if you take Manchin and Sinema into the equation. The Republican Party isn’t about DOING THINGS! when they have power. They are about slowly eroding things. Sure, the dam held better than expected, but the foundation of democracy is still being eroded. Like florida, it’s not really the hurricanes they need to worry about. It’s the rising sea level that is going to seep up through the sand.

  31. Hispanic turnout for DeSantis (+ prob his redistricting) shrunk the blue area that usually encompasses Miami to a meek fraction of its usual size, if you check out the Governor map. That’s in comparison to any year past and/or this year’s house and senate maps.

  32. I guess we can argue about the verbiage used, but the Republicans gained in every single demographic compared to the 2018 midterms despite being even more extreme. It's not a perfect comparison since Trump was the President, but it's still crazy that minorities and women voted more Republican this year.

  33. To be expected. 2018 was a Trump backlash year so more motivated dem voters. This was supposed to be a Biden backlash year, so it's normal to get midterm voters turning out who didn't in 2018, more conservative women/minorities.

  34. To me, the bar was the 2010 election. Could we avoid a shellacking like that in the middle of a Democratic president's first term? And by all accounts we look like we came through in much better shape, and with an arguably less popular POTUS. I think this is a good sign, and the Democrats will be able to be more focused in how they pick up support next time when history suggests they stand a better chance to gain ground again.

  35. Historically, the party who's not in the White House gains seats in the midterms. Yesterday was very encouraging imho

  36. Think about the data a little more though. It was supposed to be the Republicans' midterms. Every midterm when there's a backlash against the current Pres admin, it's not like the demographics magically reverse. All of these demo groups voted more Republican in 2022 than in 2020 except for "I think the economy is doing well"

  37. No latinos did vote republican. Look at florida. Its baffling really. Voting for a party that vilifies you as a human being.

  38. Floridian Cubans are by and large, Republicans. Puerto Ricans, Dominicans, Mexicans, Central/South Americans, etc, they have more variance, I'd say they lean left, especially the Caribbean folk, but Cubans? Republicans. A lot of the older Cubans equate the Democrats with Castro and these abuelas and abuelos spread it through the family over the years.

  39. Because our side of the aisle don't watch mainstream Media news anymore so they have to do something that is provocative to drum up views but unfortunately they keep relying on older Republicans to puff up their viewership.

  40. Cause they are part of it. Lucky for us, younger generations know how to use the internet and don't need to rely on mainstream media to know what's going on. I'm in my 30's and I'm done with them as well. It's all pointless fearmongering 24/7. Fear sells, and they have LEANED into it. Unplug and tune out.

  41. The media is a business they get more clicks the more extreme the headlines. It's actually very simple.

  42. They aren't falling for anything. They're using the same playbook the right-wing media uses to spur on voters. Fear.

  43. Tbh, I think the “omg democrats are going to lose!” Narrative in the media is super useful for Dems. If you look to 2016, and even 2020, D’s were much more confident in their #s and then underperformed, whereas when they’re terrified across the board they tend to over-perform.

  44. It did matter, but if you look at the biggest voting demographic for Democrats it was 18-29 year olds (also the demographic that won 2020 for Biden), and the polls for Biden's approval among 18-29 year olds continued to trend down after Roe v. Wade was overturned. It only started trending up after Biden cancelled student debt. Abortion mattered to voters, but it wasn't the only reason people showed up to vote for Democrats, and it probably wasn't the reason why they ultimately won. You do progressive policy, and people show up to keep voting for you. So Democrats need to codify Roe v. Wade now if they get the seats to do it.

  45. I say it’s because both sides write checks. Unbridled campaign dollars pay for most everything you see on the teevee. If the buyers aren’t happy with how you softball your interviews or bully their experts then they’ll spend money elsewhere. Every race is close when both sides like them that way.

  46. For one, they don't know how to poll. No one my age and younger is answering random numbers calling, we're not watching cable TV, and most of us live in apartments where no door-to-door campaigning or polling occurs.

  47. The rich, the corporations, the Republicans all failed to convince people things are a disaster. Imagine that, people can think a little for themselves.

  48. Simple, media is owned by people who benefit from the GQP policies, seeding a sense of hopelessness to get apathetic voters to stay home is the goal

  49. It should be noted that Americans with Cuban or Venezuelan heritage swung heavily in the direction of Republicans now vs say 2016. Just look at Miami Dade.

  50. Right wing is better for drama therefore better for profit. When will people realize media isn’t news… it’s entertainment and manipulative. Who would tune in on election night if it wasn’t a nail biter?

  51. Who here has actually been polled? I think I got one invitation in the past week, and nothing prior for decades.

  52. The mainstream media isn’t “falling” for anything, lmao. They pumping out what they’re paid to pump out. Look at who owns all the networks and youll have your answer.

  53. Main stream supposed liberal media embraces anyone on the right who's not completely Trumpy and bashes anyone barely left of center.

  54. They afraid of being called "liberal" so they lean way to the right, to try to look balanced to people who would (and often do) call Hitler liberal.

  55. They're not falling for anything, they're trying to keep the nation from moving leftwards because they're all owned by some of the wealthiest people on earth who will do whatever they can to continue to become wealthier. If the country moves leftwards the chances that the wealth disparity will continue to grow are extremely low.

  56. Mainstream media parrot rightwing narratives because that's who consumes mainstream media — old people, who skew conservative.

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