Pennsylvania Republicans have regrets. A lot of them.

  1. The sudden disappearance of so many Mastriano signs on Wednesday was really satisfying to see lol. And the ones that are left have been blown down by the wind.

  2. The first one is easy, the others are literally impossible. I mean, a non-crazy republican nominee? They'd lose their primary to a Tupperware bin full of buttons and melted butter.

  3. Mastriano still has yet to concede and is now stooping down to ranting on Twitter at Shapiro for pushing a “smear campaign” against him.

  4. It's funny because his ads on the radio were all about how much he doesn't like gay/trans people and stuff like that. He smeared himself

  5. Do not buy into the narrative changes now that Republicans lost time after time they have doubled and tripled down to Defend Trumps actions years of proudly claiming the election was stolen. Now Republicans lost they are trying to distance themselves from the vocal extremist but we know how they still support them regardless of the loss.

  6. I spent the last 10 years writing to my senators and getting absolutely jack shit from Toomey. Busy phones, filled up voicemail boxes, dead fax lines, smug form e-mails telling me to fuck off, I wasn't his base. Yeah, Oz was shit. Yeah, Fetterman is amazing. But Toomey is the reason I never want to see another R in PA.

  7. "We behaved like terrible people, and we regret that our behavior was not successful. We promise to be terrible in more successful ways in the future."

  8. As a very moderate PA Republican I'll sure say that the Republican Party's leadership and its MAGA wing should have regrets.

  9. Trump is getting the blame. These candidates were chosen by voters in primaries. If they lost the primaries they wouldn’t be up for election in November. Primary voters are to blame.

  10. Honestly if Trump didn’t but his head into the race and promote fools/ a fascist in Mastriano for both the governorship and senate, Republicans would have had a good shot at winning in PA, especially in the Senate. If McCormick was the pick, Republicans had a way better shot to take that seat.

  11. Well for the Governor race the pool was pretty terrible in the GOP primaries. It’s like they (the GOP) didn’t even care about it. They essentially handed Shapiro Harrisburg and funnily enough, I believe Mastriano hurt Oz.

  12. Don't blame this on Trump. Trump is merely a symptom of the disease that is the GOP. The inmate just started to run the asylum.

  13. ‘ … many Trump-endorsed candidates across the country this year did not “appeal to the general election audience.”’

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