Video of Sean Hannity Declaring Kari Lake Has Lost Viewed 400k Times

  1. I agree with hannity here, but I don't want to hear a word about it from him or anyone else who supported Kemp or putting wing nuts in office with the explicit purpose of fucking with elections.

  2. I think my favorite conspiracy was some random women in glasses caught on camera and conservatives were losing it saying Hobbs was there counting.

  3. As a former fan, Carolla has been disappointing for at least the last 15 years. His podcast is just him in a studio farting two hours a day while his cohosts tell him it smells like roses. He's still telling the same stories while bitching about his rich guy problems.

  4. They didn’t complain one bit when Brian Kemp was running for Governor of Georgia while being the Secretary of State. Colossal hypocrites!

  5. Should Georgia Governor Brian Kemp have recused himself? He used his power as Secretary of State to disenfranchise Democratic voters

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