Which chocolate brand do you prefer?

  1. I feel a sort of patriotic preference for Smarties. Like the Canadian flag, maple syrup and mean geese

  2. Are they exclusive to Canada though or just non-inclusive to Americans? Either way, I suppose it is something to be proud of. But tbh, I just hate the texture of the coating lol.

  3. I personally prefer Unreal brand M & Ms (they call them gems). I haven't tried the Smarties you are talking about though.

  4. Smarties are objectively better. They have chocolate that doesn't taste like shit and the candy coating also actually tastes good.

  5. I'm curious because to me, one is obviously superior to the other. I'll let you know which after a few hours lol.

  6. Just like everyone else I thought this was about those sweet tart type candies Smarties but realized it's chocolate. Smarties from the UK are leaps and bounds better than M&Ms. I think anyone who's tried them would agree. The shells are flavored!

  7. Yes, that is what I am referring to lol. And to me, it is most definitely not a tie. The texture of M&M's is superior imo.

  8. i’m in NZ and smarties are alright, but they’re a bit sugary and low-quality to me. kind of remind me of the fun-size mini packets given out in schools/parties

  9. Unfortunately, your poll if you haven't figured it out is not going to give accurate results due to the whole what USA calls smarties, Canada calls rockets. We have similar to MM but different Smarties. Should have just directed the poll at Canadians, UK, large parts of the EU as well

  10. “Which chocolate brand do you prefer” proceeds to name the American smarties and skittles, neither of which are chocolate

  11. M&ms suck. They have a weird shape and sometimes have nuts in them. Smarties are oute joy and sometimes come in those perfectly sized paper tubes for children

  12. They're more of candy than chocolates to me. When I think of chocolate, I think of stuff like KitKat's, Snickers, Mars, Ritter Sports, Crunchie etc.

  13. M&Ms because they do so many variants that you're bound to find one you at least don't hate. Though for me Pretzel or Crispy. nom nom.

  14. I never even knew smarties wjere a thing. Besides the candy pill smarties. Do you have american smarties in Canada? They are shaped like pills but they are super sweet.

  15. Do not apologize OP! I learned something new. I too am only familiar with those shitty, colored dust candies.

  16. The chocolate version of smarties are probably my least favorite chocolate candy I've ever had. I think I'd even rate Tootsies above them. They just taste like such a poor version of M&M's that I question why they exist.

  17. Am American. Smarties are better. The coating is crunchier and thicker. Plus you get more chocolate per piece.

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