Is it better to be myself or change in order to succeed socially?

  1. Kinda of depends. Are you outright mean or rude or just unpleasant to be around because you don’t care or are you just a little weird and like skateboarding and online gaming.

  2. I’m not mean. However, I do have anger issues, get insecure sometimes, have trust issues, and have OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)

  3. Better yourself AND find people that like who you are under the issues. Unless you're outright harmful good friends will stick by you and encourage you.

  4. Like.. if your a shit person and like hanging with shit people go for it? If your a shit person and want to hang with good people you might want to be a better person..

  5. Be yourself but dont let that be an excuse to be lazy. You should be constantly be redefining and improving who you are. If you are confident in yourself, and good to others people will want to be around you.

  6. I had an absolutely terrible therapist once who told me I needed to stop being myself in order to make friends. She then broke patient confidentiality so she could gossip to my mom about what I said in therapy. I sued.

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