You come home and see a frog on the table. What’s your reaction?

  1. I don't understand why someone would kill it, imagine having to clean a crushed dead/half dead frog on your table 🤢 Just put it outside with a box if you are that scared of it

  2. I have no idea what I would do I just know I would be very confused how it got into my house. I’ve never seen a frog in real life before so I would be very confused from that.

  3. I often see them hopping across some paths after rainy weather. They're super cute, doinkdoinkdoink-ing across the wet floor.

  4. Last night after going to the bathroom, I hear a slap behind me. My soul left my body and when I turned around there was a little frog on the floor. I released the little guy outside. I even took a picture of him.

  5. This brings me back to when I was in my bedroom and had something on my arm and I went to swat it without looking, and felt something cold and soft. I froze and looked for whatever bug was inside. And holy shit it was a tiny fucking FROG in my bed. I got it in a cup immediately, took pics, put outside, and then just sat around baffled as to how the fuck. He was real cute.

  6. Used to live in a pretty remote location. It wasn't uncommon to come home at the end of the day and find little tree frogs and this one toad on the first floor. I always thought it was cute

  7. I'd be confused, wondering how the fuck he got in my house. Then I'd be gushing over how cute he is, holding him in my hands. Then I'd let him outside into the garden

  8. We have a pool and frogs come around in the spring. When my daughter was little, one jumped in her lap and she screamed “Ahh! He tried to kiss me!” It was adorable.

  9. My house has a massive yard, so there are bull frogs that occasionally pay us a visit, alsothose little white ones that hide in the bathroom drain.

  10. It’s weird they sent you of all animals, to discuss my war goals against the squirrels, Mr. Frog . But i must say your tongue looks quite flexible today .

  11. If it's a common oak tree frog (we had them in our house befor) I will be like "aww, how did you got in?" And then try entry get them outside

  12. Awww .. as long as it is not a toad. Americans seem to refer to them as the same and even though technically toads are a kind of frog, in Australia it's a very important distinction to make.

  13. I was barefoot in my kitchen and my foot glided over a weird texture. I looked down and there was an olive frog on the floor lol! He went back outside :)

  14. depends on the kind of frog. In Florida there is an invasive species that the state has declared: "Kill on sight". It's called the "Cuban frog" and it's destructive to native frogs.

  15. Frogs are okay. But Toads? Toads are like living rock. They feel very soothing when they lay on you. If it’s a hot day and you have a toad around, place ‘em on ur forehead and enjoy.

  16. I would be very very surprised considering it would have had to manage climbing 12 flights of stairs and through the locked doors

  17. Omg this legit happened to me last night. I was going upstairs to my bedroom and I saw a dark spot on the carpet (the lights were off) and I thought my cat threw up. I turned on the lights and it was a frog. How tf did a frog get into my house?? I would think that somebody would’ve noticed, especially my cat or my dog. I picked him up with a napkin and put him outside btw

  18. Let it go ASAP. I had one trapped in our garage a while ago, and it took a ton of effort and used gloves, but I wasn't just going to let it die and rot inside there.

  19. I’d handle it the same way I handle snakes, immediate Steve Irwin impression and return them to the wild

  20. I found one on the face of an interior door once. I figured he must of hitched a ride in on one of the dogs. I wasn't too happy to have to pick it up, but he was gently placed back outside.

  21. Depends where I live, if it isn't a place with poisonous frogs I would keep it maybe/set it free

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