Do you consider yourself smart?

  1. More like you're lying if you say no, those people definitely think they're smart even if they're wrong

  2. I have a lot of surface level knowledge on quite a few subjects, but that's pretty much it. While I'm not really smart, I know I'm not stupid.

  3. Bold of the no voters to think they're smart enough to know that they're dumb. The entire human race is cosmically stupid, but we're still smart in the eyes of a chimpanzee.

  4. I don’t think I’m like super smart but I think I’m smarter than average. I’ve just always had a passion for learning and learn things very quickly so I was always top of my class in school with minimal effort. But I lack in other areas. For all I know I might be average and I just went to school with not very smart people lol. A lot of my friends think I’m smart but on the large scale of things, I don’t feel very smart.

  5. I know this is very stereotypical but I think I am smarter then average. The thing is I have terrible short term memory( I go into a room and forget why I went in there so I go back to where I came from) but excellent long term memory. I know I’m just delusional but I think I’m smart

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