Name a band you've never seen mentioned or posted on this sub before

  1. Direct Hit! does not get any love really, but they should be super popular. Their albums are all extremely unique ranging from pop punk to hardcore punk, but almost all of their stuff is fantastic. I consider them my favorite band, and Brainless God is easily my favorite album ever

  2. Spotify is convinced I like them. Plays their stuff all the time! It’s all fine, but doesn’t make me want to check out the rest of the discography

  3. playradioplay! - the frequency EP and Texas album are really really good if you give it a chance. the music is mostly synth which is why it's not really considered pop punk but lyrically it is. some good songs: Compliment each other like colors, Even fairy tail characters would be jealous, I am a pirate you are a princess.

  4. Carousel Kings. To be fair I only recently learned of their existence like 3 months ago. But, damn. If you like Easycore…

  5. I saw them live! Twice! Neither time on purpose. But yea, you're right, probably for the best. Though I can dig some Christian bands, for sure. And I don't even remember how Christian, or "Christian" Stellar Kart was.

  6. No love for the middle child. He always tours with some real punk groups like stand Atlantic or as it is. Really genuine guy.

  7. Don't Look Down. Awesome band that I thought should have been a lot bigger. If my memory serves me correct, you could download their 1st full length on

  8. Happy Friday! I know for a fact no one’s ever mentioned this band because it’s my band and we’ve only existed for a week or two. Follow us on Instagram HappyFridayMusic !

  9. Class of 98 just discovered them sounds like the Academy Is in a way but more with a All American Rejects kinda vibe to it the one record they have on Spotify is a solid no skip record

  10. Shockingly enough, Capstan! Not sure if they classify as 'emo'. But, they put on a helluva show in Philly, at Voltage, a few years back. Also from that show, I'd go with Rarity, as well!

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