do you think power rangers should be more risk taking/more ambitious/be more mature with it's character and story

  1. Lol i wanna go in the opposite direction back to when there were post credit scenes with the turbo rangers spreading good messages about anti bullying.

  2. Power Rangers is lighthearted fun and one of the best sources for it in media today. I want heroes being good and villains being bad. Not every story needs to be dark and gritty.

  3. And they should give life lessons about how important it is to use proper punctuation marks such as commas and periods to people like OP.

  4. Here are thoughts on this type of thing, and it goes across the board. If you wanna mature up any franchise, Power Rangers, He-Man, Batman....fine. But you have to keep a little kid version of it. We all became fans as kids, if you take that away, so you can still have it, the franchise is gonna die.

  5. There've been precious few shows that can pull the kids and adults equally well and even less were franchise entries. Separating the two is safer and allows each to work towards its own strengths.

  6. Power Rangers fandom, as a general rule, wouldn't know "nuance and depth" if it bit them on the ass. That sounds mean, but it's also a bit of a harsh truth: nearly every season the fandom sees as elevating the material or telling a "deeper" story is usually thematically incoherent and shallow at their very best; completely surface level acknowledgments of more serious concepts, directed in a way that pretend to be serious minded genre fiction, but never really explored in any way that would so much as challenge its audience. It's usually completely inert for the adult audience and, at worse, tends to be outright damaging to the child audience.

  7. I think the comics are really good for this! I was also a big fan of the 2017 movie, even though it was still a “family flick” there’s no arguing it wasn’t a bit more mature than the average ranger fare.

  8. I don't feel like Power Rangers should ever be some gritty, 'mature' thing, but I'd love to see it have writing that doesn't talk down to its audience. Something like the quality that Avatar was able to have in a kids show

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