I don’t have Facebook; why are they tracking me?

  1. Facebook basically wants to know everything about everyone, just like Google. Doesn’t really matter if you have an account or not, they still want to know everything. Many websites you visit and apps you use are selling user data to Facebook and Google.

  2. I worked as web developer years ago and they always implemented Facebook Pixel on it. Facebook don’t pay you anything. But you get tracking “for free” on your website

  3. There aught to be laws...oh wait, if they help get and keep said party in power, perhaps said party will return the favour and allow business as usual.

  4. Facebook trackers are everywhere. You should block all of Facebook's servers using a PiHole or similar DNS blocking system.

  5. I blocked some trackers and now my 0 comission bank account webpage doesn't work. Now I know how they make their money.

  6. I recently went in to finally delete my Facebook and noticed a new section I'd never seen before which listed data about apps I was using. I didn't have Facebook on my phone, yet Facebook somehow knew I'd started playing Legends of Runeterra, despite never linking Facebook to that game or anything.

  7. I read somewhere that going forward ; if you sign up for websites; apps; etc. when you put in your name; put in the name of the app; website: etc as your middle name; and then you can see who is selling your information - I have tried it - it works. Passing along.

  8. Use plus addressing in emails. For emails, everything from the plus to the next . is ignored. So, Joe Bloggs can sign up for shoddysite.com with the address:

  9. When I was debloating my new phone through ADB, there were three apps that I saw there, even though I never installed Facebook on my phone :

  10. This is what I was about to say, glad someone beat me to it. They are marked as system level apps, if you go to apps and turn on “show system apps” then search Facebook, all FB apps should show and you can disable them without abd and they haven’t turned back on for me… but ABD removing them completely definitely gives more peace of mind I just hadn’t gotten around to it yet

  11. I’ve had the app installed for less than an hour and there are over 244 (and counting) trackers trying to communicate from my device - wtf. And this is all legal ? Great ; the future is gonna be awesome.

  12. It doesn't matter if it is legal. Companies are not held accountable. Fines are so ridiculously low that they are just a minor cost of business to them.

  13. Which is why my phone is always on custom battery saving mode. It cuts tons of background stuff with barely no work.

  14. If you have a Samsung, they all come preinstalled with Facebook and you can’t remove it, just disable it. Though I’ve read a few places it disables the app, not all telemetry.

  15. If you have an Android phone, you can completely uninstall system apps with ADB. Samsung phones have Facebook/Meta apps baked in their phones. Uninstalling with ADB can get rid of those apps.

  16. Apps that are totally unrelated to Facebook install Facebook provided android and ios libraries.

  17. this is actually a great summary of why privacy matters beyond the stupid argument of "got anything to hide?". well done

  18. My VPN has setting to Block, FB, Google, Amazon, Crypto mining, Fingerprinting and Email tracking. I can even play free games without ads.

  19. Post has been up for 2 hours my count of blocked trackers is now approaching 644; there is no way any website app whatever would need to track me for 644 times in 2 hours lmao ; is there ? Or maybe every blocked attempt means an attempt to transmit or sell data ?

  20. It's because they retry the connection when blocked. It may have only connected once per day or something normally, but when you block it then they tend to retry constantly.

  21. Too many devices come with Facebook installed. Any device that has it installed will have these sorts of things happen.

  22. FB does stuff for targeted advertising offsite too. For example, they can use the embedded like button people put on some pages for tracking.

  23. Well... if you install DuckDuckGo's App Tracking Protection you might just find how Facebook are far from the only ones doing this

  24. I visited offices of a data security company. Nobody uses smartphones, they had old Nokia phones. They had tablets for surfing the net, and for mails.

  25. It could be a web page that's still open in your browser. There are ad trackers in web pages, like google ads and facebook pixel. They can also exist in emails and a few other places.

  26. My mother once asked me this after learning how to look at her cookies. My answer to her, "because you're online and they've monitized nearly the entire internet."

  27. When you say this I think this is why there was a huge delay from Android 9. Every Android device would have at one time had Android 9 (at the time it was running) this was the rock upon which the foundation was built. So I believe this is how Google justifies the data collection; I don’t think they can control it - and they like that way.

  28. Honestly that’s the main reason I use apple. The app tracking blockage feature very effective across all the applications and browsers.

  29. It’s not like Facebook is hacking or spying you. The thing is that all apps have these trackers to send events to Facebook and Google so that they can target ads based on your behavior. It’s simple as that, I understand this “FACEBOOK EVIL” thing but this is truly not the case. I work with digital marketing and it’s just that ALL apps collect data for Facebook Ads and Google Ads so that they can show you relevant ads later down the road.

  30. When i think back to the past ; I remember on the advent of the internet ; companies always reminding people they can access their website, services; etc. by signing in w Facebook- now ; we have this - every Facebook member should be relieved to know they will never have to pay for Facebook. Ugh.