I just spent 4 days at home watching TV and reading because I broke my feet in a car accident. such immersion

  1. It's actually my first serious run even though I first played PZ years ago. I've also been watching a TON of content and learning a lot of tricks from that

  2. Are your arms broken too ? Clean up that mess and give the zombified Rosewood FD crew some respect. :D Joking of course, you can still forage and trap outside while your health improves...good luck !

  3. Since I heard stained clothes do nothing to your stats I only wash everything when I have plenty water and feel like it. Could have cleaned myself a little for the camera though hahaha

  4. Molotov only if you manage to pull a big horde outside in the open so you don't waste all of your ammo, throwing that stuff around the buildings can burn for quite a few in game days if they catch fire and destroy all useful loot inside.

  5. Until I noticed the rest of the text on the screen, I looked at the captions and thought, “Oh, poor guy, he’s down to the telenovelas….”

  6. Just broke my leg IRL so this post is definitely relatable lol. Can’t lie because of the injury, 129 hours in the past two weeks on this game.

  7. I took speed demon 😎. It's not that bad. I usually try to drive on low RPM anyway, to attract fewer zombies

  8. Looking at this, I remember a meme about men's housing and that it is convenient for them to live like this

  9. Do the programs keep airing even after the power runs out? I never made it far enough to figure that out 🤣 I always die before the week is over

  10. shows only run until the end date of July 17. so if you put in sandbox that power run out in three months. you still have only 8 days of tv shows.

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