Do you play with the multi melee hit on or off?

  1. Hrm, you know it could be interesting if there was also a middle option - where killing a zombie with weapons could have knockback effects - like if you knock over a zombie with a killing blow or simply knock back it would fall and knock over another zombie or two.

  2. EXACTLY!! But the haters will say "tHaT mAkEs iT tOO eAsY" like bruh theres literally more than 50k zeds on a map, i wana win too damn😒

  3. If I'm playing vanilla, off. It makes killing zeds a little too easy. If I'm playing with something that buffs ranged weapons, such as Brita's, on, so that melee users don't get left behind.

  4. Personally wish it didn't come down to ON or OFF, but rather I'd love if it could be changed so only specific weapons can have multi-hit. Generally tend to play with it ON because I don't think it makes sense to swing a large weapon and only hit one zombie.

  5. It kinda is like that now, it takes the reach stat of the weapon into account so with smaller 1 handed weapons you only hit 2 but with a two hander you'll hit 3+ it defo needs adjusting though but I play with it on, I think if you play a lower pop but have confidence you can play with it off but if you play with the higher pop settings generally having it on is more of a time saver

  6. I believe the opposite- it doesn’t make sense to swing a large weapon and hit more than one zombie. I try to picture myself fighting two people in front of me and swinging a baseball bat into the head of one of them and somehow hitting the other with the follow-through with an appreciable amount of force and I just don’t see it.

  7. I promise you it makes sense to swing a weapon and only hit one zombie. You aren't the hulk and physics is a bitch.

  8. I somehow downloaded a mod that does this, and I'm not sure which one did it but it must be some kind of a weapon pack. It's actually great!

  9. Tbf it’s actually pretty hard to do this irl. You can technically “hit” three people with a nerf sword, but the first person is the one that really takes the impact

  10. Eh, IRL even killing one zombie would be hard. We aren't Sauron swinging his war mace, a crowbar hitting one zombie would, at most, stagger that zombie or make it fall and causa another to trip, not take out half a dozen in one head destroying swing.

  11. Damn Ive been playing with on and still struggling lol thought I was getting good at this game after 100+ hours

  12. I was actually shocked when with one mod I tried I was firing a .50 bmg into a horde repeatedly and it onoy killed/damaged one at a time. Shotguns seem too effective, but bigass calibers seem too weak. Maybe just the settings I had, but reality would be that stronger rifle cartridges would have at least some penetration with rare multi crit.

  13. Combat is certainly easier, but I find the chance of dying doesn't change too much since it's usually blunders and surprise attacks that kill experienced players.

  14. I'd also maybe like to see multihit be like "cleaving" rules from D&D. if the hit kills the first zombie it can pass on to the next zombie, otherwise it's a single target.

  15. I like your ideas, but imo any extra zombies hit with multi hit should suffer way less damage. I feel the lack of control single hit imposes really enforces the horror aspect of the game and a standardized multi hit mechanic could easily make the character too powerful if not done correctly. But that's just my experience, I see a lot of ppl here seem to have a hard time even with multi hit on and that's fine. It's great the game has plenty of customization options so we can each play the way we feel more comfortable :)

  16. Used to play with it on but it's more like training wheels in my eyes. Having it off poses slightly more of a challenge so I keep it off now

  17. On, because its super fun to wack two baddies with one swing rather than takin em out one at a time. I see other ppl agreeing its too easy, but tbh its the suprise walkers that get the bite off you anyways rahter than them hordes.

  18. It's not "easy" in the dense that you won't die, it's "easy" in the sense that it makes disposing of hordes a relatively simple matter as long as you have an axe.

  19. Should play with it off if you wanna force yourself to get better at the game. I always play with it off. HOWEVER, it would be cool if at stages of your strength rank you were able to push more than one zombie away at a time.

  20. Off. Used to play with it, but even my noob ass could survive easily with this setting on. Without it I actually had to learn combat and kiting. Even after 500 hours kiting hordes can me risky without multihit, with it on it's just a massacre. A fun one at first, but gets boring fast.

  21. on. i've started playing recently and i am both bad and scared of the game, so until i learn i allow myself to be scared of it. multi hit makes me take fights i normally wouldn't and makes me move, so it works. i also imposed myself the rule that i'll only use melee weapons that could actually multi hit, something like baseball bats, those metal bars and similar stuff. no knives, hammers and such. although it's on i mostly die due to being dumb, so i could probably disable it. my longest living dude died due to depression i believe, given that there was no other reason. always optimistc trait now.

  22. I always go with off. Its unrealistic and takes me out of it. If I gotta kill large amounts, I just use a gun.

  23. Multi-hit, as fun as it is, is kind of immersion breaking for me now. It was fun in b40 to stand alone and hold off an army while my friends would hopefully get the loot but it’s just not realistic. That having been said, I think collision detection (say, when you push or club a zombie) to bowl over other approaching zombies would be realistic as hell and an excellent crowd control tactic for a fresh (ie not hurt/exhausted/otherwise weak) survivor to use if desperate.

  24. On for me. Even with that "advantage", you're not absolved from playing it smart and conservatively because one mistake in this game can still very easily kill your character.

  25. On, If it's for fun. It's satisfying to see a group of zeds just plop down after one swing. Makes clearing areas easy.

  26. Off - nothing wrong with having it on when you’re first starting out or you prefer easier games, but once you’ve got used to zeds and the combat having it on makes the game mind-numbingly easy for me.

  27. I’m conflicted because long blunts should be able to hit multiple, but pushing zombies shouldn’t work the same way.

  28. Your swing would always lose strength after the first hit. However, when pushing 2 close enough together, making one fall over could make the other trip (in realistic terms).

  29. In real life there is no way you could multihit even with long blunt, even if you did the force would be very small if you did hit 2 or 3 zombies. Multihit makes no sense for realism, altho i never turn it off

  30. On, haven't tried a run with it off. I feel like turning it off would have me switch entirely to low weight single handed melee weapons, or focus even more on guns

  31. Surprised how many "on"s there are, didn't realize so many of you are playing basically easy mode :P Explains why I seem to be the only one loving short blunts too. I wonder how much advice we're giving each other, that is basically for a different game. With all the settings and mods and such.

  32. That's a lot of words to say "I'm a tryhard". I wonder how it feels to gatekeep a Survival/Sandbox game's difficulty based on one lone setting option lmfao

  33. I personally have it in, because it just makes more fun to me. But I understand if someone says its too easy this way.

  34. Off because it bugs out my molotov cocktails so I can't throw them. Though I don't really use them much so I might start using it again.

  35. I tried it because the setting said some weapons, but it was happening with one handed ones instead of just like big 2 handed weapons which was kind of goofy so i play with it off.

  36. On, because I'm fairly new to the game and learning the ropes is alot easier when Im not getting insta-swarmed every fight.

  37. Used to play with it on, but man combat is so much more engaging with it off. It’s not just ez pz walk backwards and swing you gotta be a lil more tactical and careful

  38. On because I find combat boring and aggravatingly tedious without it. I increase peak population to compensate with severe wounds & slow healer. That makes combat more fun for me while keeping the threat very much alive.

  39. I used to play with multi hit on at all times, but I recognized how it breaks the balance between weapon types so I stopped using it.

  40. Off.. it balances it out although I do hate how u get tired so quickly with long blunt that you need to rest every 5 minutes even with 9 fitness and 10 strength.

  41. I bump the difficulty higher than usual so I can keep it on without feeling OP. I really can't stand when the auto target hits the zombie I'm not trying to aim for. It makes it easier to accept that my death was entirely my fault instead of blaming mechanics.

  42. For how many zombies I usually play with, I prefer it on, otherwise it'll take hours to clear out a single building.

  43. Normally ... off. Currently doing a challenge of random setting where we dice rolled every option... and multi hit was chosen on lol... tbh? I'm hella glad since I've got insane pop x4 and I'm on Ravens Creek

  44. I keep it on for encountering big hordes. It does make groups of 4-7 easier to kill, but it’s a life saver when my van stalls out on the highway with a group of 20 on my tail

  45. you can't even pry multi-hit from my cold dead hands, i'd stil be clutching it with a superhuman death grip while zombified

  46. On because I don’t want to die after hitting the wrong zombie and getting stunned and devoured because of that

  47. On, even if it's unrealistic I find it more fun. I also prefer heavier and slower weapons so it fits my usual builds well

  48. On is better imo, it's not a matter of difficulty for me. Multihit being on is just more fun in general. It being off being "more difficult" is just artificial difficulty padding.

  49. On, Because idc what ANYONE says, nothing makes this game TOO easy unless you play with God mode or turn off zombie drag down, But even then, the controls can get you killed if you're not perfect with them in bad situations. Even the most skilled PZ player gets killed with the easiest of settings. PZ is a hard game and I like that you can play however you want and it's still a challenge.

  50. If different weapons hit multiple and some didn’t then I would. Breaks my immersion when a foot long metal pipe knocks back three zombies, but It feels bad ass to face a hoard with confidence with a weapon that could realistically knock back a few zombies

  51. On. since I usually use bladed weapons and it makes sense that you could hit multiple targets with a strong swing of a machete/sword/whatever. Plus I always make my character do burpees until he's jacked every time so it makes sense to me from a role playing perspective.

  52. That scare factor for switching off is what makes me keep going playing without, otherwise I'll be too powerful. I still remember b40 with waves and waves of zombies, killing them while I had full fitness/full strength build, ended up being boring to do anything.

  53. I just pick the survivor option and hit play. I'm not going to tweak the game if the develeopers didn't implement in the first place.

  54. I tried turning it on because I felt a baseball bat should be able to hit multiple zeds in a swing, but it made my char too op and in the end it doesn't make much sense hitting multiple heads in a swing. But I do wish some weapons would knockback more zeds in a hit, even if it damaged only a single one of them.

  55. A mod that picks specific weapons to allow multi-hit and also depending on the weapon how many targets can be hit at the same time would be cool. Also, depending on your stats and moodlets it could also increase or decrease the damage. Finally, to make it more balanced, it should distribute the damage among the different targets.

  56. I play with it on… I absolutely could hit more than one person with a single swing so it’s more realistic to me🤷🏼‍♂️

  57. On. While I can appreciate the challenge of having it off, I'm already giving the game Dying Light vibes with the Night Sprinters and Double XP during jight mods, so decided why not make the combat Dying Light-esque too with multihit? Besides, it's a sandbox game. Whole point is to play it how YOU want to, not how others dictate it.

  58. Mostly off, makes the game too easy, hordes never get overwhelming if you have multi hit. On but I max out population so its a bit fair for them.

  59. On. Makes more sense for weapons like the baseball bat. And I like the way the game decides if it's gonna be a multi hit or not.

  60. Off. And if I'm playing on a server that does have it on, I do everything in my power to not use it lol. Can't be building bad habits

  61. I play with multihit on. Sure, it doesn't make sense for things like nightsticks and hammers to hit multiple zombies in one fell swoop, but for heavier things like wood axes, pickaxes and sledgehammers, if you've ever held one of those or any heavy two-handed tool, you know they're heavy and hefty, and they would 100% be able to knock at least two people in a straight swoop, even moreso shambling corpses.

  62. No, it really doesn't "make sense" but I do agree that more granularity regarding such preferences would be appreciated.

  63. On. I totally see everyone's reasoning, because this game needs more challenge at times, but I don't think that turning it off adds to the challenge. It mostly just seems to make clearing a horde take considerably longer. You don't use a different strategy without multihit, its the same one just with less rapid death.

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