Day 8 : r/radiohead's Favorite Artists/Bands

  1. Can is fucking amazing. Radiohead's cover of "Thief" is pretty nice. Also, Can influenced Radiohead's "Optimistic" and "There There".

  2. Huh. Why had I never heard of this band? I listened to a few songs and was shocked that these records were released in the 70s. Way before their time! Thanks for the rec.

  3. I'd add the Breeders as well. They sound more like the Pixies than nu-Pixies do without Kim Deal.

  4. 20 years ago R.E.M. was the number one band anyone would associate with Radiohead, easily. Since then they've fallen out of favor so much it's hard to explain to younger fans

  5. I don't think many people under the age of 35 would be familiar with R.E.M. But regardless, young Radiohead fans owe R.E.M. and Michael Stipe a debt of gratitude for how he helped Thom through the mindfuck of the aftermath of releasing OK Computer.

  6. Sorry I was gonna suggest Neil Young earlier but some darn kid was driving by in one of those new fangled scooters and I had to raise my walking stick and yell at him to slow down. Anyway Neil Young is great. Really love that Bridge School rendition Thom did.

  7. Listening to Pearl Jam’s channel on XM and Stone Gossard introduced A Punch Up At a Wedding as one of his favorite Radiohead songs. He described it something along the lines of “this is what I imagine Radiohead in the style of Neil Young sounds like”. Interesting take that I thought a fellow Neil Young fan might appreciate.

  8. Any love for Ride? I’d say Ride were probably a big influence on early RH, simply by virtue of proximity. Ride almost certainly laid some of the groundwork for Radiohead’s success, if only by bringing national attention to the Oxford scene.

  9. WHERE IS YO LA TENGO??? Thom has literally said he draws a lot of inspiration from them and you can definitely see how n why

  10. Was looking for this. Sparklehorse, Radiohead, and Grandaddy consist of 90% of all the music I consume

  11. Was wondering if anyone else on this sub loves U2. Especially they've been shitted on the last few years.

  12. I can sense sarcasm here and correct me if I'm wrong. The point here is that I'm not just gonna stop after a day or day even tho the posts are repetitive, gets less attention and ppl feel like not commenting on it, is completely fine. But I'll continue till Day 9 and then you'll never see this post again (yay for you)

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