Wish somebody could do it for me

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  2. I’ve been living independently for many years, moved across the country about six years ago (it’s a small country though). Everything blew up in February, she crossed a line so hard that I finally had enough and told her off. Exchanged a couple of practicalities for the first few months - I was nice about it and I think she got the wrong idea, but I said pretty clearly that it will take me a lot of time to process the episode (I didn’t know at that time that I actually wanted to go full nc, so I wasn’t saying anything definite) and that I did not want to talk to her. She wrote a couple of times after that saying she wanted to talk/visit, I ignored it and got out of town just in case. Just now I got word that she wrote my friend yesterday asking if I’m alright (friend didn’t reply). It’s pissing me off majorly that she’s doing this. I’m a grown-ass adult and I just don’t want to talk to her. I think this is pushing me off the edge for actually just writing her and saying she need not contact me ever again. Maybe this is exactly what I need. But I’m not sure if I should react while being this deep in the emotional pit of chaos.

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