Do we think Teresa purposely dressed like an 80s Glamour Shots ad so that we’d all talk about it?

  1. No I think this level of over the top style has been consistent from her doorknobs/interior design to her kids formalwear since we were introduced to her

  2. I would’ve been impressed if they had coordinating giant flower bows on their heads. Maybe that’s why I’m so shocked? The bridesmaids looked relatively normal!

  3. I think that, like most everything else in her life (new husband included), it’s a reflection of her inherently bad taste.

  4. Exactly! I’m shocked, but not really after watching her for years, that she actually married this man full of pent up anger and red flags!

  5. Nah this is her ‘style’ 😂 Not a fan but I’d be shocked to see her in anything understated. I’m loving this wedding so far tbh!

  6. Same. Honestly weddings and weddings looks are usually so similar that it's boring. Her look is memorable and she looks beautiful.

  7. The problem with surrounding yourself with people who are unconditional yes men is that you won’t have anyone to tell you the truth about that friggin hair.

  8. Personally I love how ridiculous it is. I’m a huge fan of doing what I want! I vote let her have her fun. Because I’d rather walk on my lips than talk bad about anyone.

  9. The head piece /hair is signalling my big fat gypsy wedding. Actually, what is going on here? Why no shoes?

  10. Lol this is a “getting ready” pic. Looks like she has a feathery robe situation happening like the bridesmaids.

  11. It’s not often that the worst dressed (see: tackiest outfits) person is the bride/groom. But they really worked hard and made it happen!!

  12. I’m not a fan of Teresa at all… and I’m sure I will get downvoted for this. But these days everyone is encouraged to be yourself, branch out, be body positive, own your style, do your thing regardless of what anyone thinks. Then when people do that, they get bashed, hated on, and made fun of. Gotta give her credit for doing it just how she wanted…she clearly doesn’t care what anyone thinks. I believe she did it just the way she envisioned it. Can’t do anything right no matter how you do it.

  13. You’re not wrong. I’d be more supportive if I thought she was a good person and not living a life of luxury that she got by theft. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  14. It’s only body positivity if you’re at least 50lbs overweight, ugly all your life and poor. Otherwise it’s ok to rip them to shreds.

  15. I still need to know what was going through her head with the hair and the tiara!? Lord knows she has enough of it as it goes half way down her forehead but surely she must know people look at it and realise it’s fake!?

  16. I don’t think anything goes through her head; she has never demonstrated anything resembling rudimentary critical thinking skills. Even her reaction speeds are slow. She is a 50 year old toddler in a tiara.

  17. That’s what I said. I think she has the new standard of Hollywood reality tv smile. Nema, Madison, Nene, Snooki, Darcy/Stacy, Angela all have the same teeth. The snap on toddler and tiara smile.

  18. Her daughters looked stunning in their pink dresses so did Dolores and Jennifer . In my humble opinion a much softer look on Teresa would have been so beautiful on her . There is a picture of her with her girls in blue dresses and she is wearing a short white dress and her hair in loose curls she looked so gorgeous in that picture . The harsh hairstyle and makeup she chose aged her unfortunately. Her overdone lips are just not attractive .

  19. She looks very happy. Her style is very over the top and definitely not something I would be in to but she loves it. I think she’s just happy.

  20. Personally I love it cause she looks happy and I love over the top. A lot of weddings all look the same. Aren’t y’all bored of that? At anyone’s wedding, they should dress like whatever tf they want, similar to on Halloween, and not based on society’s safe aesthetics of what won’t get talked about. I plan to have my entire wedding party look exactly like the ballroom scene in Labryinth. I’ll be dressed like Jennifer Connelly in an exact dress replica, and my groom will be dressed and styled just like Bowie but with a cathedral length tuxedo tail with crystals, including hair and makeup. And we’ll have puppets/muppets around too. Cause fck what someone at home couch side thinks.

  21. Omg this was just a thing in the WeddingShaming sub. Where the bride and groom are puppeteers and request that each guest come with a professional puppet to the reception and animate it alongside them as they spend the evening as wedding guests. Hahaha!

  22. I think she was going for Disney Princess but it reads Big Fat Gypsy without the fabulous over the top saundra Cheli dresses

  23. Lol! The actual bridesmaid dresses weren’t bad, but you’re right, these robes absolutely would’ve been an option.

  24. It may have been some sort of tribute…but her mother didn’t wear her hair like that when she married her father. Teresa has posted their wedding photo (which can also be googled) and it was very understated compared to this lol.

  25. I think that she genuinely thought this look was the shit. It is a good thing that Little Joey skipped the wedding though. That hair would have eaten him up alive.

  26. In typical Teresa style, she likes it and she's most likely going to be become agressively defensive towards anyone who tells her it looked anything but amazing.

  27. I just wonder what went through Louis’ head when he saw The Bride of Frankenstein coming down the aisle. Are there men out there who find this attractive?

  28. She seriously needs to start listening to/consulting with professional stylists. she could have really looked classy and elegant…but this is what she did instead…I guess she never learned less is more.

  29. Ugh, just awful. August, height of summer. She could have had such a cute look. Throw the whole thing away.

  30. Straight out of My Big Fat Greek Wedding show! The whole look is ridiculous and tacky but Teresa is both.

  31. Lol I am a Jersey Italian and had the “typical” nj wedding but my wedding look did not involve a tiara, faux headdress, or feathers of any kind!

  32. I’m surprised the bridesmaids (from what I have seen) had good hair! How did she miss the mark for herself by so much!?

  33. I am sorry, but that hairstyle isn't cute or classy, but it's her wedding. Very over the top. Maybe it will look better on tv.

  34. She deserves a great guy and I’m hoping this is it for her bcz I’ll be sad if it isn’t. She’s imo been through a lot. Wishing her the best.

  35. I like the over the top robe! The hair is more fitting with this entire ensemble. I’ll forgive the tiara ha

  36. I just think that’s her style. Good, bad, or ugly, it’s what she prefers. Also, the higher the hair, the closer to God.

  37. I honestly think she’s having her dream wedding, and thinks it’s the most beautifulest wedding that Jersey will ever see.

  38. I don’t watch wherever franchise she is from, but really? The hair? Come on we all know that’s extensions so why bother -

  39. I might be in the minority but I think she looks gorgeous. I didn’t expect anything less. And I really dig her hair the most. 👰🏻

  40. I love that she remains “Jersey strong,” in her hairstyle. I like that Teresa has always been 💯 percent herself since season 1. She is bat shit crazy but she is authentic. Melissa has always come across as fake to me.

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