"Entry level".

  1. My guess : They don't believe a word of it, and are cynical about it, but they were told to know their place and just do it so they do it.

  2. And they think a PhD is only worth one year of work experience? Based on what I'm hearing from my grad student friends, PhD students spend around 80% of their time in school doing actual work in the field and they do that for 5-ish years.

  3. That's always my first thought when I see "masters with x experience or phd". They really want a phd but don't want to pay phd salaries. Heck, after interviewing for a number of these jobs, they don't even want to pay masters salaries. I didnt have a single one offer me over 35k a year...

  4. That's 100% accurate. A masters and two fucking years experience is entry level? This company also will complain that nobody wants to work.

  5. Oh yes Just every day things in 2022 when entry-level jobs require you to have the same level of experience of someone that’s been in the business for 20 years

  6. Yeah reminds me of an offer I found one day where they required the "entry level employee" to be able to have a significant influence over the whole organization. Not by title, you know, you had to be able to find a way to influence C-levels. Simple right?

  7. TBH, this looks pretty typical for entry level Data science. They are only asking for 2 years of experience or equivalent education/training (which is normally acquired while obtaining the degree/certification).

  8. Lol I saw someone asking for "entry level minimum masters degree, LMSW preferred, may substitute RN and 5 years of experience" and actually had the gall to list it at $17/hour for part time evenings. For reference, McDonald's and Dunkin both start at $16 and they'll give you fulltime and you don't have to have people with incontinence in your backseat all the time.

  9. This sounds like a public health job description. I’m even tired at this point of running into descriptions like this.smh.

  10. There's a special place in Hell for jobs requiring countless years of experience and high levels of education only to severely underpay as much as less than $20.00 an hour. It's so sickening and infuriating, I can't take it.

  11. Why do we live in this timeline. Rn takes 4 years to get the degree at least, and 5 more years experience? That's NINE FUCKING YEARS FOR SEVENTEEN DOLLARS AN HOUR????

  12. I'm decently well-qualified for this job, with a Master's degree and years of SAS experience. I've been a working professional for 10 years and make 6 figures.

  13. As a rule of thumb, if it says “entry level” I apply without reading the requirements. If I’m not qualified, oh well. It’s one more resume they have to sift through

  14. Why? this looks pretty normal for an entry level data science position. BTW I hire freash msc's for 130k.

  15. Entry level refers to the payrate of the position now. They still expect far more experience than is justified by the pay.

  16. We're looking for a PhD candidate willing to work for 15.00 an hour. 40 hours a week, mandatory overtime.

  17. Don't they list the qualifications of the perfect candidate too, not what they actually expect to get?

  18. Its the Canadian equivalent of an H1B "but no one is qualified" ad so they can hire someone on a visa for half of what his pays.

  19. I've also been looking for data analyst jobs to try and change careers and MY GOD it's just nonstop this. Entry level but must have masters. Entry level but must have 5+ years of experience. Entry level but must demonstrate vast knowledge of R, Python, SQL, MySQL, PowerBI, Java, C++, Assembly, and do all this without looking anything up. What a joke.

  20. 6 figures worth of student loan debt for a job with high requirements paying a couple bucks more an hour than a retail store or fast food establishment.

  21. I’m wondering if they just post some absurd requirements knowing no one fits this list or if they did they wouldn’t apply there. So then they can say remember that pay range? Well you are at the bottom because you don’t meet our requirements but we are willing to give you a chance.

  22. It's Canadian. We wouldn't ask for it. Instead, we are asking for the original copy of Lt. Gov. Lawrence's Orders to expel the Acadians.

  23. I mean, there are legit "Entry Level" jobs that require a Master's degree because of the field they're in, difficulty of the job, specialization required, whatever.

  24. Bro what the fuck is this? I’ve just finished my courses and was about to start looking for entry level jobs. I don’t even know what 90% of that shit even said.

  25. Lol, I saw this one too. The Alberta job market for junior IT staff is absolutely silly right now.

  26. Lol… I am actually qualified for that position and the last time I interviewed for that kind of job description… it was a regional manager position with a 6 figure salary.

  27. I see this a lot. This isn't a data analyst job. It's an program evaluation job and a data analyst job. While related skill sets they aren't the same thing and hiring a data analyst will result in clean organized data that tells you nothing while hiring the evaluation position will get you the results you want but take a very long time to do it each time.

  28. That’s different because it is specifically intended for phd students so the internship will be for research or R and D and not just hardware design and software engineering

  29. I truly feel bad for anyone participating in the data analyst circle jerk or any tech/programming type field for that matter.

  30. Try the sciences. Unless you're a tenured professor, you aren't qualified for anything anymore. Doesn't matter if its academia, government or private sector.

  31. Damn lazy Millenials! When I was their age, I had a house, a car, a pension plan, a full savings account, and no debt. I had a good job and I worked hard. People are just lazy and irresponsible today! It's the new generation! /s

  32. I see no minimum experience requirement, so it is entry level that requires a masters in relevant fields. Pretty straight forward: No previous experience is junior/entry/intern. Don't mind the rest of the mumbo jumbo, if you have the first 2-3 requirements you're what they are looing for (give or take).

  33. Got 3 different associates degrees in completely different fields. When I left the entry level job after raising thru the ranks because of a disability. I started looking for an entry level job in the other two fields I have. To bad now all jobs are like this masters or a bachelor with 10 years experience.

  34. This sounds like a public health role because most are notoriously underpaid with high standards. If it’s not strictly a public health role, it’s one that’s trying to disguise itself as one.

  35. I don’t even know why they bother adding the ‘entry level’. I don’t get the point, they already know that’s not what they want.

  36. I wonder if they are paying $6/hr or if it will be an unpaid internship for the lucky PhD who lands this opportunity.

  37. I love how the minimum is “masters” and then coursework UP TO PHD can be substituted for ONE WHOLE YEAR of experience… unbelievable

  38. Must also be able to "...heal the sick, raise the dead, and make the little girls talk outta their heads." Must also provide proof of 6 older brothers and 6 paternal uncles who are older than the applicant's own father.

  39. I'm surprised the job req doesn't state that having the Nobel Prize in chemistry or physics is a plus.

  40. These are job postings for jobs they already have someone internally but need to do the due diligence or whatever they want to call it. It’s probably required by the government. In the USA they do this so they can go find some H1B person instead when nobody’s resume fit the requirements

  41. Not just this, but it means they can find someone really fucking good and go, "Hrrrm, hummmmm, I mean yes you have six of the seven masters degrees we require, and have worked in the field since you were fourteen somehow, but your data management time isn't in the exact field we specified, so we can only justify paying you the lower end of the salary range."

  42. Or they're from some mess of a country so what they're paying is a small fortune back where their families live even though it's not a good wage here.

  43. Nothing about that is an entry level data analyst position though they're practically trying to hire a flag guy and have him do the Foreman's job. They literally want someone with a master's, essentially full stack experience, prior job experience. They also literally mention managing a team of 19 people. All of which will be at entry level pay as that's the position title.

  44. This is kind of the beginnings of the unsustainable net that is a first world country's labor force. It is expensive to live here, and expensive to do business here as well. When we start looking to made in other countries, you lose some of the government kickbacks, but a lot of the "work" people have been doing... it can be done by AI, and I'm not talking 5 years from now I'm talking today. I can fact check a white paper, and you'd be surprised at the cohesiveness of an AI report. If I could take away the need for filler words that provide context as opposed to reading a bunch of facts and making my opinion based on facts, rather than reading through biased worded documents, my life would be a lot easier.

  45. Requiring a masters by default, disqualifies it from being entry level. Definitely not a place I would apply because they'll under pay you because they believe they can.

  46. No it does not disqualify it.. You would be surprised by how many people graduate with a Bachelor's and then go straight to a Master's. Just because someone has a Master's doesn't mean they have any experience.

  47. “we want someone with a master’s and two years experience. however, if you have a phd, we’ll just knock it down to one.”

  48. You can have a phd with little real world experience. Talking to a relative at thanksgiving who has her phd in biostatistics from Harvard and she was pretty clueless on time management and corporate communication norms. Quite smart in her field of expertise

  49. It’s become my understanding that they know they will never get someone with all of their specific requirements, and your academic years count as experience. I’d still apply.

  50. It’s like when I called this staffing agency for a job posting for entry level and then the shithead switches up and says “oh you need 2 years of experience”. I replied that if you need YEARS of experience then it ain’t entry level.

  51. Probably pays like 40,000 to 50,000 a year too despite the Masters / Ph.D level requirements and years of experience.

  52. It’s as an entry level data analyst… you do realize that there are different degrees of “entry level” positions right? Like entry level doesn’t just mean you don’t need any experience, education, or skills unless you’re looking for retail/sales/office assistant/manual labor jobs.

  53. Saying this as someone who works with an “analyst” job title with 0 degrees, who spends more of my time building power apps/power automate flows/macros than I do working with data…

  54. A data analyst role, that is entry level. Is going to have these kind of requirements. However go ahead and apply. Most people don’t meet half the criteria that apply, and there is a shortage in the industry. Since I was recruited straight out of college, I worked half a year in operations as a rank and file employee, before I was moved to analytics.

  55. if this is the standard for an entry level job in 2022 then i’m going to have a fun time with the requirements in 4 years with only my bachelors degree very cool

  56. I’m entering the workforce post masters and literally this job would be “entry level” for me but it has 2 years experience tacked on

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