Why are we seeing so much scandalous news around Elon Musk suddenly?

  1. all this started right when Musk declared he would switch from Democrats to Replubicans.. could be a coincidence though?

  2. Now that you mention it, it lines up with "bill gates is donating his entire fortune" stories I've been seeing non stop. Billionaire cold wars are wild bro, just over ego because resources aren't even a thought when they are functionally limitless for them.

  3. This is the mad conspiracy theory I have considered about how Michael Jackson may have been used by entertainment biz pedos. Either as a poor Innocent sap who made stupid optics decisions or as a too loud and brazen pedo.

  4. He promised a bunch of Walls Streeters, that he'd give him $54.20 per share. Some of these people have hundreds or thousands of shares. They will get their money or tear Elon apart limb from limb (and then get their money).

  5. the elite club is mad at him for breaking some rules, so they're flashing their proverbial gun, so to speak

  6. The Twitter shit launched him to the forefront of the culture wars, meaning he is now the most important story in the world to every journalist who uses Twitter (all of them).

  7. The Tesla bit is arguably the most insane bit of Wall Street speculation I've seen since 2008. To put it into perspective, Ford is the top dog auto manufacturer in US and has been for a while now. Ford is a company valued at roughly $63 billion.

  8. Given that he is prone to trashing his dad during interviews but being elusive about the reasoning, I thought the news about the stepsister made Elon look good, to the extent such a revelation can make anyone look good.

  9. he's ultra-wealthy but didn't fuck the kids on tape like the ghouls require elites to do, so in the absence of meaningful kompromat they're running a full-scale media attack on him

  10. The fact that you retards are trying to present this as based Elon getting crucified by the elites that he is somehow meaningfully distinct from for not being sexually degenerate enough is the most pathetically cucked thing imaginable.

  11. He’s been a dick to everyone in the elite circle, which isn’t very large to start with, and the chickens are coming home to roost.

  12. No they do all of those things they just aren’t public about it. And now we live in an attention economy where there is (unfortunately) an economic incentive to being a public embarrassment.

  13. The detail where Musk dropped to his knees and begged for forgiveness made it obviously bullshit. His pride and ego would never allow that. It is pretty surprising to see publications like the WSJ picking it up.

  14. Because he is a bad person and the people who want to take him down realise now is a good time to start flooding the news with the dozens of stories they've sat on previously

  15. Because he's always been a creepy little whackadoodle and people are out of the honeymoon phase with him finally.

  16. He's not down with the Great Reset (I think) and his Twitter deal ambitions upset too many people in the consent manufacturing complex.

  17. He has pissed off all social networks (who in turn have the media by the balls) by insinuating their numbers are massively fudged. Hard to say if it was intentional, but the issue is that he's right about this and that's a financial Pandora's box. It'll be interesting to see if he doubles down come the trial or backs off

  18. Bill gates and Elon are at war with each other. But don’t root for either one, they are both total pieces of shit.

  19. He made a bunch of powerful people real angry/scared when he tried to buy their fountain of consensus.

  20. Everyone has realized that he's not really that rich, he's just coasting on vibes and connections to capital which all went bye-bye with rising interest rates. Cash cow go dry.

  21. The media didn't care about him more than bill gates or any other billionaire before. Now they feel threatened by him (due to his Twitter bid and coming out as voting Republican). Now they're just digging up every story imaginable and making him the media's new Trump. I'd imagine most billionaires have similar levels of nuttiness, but they don't have the full force of the media following every lead. As long as the stories are true, I have no problem exposing him, but I think the media shouldn't be wasting time in Elon, they should be exposing the 95% of fucks in congress who insider trade, pass legislation and break their own rules (like ppl who voted for covid legislation and then didn't mask or pro life ppl who's gotten multiple abortions for their mistress)

  22. Idk it's probably some kind of pr, his dumb companies depend on his public perception. A way to compensate for turning into an amorphous blob.

  23. They, the global cabal of elites, are furious over Elons RSVP to their summer vampire ball. So they decided to out pictures of his cuirass chest-looking ass. Revenge can be ugly.

  24. Uncovered fraud at Twitter and it’s use of bots in influencing/shaping public opinion. Getting the Michael Jackson treatment

  25. Elon disparaged the Democratic Party and dared to (softly) question elements of the liberal consensus, so now all the proxies of the Dems are trying to destroy his 'cool' mainstream image and make him cringe. In such a manner that Elon becomes like any other influential billionaire associated somewhat with the Republican camp. Destroy any cultural cachet he has left.

  26. well when you are worth 200 billions. a simple marriage license for a year can be worth 1 to 10 billions later.

  27. Imagine all the horrendous things being kept secret until needed. I wouldn't dare to think that we know half the truths about the powerful people in our world.

  28. When one person comes forward to say “hey, this individual in power did a shitty thing to me!” It gives others the confidence to also report. Like how rape accusations can come out in batches for celebrities.

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