My[18M] girlfriend [18F] says that we won't hug or kiss anymore

  1. You decide if this is the kind of relationship you want. If you want physical intimacy and can't have a relationship without it then you two are incompatible.

  2. Asexual people do exist, so I guess kissless/hugless could exist too. It's up for you to decide can you be in a relationship with that kind of person. ✌️

  3. Do you want a relationship without hugging, kissing, and hand-holding? Are you comfortable with this? If not then break up.

  4. You need to decide if that works for you. If it does, GREAT! However if you’re uncomfortable with this then you need to re-evaluate the relationship.

  5. As everyone says, you need to decide if this is a kind of relationship you want. It all depends on what kind of person you are. Is intimacy important for you in a relationship?(not necessarily sexual). As i see it these "little" gestures are the backbone of intimacy, but that is reported to the way i see things.

  6. If you don't like that ultimatum, break up. You are young, there are plenty of others to fall in love with that would love to hold your hand.

  7. A SO stating that displays of intimacy are over...kinda feels like the relationship version of taking the farm dog behind the barn to put it down. Then wanting to keep going beyond that is just a taxidermy of a relationship.

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