I may not be attracted to my girlfriend anymore.. Its killing our relationship.

  1. You don’t bring up weight to her at all. It’s not up to you. If you’re not attracted to her because of her weight, then just break up with her instead of wishing or hoping she’ll change. If you’re holding onto what she used to look like, don’t. If you don’t love her with more weight on, then you just don’t at all.

  2. It's time to go your own ways. You shouldn't be with someone you aren't attracted to and if she's happy with herself she shouldn't feel pressure to change to keep you interested.

  3. if you don't like her, don't date her. don't waste her time she could be spending with someone who actually loves her however she is and won't lose interest once her image changes.

  4. Yes her body, her choice. Really though, it just means she's lazy as fuck. She can do what she wants, but so can you. Break up with her if you aren't attracted anymore. Don't tell her is cuz she's fat, say some other bs like you feel like you don't have things in common anymore. She'll know it's cuz she's fat. Then, maybe she'll determine if she wants to be fat or if she wants a boyfriend. Or she can just start dating fat guys

  5. There are too many attractive women out there for you to be with someone you’re not attracted to. You’re also not a bad person for not being attracted to her. But you need to move on so you can find someone you’re attracted to and she can find someone who’s attracted to her.

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