My Girlfriend is moving into my house and I'm wondering if there is anything I can purchase to make it more comfortable for her

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  2. Yeah this was the main thing I thought of then realised I already had one lol, that ofcourse I've never used haha.

  3. Haha thanks very much, we don't have that store here in the UK I don't think but she does get lush toiletry things on the regular, I did go with her to the store last time but the overwhelming smells almost made be sick, I tried to stick it out but had to wait outside like a lost teenager in the end =D

  4. Hahaha, that's definitely on the list, although she has requested I don't do the bathroom as she really enjoys doing a deepclean on bathrooms lol. I'll ofcourse help but mostly just by spraying her with the shower head when she's not looking =D

  5. 💯💯💯💯💯💯 the only thing I’d ask for lol. I used to hate going over to my ex’s house who he shared with a male roommate for this reason.

  6. Shes an artist, right ? Have you set aside a space tor her to create if possible, and if so maybe some bits for that space ? Also , one of my friends got their other half a key ring for their new housekeys with the date they moved in together on . Was very sweet

  7. Oooo a cute lil keyring would be nice, I've actually already got her a nice large desk for her to craft away on but if she's wanting to paint her big errr a1 or a2 canvasses that will require an entire room to be cleared I'd imagine haha.

  8. She will do it herself honestly. You could buy some flowers in a vase though for when she moves in. Maybe light a candle she likes.

  9. I think I actually like flowers more than she does to be truthful but a house plant might do the trick!

  10. Winter’s coming, a warm, soft blanket for her to use when you’re on the couch watching tv. A candle of her favorite scent, a nightlight for the bathroom, lots and lots of closet space, and a nice first dinner. Best to both of you!

  11. As long as there’s room for her things, that’s enough! Room in the bedroom, bathroom, any other space that you share (walls/shelves) or any space that is just for her.

  12. Oooo perfect! I'll grab some extra special coffee, she'll love that! We've already got an IKEA trip booked In aswell so we can have a long old peruse at furniture and such. Arghhh coffee is such a good shout, thank you!

  13. Agree with this & would add maybe do something special to mark the occasion like order takeout or something. Moving can be pretty stressful. When I moved in with a guy I had to make space for my stuff which was quite disheartening

  14. Just ask her but: a bin in the bathroom, some lights for the bathroom mirror, a carpet for exiting the shower, some candles and some flowers.

  15. Do you have pictures of the two of you up? If not, start there! Also, I’m sure she will want to put her own style on your place, so instead of adding things, I’d focus on removing things so she has space to add in her own style.

  16. Yeah that's pretty much the plan to be fair, I've never had the whole pictures up around the house but I'll have a chat with her and see what she says. I'm looking at booking a week off so we can proper move everything around and get her style and bits in and all fitted.

  17. I like this post. I would say the easiest thing to do is ask her directly. It lets her know you care and you don’t wind up getting something she is meh about

  18. We are already planning on doing a big shop together for all the main bits so I think I'll go with a nice house plant and some super good coffee for starters =) ( and an immaculate space to move into of course!)

  19. You dont need sneaky tips. Ask her. Talk to her. There is no universal guide to making a woman comfortable in your house. Women have different tastes and needs. If you want her to be comfortable in her new jome, give her a say in what she wants.

  20. We are incredibly open and talk about everything so that's all gravy. , I was just looking for more of a suprise type of thing I guess.

  21. I agree with this comment wholeheartedly. Just remember that if anything conflicts with your own interests like maybe a major change, try to find an option with her that'll make you both happy.

  22. I have been through so much crap with relationships and people, men and women, that just seeing stuff like this rekindles my hope for humanity. It’s the little things that matter. OP and their SO deserve all the love and kindness.

  23. Just make sure to tell her that she’s got the freedom to change whatever she wants (within reason haha). She’s 30, she won’t be afraid to put her own touches on the place. You don’t need to try to read her mind :)

  24. Oh she definitely won't be and has already been verbal and a trip to IKEA is planned, was just trying to get ahead of the game in someway if possible.

  25. Hire someone to clean, like move couches and wipe base boards and vacuum in cabinets clean. Then buy her some cute bins for the bathroom.

  26. I'm more than happy to do the cleaning myself to be fair, I used to be a housekeeper for a while. Very much To the delight of the old Australian ladies I worked with and who throughly enjoyed my very posh accent saying "HOUSEKEEPING" after knocking on hotel doors lol

  27. That's a good shouts, I already have the standard rusted metal one that always hangs to one side.... so that's probably a good thing to replace haha

  28. taking this a step further -- I love the idea of making this a new space for your new life, and as much hers as yours. Consider beyond paint, if there are other items that may make sense -- new bed linens are always nice, make sure you have enough towels. Art for the walls or even a new rug can be much cheaper than major furniture and really refresh a space.

  29. Make room for her to have her spaces for her stuff. Whether that is a desk space, closet, sports equipment, books, whatever. Make sure she can bring and adjust the space so she can feel at home too. Not just room for her to stay, but for a home.

  30. That's definitely on the list, I want it to feel inviting and open to her theme and style and such as possible! ^ ^

  31. Hire a cleaner to do a deep clean before she moves in. I could not believe the state of my boyfriends place when I moved in. I mean, it was never great but I expected a bit of an effort to tidy and clean.

  32. Haha, oh I do apologise I don't mean to laugh, she's already seen the current state of my place lol.

  33. I feel like the trip from the UK over to the big-ol US might cost me a bit too much money and time though =P

  34. Everyone is different and has different ideas of little things that make them comfortable or are convenient. It would be kinda cute to take her home goods shopping and make a little date out of it.

  35. That's exactly our plan we are just gonna have to wait a bit as my work is so busy I can't really find the time away and my housemate only moves out in the 15th, very much looking forward to it. So we will probably just christmassafy the house first and then go on a big shop!

  36. empty a drawer for her, for her clothes. get a bin for hair stuff and a bin for make up. Go on a mini shopping spree at the dollar store, its small but after, she will have so much little stuff that girls use, she will be much happier.

  37. Storage bins, i'm not sure if your shower has a lot of room to put thing in (Like shelving) but if not, one of those hanging caddies would be good! Or I have a tension pole self in my shower that has i think 3 or 4 tiers to store shampoos, soaps, etc in.

  38. The bathroom actually has a gigantic cabinet in that will fit all of her stuff so that's grand, especially since I basically don't use it being the grotty person I am haha.

  39. Make sure there’s good lighting in the bathroom! It makes doing hair and makeup a million times easier. White light is best for this.

  40. Replace your vinyl shower curtain liner, and give the entire bathroom a good scrub. Get a nice scented candle and put it on the vanity counter or on the back of the toilet, on the reservoir lid. Get a nice plush bath mat.

  41. Space! Empty closet is very welcoming. Clean the place like your mom is coming to visit. And a nice loofah/body scrubber and small trash can with a lid for the bathroom.

  42. Take her to pick out pillows!! A new pillow for her to sleep with, decorative pillows for the couch etc. Maybe get a photo collage frame and put pictures of you and her, and even a few of her friends or family to make it seem more like her space too!

  43. You may want to look into purchasing a large 100 gallon tank (minimum), and fill it with some kind of non-toxic viscous solution. From what I hear, the female race enjoys sleeping in these dens to maximize functional restoration.

  44. I've been thinking about it but I was sort of thinking of keeping it a secret, so yeah I'll probably show her once she's all moved in hehehe.

  45. Mine is a bit chunky but to be fair she's super hands on with most things including heavy lifting, more so than me, she tiles, repairs electrics, fixes radiators and light fittings.

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  47. Why not take her out to a place like Ikea and make it an opportunity to share your tastes? Mmmmm wait buddy! Bad idea after all, Ikea is where couples start their path towards sh..! LOL

  48. Not a purchase, but help her find places in the house to display her artwork, or her grandma’s quilt, or whatever personally meaningful objects she brings with her.

  49. Omg this is so cute and sincere 😍😭. You don't really have to do much other than make sure everything is clean and organized for her to move into. Maybe some nice candles and small storage bins.

  50. If it was me, I would love a nice pair of slippers and a good new pillow. It would show that you care for my comfort :)

  51. First of all omg it’s very rare to see guys on this subreddit not being a holes lol secondly maybe buy some flowers and like a wax warmer and just tell her I want you to feel like this is your home too so anything you want to add to it I’m all for it :) go job on being a unicorn in the boyfriend catagory

  52. Beyond the garbage can in the bathroom and basics like a bed and enough space for her things, any suggestions are going to vary too much from person to person to be much use.

  53. When I moved in with my bf he made sure to ask me what laundry soaps to use, dk why but that meant a lot, it’s the little things! Good luck!!

  54. Just remember youll have a woman living with you and dont freak out over her altering the decor. It wont look like a bachelors pad in a few monthd, and thats ok!

  55. Depending on the climate you live in.... Lots of throw blankets. Also buy a bunch of couch pillows. Get as many as you think you need and then get two more. They should range in size, think 3 different sizes minimum.

  56. To make it more we like an extra spot to put her keys, jackets, and her purse near the door? If you have tall cabinets and she’s significantly shorter than you a step stool so she can reach stuff? If she has her own towels great, but if not a set for hair, body, and face!

  57. Bedside table with drawer. Preferably a plug point next to it. Dressing table in the bedroom or at least a full length mirror with a drawer next to it. And the mirror should have light falling on it not away from it.

  58. i saw you said you’re from the UK, i’d say maybe check out homesense (/tkmaxx), b&m and wilko have cheap and cheerful things too!

  59. The cutest thing my ex did when I moved in was "I think this place need some changes" so we moved furnitures around, reorginized things so my stuff fits and got rid of unnecessary things he cumulated for years. Got some new stuff too.

  60. Why not leave some empty spots or spaces that y’all can decorate together? Rather than just give her what you think she needs, allow her the opportunity to make it her own.

  61. I just wanna say congrats on this next step in your relationship! I wish you all the luck, it’s very sweet to think of all of this in the first place. I very much agree with the comments saying that you should pick things out together- I’m (24f) in a unique situation where i inherited my late fathers house after his unexpected death when i was 19, and i now share it with my boyfriend of 5 years and we plan on this being our forever home. Since it was full of things from my past/childhood and of course, a ton of my dads things, some of my favorite memories over the last few years have been picking out things together for only us in mind. The littlest things make me feel so full, like getting our own paper towel holder and potholders and just dumb little things you don’t think about until you look around one day and realize “oh shit.. this is our place with our things and how cool is it that i remember buying this random throw pillow that my bf leans on every night when he falls asleep on the couch??” Just enjoy every moment and don’t take those little things for granted, that’s the shit that makes the world go round. And on a more practical note: since everyone is buying up baskets these days they tend to be overpriced imo so check your local goodwill/secondhand stores any chance you get for baskets. You’ll find real cool ones for super cheap and i promise you will always be able to find a use for them. Sorry this was so long as my adderall quite literally JUST kicked in for the day anywho happy Thursday !!

  62. Next time you are at her place make a note of her usual skin care routine. Buy the same products and have a separate drawer or basket for her stuff in the bathroom.

  63. This is so cute! A bin in the bathroom with a lid, blankets on your couch, snacks, and permission to make it her own (if you can provide that). I would imagine she'll make it homey for herself in her own preferred way better than you can guess at it. Congratulations on moving in together! She's a lucky lady to find someone so caring.

  64. Honestly, as a person that bleeds every month, I’d just say to ‘by chance’ buy some extra period products every once in a while. Like you went grocery shopping and just ‘happen’ to walk past that isle and figured you’d grab some.

  65. Hand soap at all the sinks in the house. I know a lot of bachelors that skip this and use what ever is nearby like body wash or dish liquid 😂 also little towels for her to use for her face. Bath towels are not a substitute for face towels for most girls!

  66. Another addition to the other great suggestions and perhaps an aside: get her some new PJs and some bed socks. I did this for my ex and she was extremely grateful! :) that made her feel right at home

  67. Help her move in, unpack and have delivery the first night. Ask her what she would like to get to make the place more of a home.

  68. Pillows on the bed, every guy ive ever dated only ever has 2 flat as pancakes pillows on a double bed, it's always the 1st thing I've bought when in a relationship.

  69. Snacks! Get some of her favorite snacks and drinks and put them in the cupboards and fridge so she feels at home.

  70. Grab a few nice toiletries which she normally uses & make a small basket of them for her. Also, ask her if there’s anything she would like, then she’ll feel that you’re thinking of her wishes too Good luck 🤞

  71. Maybe plan to redecorate together immediately after she moves in? When I move to a new place I really want to decorate it so it feels more like my home

  72. Get like smell good stuff to make the house smell good candles waxes sprays. Make her her own little spot in y’all’s room for her makeup and stuff where she can get ready and be her own spot. Maybe a little set up in the bathroom for her feminine stuff. We appreciate all these things good luck

  73. Get her a fuzzy blanket. Maybe a robe, new towels, and a bath mat. Offer to let her pick something out for the place like a rug or a mirror or some kind of furniture piece that she likes.

  74. Maybe take her out shopping tell her that you will by the house things she needs ( garbage bin nice toilet paper) and whatever else she would like

  75. Just remember it's now a shared space now so ask her if there any anything she would like to do decoration wise to add some of her personality to the home.

  76. For sneaky: get her bath bomb. They love that shit.For real though, ask her what she needs and get that.

  77. Not assuming anything about you, but from my past experience, a few things that were generally missing: a 2nd bedside table, bonus points for her own lamp or an extra charger (for overnights, if she's living there, im sure she'll have that covered) a clean place to hang her coat; some empty counter space for doing things like working on a computer, preparing food, and putting down an armload of groceries or a purse... or other doing things ;) Just little spots here and there to put things. every lady is different. Some have more cooking spices, some have more makeup, you'll know best. I distinctly remember the sinking feeling when i had to borrow a stool from the dining room repeatedly to have my bag somewhere other than the floor bc all the surfaces had enough stuff on them where i didnt want to move his things over. But i feel strongly about respecting my partner's space and things, so for me, i would have felt more at ease with a few empty areas that i could use without any bother or question about where i should put my basics.

  78. My ex used to always make sure my favorite snacks were at his place for when we would hang out there. Buy her some of her favorites.

  79. If I were her I would really like it if we maybe decorated a little together to make it more us and less yours and your roomie. Nothing crazy. See if she wants to move around furniture, get a few pictures, stuff like that. You're a nice guy I wish you well.

  80. Disposable shower caps, woman like that. Big mirror in case you don't have one. Side table next to the bed just for her with extra outlet for her telephone charger and a little reading light in case you want to sleep and she doesn't. My wife like tea so I always have a selection of different flavors in stock (and chocolates).

  81. Maybe a coupley thing would be sweet? Like matching his/hers gowns or something along those lines. Sort of to celebrate you both living together.

  82. A top sheet ! / change of sheets & a few extra fluffy towels. Maybe it’s just been my experience, but the guys I’ve lived with and/or dated seemed to not change their towels and sheets as much as Id like, and also didn’t use a top sheet or have a mattress protector

  83. Fleece throw blankets for the couch! Men always set the thermostat took cold. These will make her cozy

  84. Make sure the bathroom is clean. Buy a few extra bath towels, hand towels, kitchen linens, & nice smelling candles. Buy an easy to care for plant.

  85. Maybe get a shower caddy or something that can hold 3 different shampoos, 5 conditioners, face wash, exfoliate scrubber and a some bag for their hair when they don't want to wash it, good luck!

  86. Just let her know where she can put the things she is bringing. Blankets, chargers, dishes, toiletries etc. Also if there is not a shoe rack maybe grab that and her favorite candle or lotion? Definitely make sure there's a heating pad and otherwise let the lady do what she needs to feel at home.

  87. I would say wait for her to move in and let her know that she's welcome to add some things to make the space feel like home. Let her choose the things she wants instead of guessing.

  88. Blankets! Soft, comfy ones big enough to snuggle under and a stash of popcorn and chocolate or her favorite candy.

  89. I’d say take her with you to a store and let her pick some things out! I myself would love to be a let to help someone decorate their house and have input

  90. I love the idea of flowers or a cool house plant (my adult daughter loves monsteras). Something to make the house smell good, fresh and clean.

  91. Soft and warm blankets are always good! Her favourite teas or hot chocolate or coffee etc. Maybe a draw for her in the bath for all her toiletries? Make sure you have a bin in the bathroom!

  92. you sound like a based bf maybe have a little present wrapped and ready for her for move in day. Weather that's something decorative or just something she would like in general. best of luck!

  93. Literally anything. Anything that shows you went to some effort to make sure she felt welcome. I personally like the ideas of comfort - a soft blanket, bathrobe, fresh sheets/towels, a new pillow or stuffed animal (cuddly toy) if she's that kind of woman. And places to put her things. Then make sure it's not totally disgusting and you should be good!

  94. My suggestion is to establish a cleaning/responsibility schedule from the beginning that shows her you are not going to shoulder her with being the housemaid and all the housework. Then follow through and do your half of the work.

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