Betrayed by partner, daughter and housemate and don’t know what to do

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  2. So a small update. I woke my partner to talk which he was all for. I asked him if he loved me and wanted a future with me which he said he did. I said well I know some things and said about the sneaking and lying last night which he said happened. And I said well for our future things need to change. He said ok, like what. I said your mate needs to go. I don’t want him living with us. He told me to stop and rolled over to try and go back to sleep. I said I was calm And wanted to discuss and he said again to stop. So I’m currently packing my car and will be leaving within the hour.

  3. Good for you!!! It will either call his bluff, he will prioritize you, or you wont have to waste another SECOND being treated that way. You can do better. He can do better. If he doesn't want to, his loss. They can live in filth and go bar hopping and eat greasy fast food.

  4. Good for you!! This internet stranger is rooting for you to take care of yourself and reminding you that you deserve better. Your partner just showed you AGAIN that he really doesn’t care about your well-being. Bravo for taking a stand and leaving!

  5. And please don't go back to him! Even if he begs and cries because he already chose and thought you will shut up and stick around like you usually do. YOU DESERVE BETTER AND WILL FIND BETTER! Also ur daughter made her bed and chose her side leave her with her dad let her enjoy the remaining fun until he starts asking her to do ur chores then maybe she'll realise what an ah she was

  6. Good for you! Make sure you get your name taken off the lease and stop all payments! Not a single cent more is going to be wasted on those ingrates! The moochers can get jobs, if they want to keep the place. And I would actually block them all on my phone, even the daughter, at least for a while, until the pain from the betrayal has gotten less. She is 18 and can fend for herself for a while.

  7. Yes they aren’t setting a good environment for your daughter too if they are helping her sneak out. They’re not her friends… they’re supposed to me parental figures or mentors. Their relationship was pretty inappropriate with her. I really hope none of them thought of her sexually.

  8. Please give us a update later when you’re all settled at where you’re going. And also GOOD JOB!! it’s great that you’re leaving they are basically just using you as a maid and it needs to stop. Just a little warning they’ll be begging for you to come back when the house is a mess and you’re not there to clean it. If they do try to get you to come back tell your partner that his friend needs to leave and that him and y’all’s daughter need to start helping around the house. And that they need to stop lying to you.

  9. Wow. I wonder how else he was gaslighting you that you weren't realizing. It's a pretty common practice for emotional abusers to make commands like that, usually after they've established some understanding that their prey (you) needs to be instructed in some way.

  10. He doesn't love you. He loves the fact that you can make his and his mate's life easy. He loves that he's married to someone he can use as a maid so that he can do whatever he wants without a care or any grown up/parenting responsibilities. Good on you for leaving!

  11. Good for you! Hope they see how things fall apart without you! Authority and order is always boring but necessary. They are not 14 anymore!

  12. Take you daughter with you! I have a bad feeling that they are grooming her. They are turning her against you so if she realizes what’s happening or shit get bad she won’t have anyone to turn too

  13. I am SO proud of you. They are taking advantage of you and you deserve so much better. You deserve someone who treats you like an equal. I can’t believe you’re both working full time and the other two don’t even work but expect you to do EVERYTHING and then have the gall to complain about you.

  14. Good for you, stay strong! They were definitely taking advantage of you. I can’t believe they actually did that behind your back…just so mean. Good luck and Please keep us updated!

  15. Good for you. Let them live in a pig sty, worry about their own laundry and food. You won’t believe the relief you will feel when you only have to clean up after yourself

  16. Way to go! It’s definitely time you prioritize yourself and do what’s best for your mental health and happiness.. it’s important to set boundaries and to hold people to them. Stay safe, don’t go back, go on and be happy!!

  17. You are making the right choice. I hope your daughter smartens up and reconnects with you but at the end of the day all three of them are adults and you don't deserve to be a live-in mother to them all. Get out and celebrate yourself for awhile.

  18. I'm proud of you! They just used you. They didn't have any respect. And you treat someone you love like this. I wouldn't be surprised if he has an affair with his mate.

  19. Make sure to take as much as you can like if you bought a tv take it, you bought the pans take them, hell if you bought the wifi router take that too

  20. Im so proud of you for leaving!! Don’t ever look ba k on them and for your own sanity dont let them disrespect you. Turn your phone on, watch your fav netflix shows and have some private time of your own

  21. Good you deserve better that this! You ex, his friend and your daughter deserve each other. These ungrateful assholes are adults they can figure things out on their own.

  22. Good for you. Let your partner see how fun your daughter and his friend are when he's the only one working and keeping up the house. Dont come back no matter what.

  23. I’m so glad to hear this. Make sure you stay gone though. He’s probably going to try and convince you to return.

  24. Just leave. They don't deserve a second chance. They don't respect you. You are not their maid. You deserve better.

  25. What’s going on with the dynamics? I’m trying to understand why you seem so powerless. Are you living in your partners house? Why don’t you get to have a say in who lives there? Why do your partner and daughter ignore your requests for help? Why are you cooking and cleaning for them? Start just cooking for yourself, don’t say anything to them. Just go on strike. Don’t shop, cook or clean for them anymore. They’re all behaving like teenagers. Quite honestly I’d be looking for a new one bedroom place to rent and leaving all three of them to live in their own filth.

  26. My partner works 12.5 hour shifts with an hour travel each way. 99% of the time we have a great relationship, it just seems to be the other two spending more and more time with him influencing him and he doesn’t see it! And yes it is his house. My daughter and I moved in with him to start with. 3 months later the mate turned up and has never left!

  27. The sneaking around and going to the pub together too! It's so weird. A 40 year old shouldn't be drinking with a teenager. To me this seems more than platonic.

  28. That’s a miserable situation. Cooking, cleaning, for your family shouldn’t fall solely on you… but doing it all on your own PLUS your partners friend? That’s insane. You definitely need to talk to him, and if nothing changes remove yourself from the situation and let them fend for themselves. You should not feel the way you do. They are taking advantage for sure especially the unemployed friend.

  29. I think it's time to leave. You have three dependents instead of one. Not a single one of them appreciate what you do for them.

  30. I would be concerned about your daughter and bf sneaking around behind your back and going out drinking together, I hate to say it but that does not seem right at all.

  31. I just read your update. your bf seems to want you back.‘I don’t know if you are still tempted since they betrayed you but if you go put up what you want from now on.‘Stop the cleaning etc… by yourself and make everyone participate. You’re not their maid any more.

  32. She has just started a new job which is hopefully increasing hours. We are currently working out a roster now for the remaining 3 of us. He is asking each issue one by one and we are talking them through

  33. This is absolutely disgusting behavior. I don't know how much you love your partner and daughter, but they certainly don't treat you like they have even the slightest ounce of compassion for you, let alone love.

  34. Putting aside money is key. Put it in a savings account at the bank don’t leave it at home. Buy only your own groceries wash only your own things.

  35. I’m going to say this, and you can take it or leave it. First off, the very FIRST thing that came to mind when I read about your daughter not giving you and your partner time alone, was that she has developed a crush herself on him. That feeling deepened even further when I read about her disrespecting you, yet having her own time with him. He may or may not realize it, but I would suspect he does, as that’s not something men generally miss. She could also have been groomed. Yes I’ve read your updates and regardless of what she has personally been through or her twin, grooming is generally done by a very skilled manipulative person. Most people, especially children, but also adults who have been groomed, don’t even realize it’s happening. People around them don’t always see it, especially those closest to them.

  36. I really do appreciate what you have said. I do watch very closely and my mind is never closed to anything. In todays world as a single mother of girls most of their lives I have always had a watchful eye on these types of things. The sexual assault of my other daughter was actually a boy they went to school with and happened in our home. That is something that I will never forgive myself for. So I’m extra vigilant about males of any age near my girls. But there is that line of she is an adult now and I am not always there and I don’t want to be so I can only watch what I can. It’s so bloody hard to describe things on here im finding. The conversations I have had today with my partner are probably the most in depth serious conversations I have ever had with him. I think he realises im serious. He did make the comment ‘you even took the Thermomix and the dog’ funny how those two things are his indication im serious. We have never really had any big arguments til now. It’s more just one of us being a little upset with the other over something. I also believe his mother, my ex husband and our neighbour who all got wind that I left have had a fair bit to say. Our neighbour called and said I told him he is a bloody idiot and he should be worshipping the ground you walk on and a few choice words about me doing all the domestic stuff. As I said been down the road of DV before and actually work in conjunction with DV so I know the cycle well. I’ve agreed to reevaluate every few days til we work through everything. What’s also funny is he actually bought up a few little things I mentioned doing to the house ages ago as I have been working on making at a home and ours. When I first mentioned he said he was really not keen. Today he bought them up and said that apart from big empty gaps where my things were everything was basically the same and he was like so I now get why you wanted to do these things. It’s shouldn’t feel the same if one of us leaves it should have a big huge missing whole because it’s ours not just mine! I was pretty happy that he finally seemed to take the time and see things from both sides. As for my daughter. I have had a chat. I’ve set some boundaries and conditions. She sticks to those or else she is out. That I will work on a relationship with her but it is going to take time. I’m feeling ok. So I guess time will tell!

  37. First stop cleaning, laundering, and cooking after them. They are grown so time to stop mothering them. Yes, get your own place or live somewhere where you don’t have to clean behind people. They are in party mode and you are in adult mode. No need to date someone that wants to hang out and act like your 18 year old daughter.

  38. Ok update!! The mate is currently in the process of moving to his mothers! Apparently partner had a chat after I left and they decided it’s best he go! Partner and I are messaging and hoping to meet up in the next hour. Daughter has been asleep so yet to decide there but waiting to discuss with partner!

  39. Are you positive none of them view her sexually? For them to help her sneak out is not a parental or entropy relationship. They’re double her age.. they’re not her friends and need to help guide her not help her deceive her mother

  40. I have a very strong feeling your daughter and partner are more then just friendly with each other. I bet there is something more going on there.

  41. Do you honestly think they're going to change just because you left for a couple of hours? Are you just going to go running back because he did this one thing for you? Frankly speaking they've treat you like crap for what I'm imagining is a very very long time now. This includes hanging out without you purposely excluding to you lying about it and purposefully arranging excursions and lies and excuses to get out of spending time with you so the three of them can spend time with each other. And you're just happily going to go and meet up with him and reconcile because he managed to kick his friend out and his friend is eventually going to move in with his mom or something? Come on man. Let him live in his own filth for several weeks. Make him prove something other than kicking his friend out and then spending the next week's months or years complaining about how you force him to throw his best friend out or whatever. Not even to mention the horrific treatment your daughter is given to you. Why the crap are you just letting her get away with that?

  42. I personally wouldn't go back until I see him/hear about him actually keeping the house livable and clean and cooking and fixing things after dinner. And even then I'd wait just to see if he can keep it up or if it's just a phase to try and get me to come back before he drops it all.

  43. You slowly start taking your stuff out after you secure a place. Make a huge meal while they are out and use every dish, pot, and pan. Then leave, but take the food with you, as well as every light bulb and toilet paper roll. I’m petty so I would also hide a food item in their room so it rots. You are better off alone, once your parter has to maintain 3 mouths by himself he might change his tune. Cut off your daughter, she is clingy when it’s convenient for her.

  44. Wouldn’t surprise me if daughter is after your bf. Please update us. Stay safe. Proud of you. Make sure your daughter knows you read her post calling you a bitch.

  45. I have the same feeling. This whole situation is vey creepy but somehow OP is VERY confident that that mate is just a big brother and that her partner didn’t groom her daughter. It’s very creepy.

  46. Get them men away from you and your daughter ASAP . No real men in they right mind will ever do such a thing . They living like kids . Shit is not cool at alll. Your daughter is young, confused on her role and naive at this time as well. However I am rooting for you that you will make the right decisions and choices on this matter .!!!

  47. Wow I would be so hurt reading those messages. The effort they went through to go out without you, and then to lie. And the fact that everyone is just okay with lying to you? I respect your decision to leave cause I would’ve left all of them.

  48. So for all those saying get the males aware from your daughter. Majority of them have wives and either look at her like a daughter or little sister. I have actually had a child raped and trust me I am very strict and mindful about who is around my children. Also this daughter having witnessed what we went through with her twin is also very aware and by no means naive. On a rare occasion I have gone and picked her up from somewhere or someone has come here who she has had an off feeling or made an inappropriate comment to her and she has straight up spoken to myself or my partner and they have never been back. She is very aware. The house mate is moving this afternoon/tomorrow. He is one big problem gone. My partner and I have spoken at length this morning about my daughter and what has gone on. I understand what he was saying, her real father is narcissistic and been in and out if her life, we was trying to be a father, spending time with her, taking interest etc. he hadn’t stopped to think about how myself or others may see it. He has apologised. Oh and not sure if I write it incorrectly they did not encourage her to sneak out and lie to me, she is 18 and free to come and go. She was already out with my partner, she encouraged the housemate to sneak out and join them so they ‘didn’t have to put up with me’ she doesn’t drink but they have a couple of beers, a play on the pokies or bet on the horses. She actually works in bars and just started a new job at a local pub. My partner and I work long hours and he is shift work. My work has been at home due to COVID so I have had the luxury of extra time to do things. I’m staying at my friends for now but he has asked if he could come back later and pick me up and take me out to dinner. I don’t remember the last time we did this and he said it would give us more of an opportunity to talk. Let’s see how the afternoon goes!

  49. Just don’t move back in with him until you actually SEE the changes he promises you. He also owes you a huge apology for lying and being a jerk.

  50. I know you want to think the best of everyone, but maybe try to see if the changes become reality first or not. They might just started lying to you more. Sweet words could mean nothing if they don’t respect you, and so far it doesn’t seem like they respect you. Taking you to dinner once doesn’t mean anything if they end up doing the same things they were doing before. Stop trying to make excuses for them. They need to see the consequences of their actions.

  51. Your partner doesn’t respect you. Your daughter is old enough to know better. Stop cooking for them. And wtf are you doing anyone’s laundry but your own??!!

  52. The laundry comment really got me. My wife and I do our laundry together as a team. Our kids have been doing their own laundry since they were old enough to reach the controls. It baffles me why some parents don’t teach their children life skills. Our kids do the dishes, take out the trash, clean their bathroom, and vacuum. We try to have them take turns weekly picking ingredients and making a meal - we’re just not good at this one yet. They also have bank accounts and the oldest has his own investment portfolio which we manage together together. It only has a few thousand dollars, but that’s a lot more than I had at 19, and only $100 of that came from me.

  53. OP, listen up. First your daughter. She is not clingy. She doesn't have anxiety. She's interfering in your relationship and is happily throwing you under the bus in the process. Realize that first.

  54. This seems pretty over-the top and fake, but for the love of all that is good, duh-itch this creep that has no boundaries or appreciation for you.

  55. So how long are you going to keep letting them take advantage of you you've been cooking and cleaning and doing laundry and you have a full-time job are you freaking kidding me they do that because you let them get away with it

  56. Are you sure there is nothing going on? Im pretty sure something going on keep your eyes open. Buy some cameras and place around your house. I really hope its nothing but it really sounds like something

  57. Honestly you sound like you need a break. Would it be possible for you to take a 2 week holiday or longer if needed? The only way they will learn to to clean up after themselves is to do it themselves. Let them rot while you go and relax. The fact they are talking crap about you is something that needs to be talked out. Explain exactly why and how you feel and if they still don't want to help and support you then you might seriously have to leave for your own mental health. Living alone might be best for you rn.

  58. The amount of people leaving comments like "just leave" as if that's not silly, unrealistic advice. You have the most direct influence over your daughter since you're the parent, require her to do the dishes once a week, and do her own laundry. Do whatever you have to do for this to happen, be the bad guy for a little while it's okay. Do this in concert with your partner, don't let him let her get away with doing nothing. Give him the responsibility of cleaning up the table after y'all are done eating since you cook, expect reciprocity. As for the fucking leech, I've never been in that situation but I do empathize. The best thing to do is take a hard stance that you won't do a certain chore, and then don't do it. I have a little OCD as well especially about dishes so I understand that it's difficult, but this is how progress is made. Good luck!

  59. You need to leave. I don't know what to do nor want to give you bad advice regarding your daughter but your "partner" and his friend can fend for themselves. Absolutely gross for them to undermine you like this. Your daughter is an adult but be easy on her as there are grown adults influencing her.

  60. Just leave they dont appreciate what you do so stop doing it and go out with friends and have fun, leave them to fend for themselves they are all adults.

  61. Eat out and let them get their own food. Find a one bedroom apartment and move. Your daughter is sn adult, she can get a job.

  62. You might have OCD but dishes in the same for 2 days is going to get a lot of people, doesn't relate to OCD to need to take care of them

  63. If your THIRTY-NINE YEAR OLD partner is behaving like this still, just leave. This is who he is. Irresponsible, dismissive of your feelings, lazy, not willing to stand up for you to his friends, and on top of that a liar.

  64. What a horrible situation to be in as a young teenagers...oh wait, you all are not young teenagers. You are ADULTS. What a horrible situation. Leave and don't look back

  65. I would suggest you set up a vacation, solo. take your important stuff. Make a really nice size meal that uses the most dishes. Leave without cleaning them. but i am petty...

  66. While I’m happy to read the update— you did the right thing to leave!! — I’m concerned about your daughter. Is your partner the father of your daughter? How long has he known your daughter? Just feels really fishy and reeks of possible grooming and it’s very suspicious. Your daughter “has anxiety” and doesn’t want you alone with your partner and is in on treating you like garbage and calling you names AND hangs out with your partner alone, while you have to fight for time alone. Yeah.. something isn’t right.

  67. Ditch all of them, including your daughter. They sound like lazy, pathetic slobs and will likely be begging you to come back and take care of them. Don't do it, though. You need to give them the space from you they apparently crave, and you need some time to start living for yourself! Put yourself first for once!

  68. Take pictures of the texts and save them somewhere safe. If you can find any other similar conversations, save them, too. Then get your ducks lined up--contact a divorce lawyer, get an apartment or arrange to move in with friends/family, set a move date, you know the drill. Then leave.

  69. Make sure you take with you: birth certificate, passport, auto registration, cell phone charger, and all prescription medications, all your jewelry and valuables and your checkbook

  70. Still giving them a second chance would be mad stupid . You exactly know what's going on , and you know exactly what will happen when you give them a second chance . This never stops . So better leave .

  71. I don't really get it...why do you have to cock , clean and wash all they long ? Start to go to the pup and to the gym.Get out with a few friends and make sure that they are not invited . What happens if you get out right after they have left to go to the pub ?

  72. Besides the fact that either directly or indirectly you are supporting this leech, your BF is a spineless twit! You are being disrespected in so many ways it isn’t funny. And it seems your partner is also a looser…..even your daughter if she is going along with this!

  73. They won't stop until you do. What's stopping you? just stop. Go away and leave them to their own devices. You deserve better.

  74. Op it seems that everyone of them is loyal to everyone else except you. They do not respect you and only treat you as a servant.

  75. Leave them all behind and find yourself some peace, and better partner. Daughter is an adult, she needs to get a job and off her ass and off you partner. Sounds like it's heading to a tryst if not aready happening. You shouldn't have to do everything for 2 leeches and an enabler who bad mouths you behind your back.

  76. Leave (or kick them out if you can). They've used you and have literally zero respect for you. Get yourself a small place that's easy to keep clean and enjoy your life.

  77. Why doesn't your daughter help you clean? She's not even working full time yet. Usually when it comes to chores you don't ask your kids for help, you tell them to help.

  78. Well... First off this housemate has to go lol... 36 and cant have a own home? Dont like to work or do any finger... Red red flag.

  79. Go on house cleaning strike. Make them take responsibility for their washing, cleaning and meals etc. Everything. I'd also be tempted to leave, if you're in a position to do so. Then they have to take responsibility for themselves

  80. From what you say here this sounds really fucked up....I had a situation when I was young where my parents tried to turn me against each other. I was only around 8 though. Could that be what's happening? I mean, you'd be totally fine to leave but I guess having your daughter there makes the situation more complicated. Maybe it'd remind her to respect you though? Staying in that house sounds like he'll for you. Do you have anywhere you could go for a few days to sort your head out?

  81. Sorry gal your being used. Time to start thinking of you and not them. Next time they go out go around a friend's and do not tell them. Stay as late as possible. Next Sunday go out with a friend for lunch. Just get dressed and go! They deserve as much notice and no explanation like they gave you. After all, all you got when they got back was excuses so dont worry about them.

  82. I would just stop doing everything for everyone else and just take care of yourself for a while. Don’t make dinner for everyone, just yourself, don’t do their laundry, just your own, take time for yourself. It’s going to be a challenge but selfless people get taken advantage of by the selfish and they will never learn until that person leaves

  83. Leave. You're already living as if you're single/a single parent. Might as well reduce the workload to what's actually normal for a person in that potition and have them see what happens when no one cleans up the mess of 3 people on a daily basis.

  84. That is a very strange dynamic forming there between your daughter and your partner and friend, who happen to be 2 much older men. Them going to a club with her? Sorry but does not seem appropriate.

  85. Ask yourself why you are putting up with this? What are you getting out of it? Is this how you really want to live your life? I think you know the answer.

  86. Im sorry but f*** them! Leave and take everything you own if it's your house kick them all out. They dont deserve you especially your partner and his friend you owe them nothing. Ditch your daughter too, for the time being let her stew for awhile. She'll come crawling back to you, sounds like she needs you more than you need her right now.

  87. Leave all of them I’d say. Sounds like your daughter is an ungrateful b1tch. You’re partner is a pushover and the mate is a leech. Leave all of them.

  88. Why would you want to stay with any of them. Whether they’re openly hostile or talk about you behind your back, they very clearly treat you as a doormat. Additionally, they don’t care about your feelings and completely ignore your requests for help. And I don’t care if it’s not sexual with your daughter, he is giving her permission to treat you like shit. You really should leave for your sanity above all else. Let those babies take care of themselves, it’s not your job.

  89. I’m sorry this is happening, but you’re letting it happen. They know that you’ll clean up, so why should they bother. They’re actually sneaking out just to get away from your complaining. You need to stop doing what you’re doing (cooking and cleaning up after them) and expecting them to change. They’re not going to unless you change. If you leave for a while, maybe that will show them you’re serious.

  90. Leave. In secret even. Absolutely, don’t turn back. And see the chaos ensue when their home is rat infested and they’re broke from buying every meal and clubbing. They’re adults and can handle themselves, no guilt.

  91. This is heart breaking and I can see myself completely in this situation. You need to break the cycle and get rid of toxic people including your daughter. If they try to say anything just keep repeating they’ve hurt you, and you don’t deserve to be treated this way. It’s better to be alone than to be these people’s whipping pole.

  92. You don't deserve any of this shit! Just pack your things and leave them without a trace! You deserve a better life and be surrounded with people who would respect you and care about your feelings.

  93. I'm so glad you left. You've been taken advantage of for too long and you don't have to put up with it.

  94. Well your daughter and boyfriend seem to be dating. May or may not be sexual. But look at their priorities and where they place you in the whole thing.

  95. Know your worth he has sat back and allowed people who you live with to disrespect you to his face! Meaning they’re secure saying it so have obviously said stuff to or with him before this isn’t a one off thing they have zero respect for you!

  96. Not only do they take advantage of you for the cleaning and cooking, but they take you for granted and do things in your back. I really don't understand why your bf is acting this way. What excuse/reason did he give you when you confronted him? I know it's way easier said than done, but the best thing for you would be to stop cooking for them altogether and distance yourselffrom them, prepare yourself to leave this appartement. Because all the things they are doing right now, they're doing it because you let them. And if you don't let them, it's gonna be a problem, so you better just leave. Your bf never really seems to put you first. You said that you were asking your daughter to leave you alone so you can spend time with him, but yet this guy makes time to hang out with your 18 years old daughter. To me it looks like you care about him more then he cares about you and he also seems pretty immature. This can't bring any good in your life.

  97. Just read you left all of them behind. Good for you! Especially your own daughter. I unfortunately have a daughter who was/is disrespectful as well. Lazy, didn't help do anything around the house and her room was a disgusting pigsty. (I allowed her to move back in my home) When confronted, she physically attacked me so I had her arrested. Never spoke to her again (it's been 4 years) It's time your daughter grew up. I hope you never go back to your pos partner either.

  98. This is heartbreaking. It's time for you to leave. To do something just for you. They are grown. Also, I'm sorry in advance for the harshness of what's next: Your daughter is an ungrateful, entitled, cruel, brat. You bust your a** to keep things clean and organized. Yet there are 4 grown a** people living there - including you. But you're the only one that does the cooking, cleaning, laundry, etc...for all FOUR of you.... That's not okay. You don't deserve that. You're partner is also pretty sh*tty because instead of supporting you and helping you to maintain the home AND get his mooch of a 'friend' to get off his a**; he is joining in with them on this horrible behavior. Your partner's mooch 'friend' is exactly that; a lazy mooch. They only way that will stop is if your partner stops it. But clearly that won't happen.

  99. This is going to sound harsh, but I don't mean it that way. You've put yourself in a role that no one asked of you. I do it too. The drive I have to suceed and excel at work is the same drive to maintain my home. And I get pissed when I'm stuck doing everything: cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping, meal planning, pet care, doctor's appointments, managing the bills, etc. You aren't fun, because you have 2 full time jobs.

  100. Your child is not safe around those men. You've been a single parent forever, and now moved your teen daughter in with men who are sneaking her around? Talking shit about you behind your back? This is textbook grooming behavior. This is not normal interactions between a child and their parent's partner. He is creating sides- and you aren't on theirs.

  101. Do you have the financial ability to leave? You could take on an extra job with the time and work they are costing you. And you would probably be more appreciated. Or at least paid. And be free and independent of this horrible behavior.

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