Atheist criticism makes no sense.

  1. They're simply not comprehending that their immediate experience could be wrong. The psychological tendency to see patterns where there are none is the answer to almost every one of these, but they can't accept that not everything is like it seems.

  2. The problem with how to separate how something seems from how something really is is perhaps what it means to do philosophy. OP is really into something, but because they're unable to take their own questions seriously they're unable to engage with philosophy, or even faith.

  3. I mean isn't that literally the point of the initial post? I mean it literally ends with saying "I don't have enough faith". Likes yes, that's literally the point

  4. Ignorant and stupid people think they are informed and intelligent, too. IIRC there's a name for that...

  5. Don't forget the Christians branded anyone who said the Earth revolves around the sun a heretic. And often killed, tortured, or burned people alive for stating scientific claims or observations contrary to what the Church said.

  6. Can anyone expand on the time thing? I’ve heard about a few concepts like this, but I’d like to read about basically anything related to that

  7. Or a platypus! Apparently, when it was first discovered a lot of scientists thought it was a hoax. God must have been high af when he designed it...

  8. Especially the vagus nerve. In the giraffe it goes all the way down the neck to the heart then right back up!

  9. Not to mention one of the nerves coming down its neck only to come back up to its head for no reason that any designer could ever justify.

  10. "christianity started science" So F* you Aristotle and other ancient Greeks (and Ancient Scientists from China, India, Egypt etc) - you're all irrelevant.

  11. That one baffles me too. There must be a First Mover, except for the First Mover, which has always been there? That's circular logic.

  12. The apologists say that God didn't begin to exist, He just always exists. All that exists in time begins to exist, but he is beyond time. It's their sneaky workaround.

  13. And then the pope said “Thanks Galileo!” and the mega church pastor said “RNA vaccines are a break through that will save millions!”

  14. The actual "start of science" might have been closer to a homo erectus banging two rocks together and discovering they could make a sharper rock. And yes, that hominid would be considered dumb by today's standards. Because our standards have improved.

  15. To be fair, it takes much more faith to stop believing in a religion you were born into than it takes to keep believing in it.

  16. Not even close. In fact, I'd argue that the probing that crows do to solve and/or cheat at enrichment puzzles is proto-science, suggesting it probably isn't unique to humans at all.

  17. “Christianity started science” Christianity quite literally tried to kill anyone who didn’t believe the methods of Galen and Hypocrites. Why is he bleeding? Don’t know but let’s take more blood out, just to be safe

  18. I really don’t understand the DNA one at all. If anything “DNA doesn’t look like it contains info but it does” is more accurate? I can’t fathom what they’re trying to get at.

  19. > DNA does not contain information, information is the product of a mind only. Technically a disc doesn't even contain any information, it contains elements aligned in a way which we can use to store information then read as information. Information is not a natural phenomenon.

  20. Ha, atheists can look back 13.77 billion years into the past, but not 13.80 billion years, therefore there is a gap where I can squeeze my God into and therefore be right! I'm doing a science!

  21. None of this has anything to do with atheism. But I understand why christiand have to indulge in such gross strawmanning and dishonesty. They are bound to be christlike like this.

  22. "God did it" - The battlecry of the uninquisitive drone who is told what to believe by a magic book that was written, in some parts, thousands of years after the alleged events happened, and has been interpreted so many times through so many versions, rehashes and languages that it has lost all meaning entirely. But of course, it's the only reliable source of information in the world.

  23. Literally not one thing on there is true, at all. And some go directly against the reality, like saying Christianity started science. That is the exact reverse of the truth. We would have had modern science 100's of years earlier if it wasn't for Christianity holding it back. And we'd also be at least 500 to as much as 1000 years more advanced if not for them holding us back as well. But just like you have to lie to flerf, you have to lie to be a religious literalist.

  24. None of that is sensical in any fashion. I have no idea what is being asserted in any of those vague sentences.

  25. Science, on the other hand - more specifically, seismology and plate tectonics - can move mountains (or at least correctly explain how they move).

  26. Disclaimer: The following response to this list contains quite a lot of my opinion and personal ideas. I don’t mean to come off as preachy as that’s something I really don’t like but if I do then I’m sorry in advance. You don’t have to read this if you don’t want to, I just wanted to rant for a bit.

  27. Old arguments, refuted time and time again but, as the “rational” side, we’re going to ignore this and continue to repeat the same bad faith talking points in the hopes of indoctrinating more people into our cult.

  28. Do any atheists believe we have no free will because there's no god? Like I know there's some weirdos out there who think we don't have any for some reason but that's not BECAUSE of atheism

  29. Morality can only come from a book that is chock full of genocide, incest, slavery, rape, and god commanding the mass murder of men, women, and children, to include instructions directly from god to dash infants on the rocks and to tear fetuses from the wombs of pregnant women. (Hosea 13:16).

  30. how are they gonna say everything that begins has a cause but say we don't have an ultimate purpose

  31. Life doesn't look designed. Every species except for really simple and old ones like cockroaches looks like it's in a transition, judging by its bone structure and organs, or even how it lives. Look at pandas: their digestive system is developed from a carnivorous one, but they developed in a way that allowed them to eat bamboo, because barely any other animals eat bamboo so they wouldn't have to compete with other herbivores. However, their digestive system is absolute shit at gaining any calories from bamboo, so they have to eat a fuckton of bamboo every day just to survive, and they're in a constant state of energy-saving. How does this look designed? Life couldn't get any more chaotic and random. Humans are partially even worse, with our bodies not being fast enough to adapt to how our societies develop, so we get sick and die from fucking cancer or diebetes. How does this look designed to people?

  32. If you are part of the non superstitious minority, you know that everything has a perfectly natural explanation. The innately superstitious majority still believe that magic was somehow involved just as their primitive pagan ancestors have done for tens of thousands of generations.

  33. I'm pretty sure most historic geniuses weren't even Christian, most of em were Islam, Roman, Indian or Greek actually. Some even gay, but name one revolutionary die-hard Christian that did something good. Can't, because die-hard Christians cling to the past, and evade progression

  34. Wow that’s a lot of stupid in one post. This person clearly has a fundamental misunderstanding of what it means to be an atheist. If Christians would stop listening to their Christians about what atheism is and actually talk to an atheist they might understand it. I’m not gonna hold my breath though

  35. Honestly, the Universe created itself seems more believable. But otherwise it would be deism. So organised religions still lose lol.

  36. When I pretend everything looks like it is explained by my magical sky fairy atheists look irrational when they point out these are all arguments from ignorance with no supporting evidence…

  37. what does “DNA looks like it contains information, but it’s not information” mean?

  38. Free-will has nothing to do with being an atheist. It's possible to believe that there is no free-will because a god is controlling everything and whatever happens to a person is a part of their destiny given by a god.

  39. If no one has free will, doesn't that means god is making people be atheists? & god is making adults rape children? & god makes people be murderers & bullies & animal abusers?

  40. The difference between your rationality and my rationality is you're literally betting it all on one horse, meanwhile I don't even go to the race track

  41. I mean, there's logical and valid arguments against every one of these that DONT involve deliberately missing the point.

  42. Life is an endless game of equilibrium, there isn’t design that exists outside of that fact in the natural world. When life is designed, we get fruit trees that tear in half under the weight of their fruit and dogs that need to be cut open to reproduce.

  43. Life doesn't looks like it is designed. We create things by designing them and we are compelled to think as "then everything should be designed.". If you want to see it like it is designed then you try to find proofs that it is designed, not scientific proofs to satisfy smartest among us or our "rationality system" or "scientific method" which we owe everything to, but just yourself. Therefore it is seeming like there is no disproof that life isn't designed.

  44. Science education and the development of strong, critical thinking skills are so very, very important. Proof is clear as day when these "Only belief in a sky-daddy can give a person morals and values!" snake-oil buying morons attempt logic.

  45. Basically everything here is just wrong. None of the things they say it looks like are actually what it looks like. If life looks designed, then fuck, the designer was having a bit of an off day. Humans have vestigal organs and are actively hurt by their upright stance. That's bad design.

  46. I cannot even begin to describe just how much I hate associating Christianity with science, and even some dumbass atheists do it. What?!

  47. The last line is really important. It takes more faith to be an atheist than a Christian. How do I know? Because I used to be a Christian and I prayed for God to strengthen and deepen my faith. I kept praying and praying, eventually he answered my prayers and showered his blessing upon me. I had so much faith… but it was too much. The weight of my new God-given faith collapsed the Christian foundation it was built upon. No Bronze Age manuscript would be able to contain my boundless faith. I was left with no choice but to become an atheist.

  48. LMAO objective morality is pretty easy. Even without a god being a conscious being on this planet is a rare thing. So try not to make another's experience on the planet worse as you enrich your own?

  49. Must be hard for a die-hard religious person to fathom. Since they were raised to think they are that special little snowflake. Unique in the world. Handpicked by god to exist. Put especially on the world to spread his glory.

  50. DNA DOES contain information. The message is the DNA, the channel is the sperm/egg, and the reciever is the other sperm/egg, which makes it qualify as information because the sperm/egg will respond differently and form a different zygote based on the DNA that it recieves.

  51. I read the first few lines and was quite confused about how they were objectively oxymoronic and made little sense… then I noticed what subreddit I was looking at and was like “Oh, right. Makes sense now.” Life definitely does not “look designed” as there are imperfections everywhere and DNA certainly contains information. Earth is obviously tuned for life and has been for hundreds of thousands of years… may not be once we are done with it.

  52. Literally then don’t be an atheist. No one is telling you to dude. Some of these people act like there are atheists knocking on their door and preaching their values without anyone asking or wanting them to…

  53. The earth absolutely is finely tuned for life. There is beauty in that fact regardless of your beliefs about a creator or evolution.

  54. “The earth looks finely tuned for life” yeah dumbass, if the conditions for life weren’t there, there wouldn’t be life. They’re looking at it as the infinitesimal chance that this specific rock can contain life, rather than the relatively higher chance that at least 1 rock of trillions of trillions can contain life.

  55. JFC These people have absolutely no fundamental understanding of science and how the universe works. My god the anthropic principle says the universe is designed so that the observer can observe it. But that doesn’t mean some deity created it. Ugh religions and lack of education are a terrible combination

  56. Okay but athiest really be looking as dumb as religious people. You can not be just as sure as them lol.

  57. Yes, Christianity started science between 3000 & 1200 BCE, like well before Christ was a thing. Totally makes sense as to why all the atheists are dumb & don’t understand logic 🙄

  58. I'd have dozens of points against every point on this image. And yet, the first one would always be: this is a strawman.

  59. Most of these don't even look like the case. This isn't even arguing against a strawman, it's arguing against the strawman's shadow.

  60. Holy shit all of this is just straight up wrong. Life definitely does not look designed, no one is denying dna IS information, Christianity did not invent science, nothing is pointing to there being objective morality. I could go on and on.

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