She basically did say that.

  1. Scary rhetoric for someone sitting in Congress to be saying. Every time people mock her, I think it lessens how frightening it is that she is in an elected representative.

  2. Well considering the supreme court is now made up of "constitutional originalists" and the first amendment keeps the US from having a national religion, we should be fine....right?

  3. The scariest part is that this Supreme Court could very likely establish Christianity as the defacto religion of the US.

  4. That’s how I feel every time I’ve read a snarky insult or nickname ever since Roe got shot down. It really just feels like impotent children mocking dangerous religious fascists because deep down we don’t actually know how to stop them.

  5. Yeah, look what laughing at trump got us. Hanlon's razor must have an exception for people in positions of power, because when one wields a gun, stupidity is malice.

  6. She can say it, she can pass it, the POTUS can sign it, and it will be void the very first second for violating the Chief Law of the Land, as written in the 1st Amendment.

  7. Now imagine living in the same town as her and her freak fucking sociopath husband, but it's too expensive to move anywhere else within commuter range for my job.

  8. Even scarier, to me, when thinking about her being the representative from Colorado's 3rd district and not Georgia or Texas. WTF Colorado?

  9. I went to a Christian school for a few years when I was younger, I wasn’t religious, it was just the closest school so I went to it. I was in that school for nearly 5 years, our class went to the church across the street once a week. I cannot recall any times we actually read the bible on our own, it was always the pastor at the church or a teacher picking specific verses. When I got a bit older I read a bit of it and it’s insane how much stuff they just didn’t tell us the bible said. I’m not surprised how many Christians just don’t know the bible says some things, most of them only know what they were taught

  10. a better question is does she know anything? shes really just a mouth with a case of diarrhea that her voters love to smell. unfortunately she doesn't need to know anything to grunt and fling verbal feces.

  11. I would bet good money MTG hasn’t read the Bible fully, though she would get more into it if she read it all

  12. No. There's so much in the bible that I guarantee she does not know what is in there and does not follow it (not to mention the multiple contradictions in the bible, but that's a whole other story)

  13. Took a class on religions of the world in college. All I needed to firmly see it as a farce. More people should try and learn outside their little walls.

  14. It's worth bearing in mind that they don't feel any need to be consistent. They just want to make rules that you can only be this one flavour of Christian, and anyone else should be persecuted. They would quite happily make a law that says "And this only applies to this version of the bible and nothing else" if they were able.

  15. It's alright - the Gnostic interpretation of the bible makes using her own religion against her childs play. This is just one excerpt to make the point, there's dozens more, but for demonstrations sake:

  16. Good grief. I didn't even study for it and I passed it (except for the math portion, but I have dyscalculia so I was always going to fail in that).

  17. I was a mass going Catholic growing up, every Sunday we were up near the front of the church and I knew every word that was said from the alter. As Ireland at the time was very religious everyone went to mass. Nowadays most people here don't go to mass, only two of my group of friends are religious. We don't need someone telling us how to live our lives. Be nice to people and don't force your views on them is my outlook on life.

  18. While the morals of those fairy tales can be quite ‘Grimm’ they’re no where near as evil as the moral lessons of the bible…

  19. did you tell her about the time that the "last righteous man" in Sodom offered his virgin daughters to the rape mob to protect 2 strange men he had never met?

  20. While in Egypt, Oholah, lusted after her lovers, whose genitals were like those of donkeys, describes those emission being like that of a _________.

  21. The best part is the test will have nothing to do with the actual text, but the cultural mythology that she and her followers exist in that has very little to do with the bible. A few words picked out of context surrounded by elitism.

  22. The cool thing about 'literacy tests' is that the whole thing is a setup to give the tester full discretion over whether you pass or fail so they can decide if you should pass or fail...

  23. Right? You could memorize the Bible back to front and Boebert would still find a way to disqualify you. They have no intention of having fair rules.


  25. "The First Amendment contains two clauses that prescribe the government's relationship with religion. In the first instance, the Establishment Clause states that "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion." In the strictest reading, the Establishment Clause proscribes any adoption of an official religion by the federal government. More broadly, the phrase functions as a way of assuring that the federal government will not adopt any stance in favor of or against any religion. However, the Supreme Court has tolerated a certain degree of government involvement in religion. For instance, the Court has allowed government funding to go to private religious schools and prayers to begin certain legislative meetings, as in Town of Greece v. Galloway. In that case, the Court ruled that a town hall meeting that began with prayers, predominantly given by members of different denominations of Christianity, was not a violation of the Establishment Clause, in part because legislative prayers are for the legislators and not for the public.

  26. Right? Which Bible we talking here? The Catholic one that includes the apocrypha? Or the KJV? The ESV?

  27. Ha! I’m descended from colonists who came to the US from England in the 1600’s and an atheist and literally don’t know shit about the Bible. So I guess I need to go back to my country.

  28. It’s not like the test would even be biblically accurate, it would be created from the evangelical interpretation, so the only ones that can pass it would be the ones who have been thoroughly indoctrinated

  29. They'll probably do some biased shit where they'll mark it as "you're an atheist, so it doesn't count" or some shit like that.

  30. Atheist here but grew up son of a pastor lol. I've read the Bible 4 times cover to cover plus all the studying as a youth. I'd pass lol.

  31. You would think solely based on its physical location they would have stumbled upon the 1st amendment at some point in their rush to talk about the 2nd amendment.

  32. As someone from across the pon, even I can see how un-American that concept is. Its quite literally against what the founding father stated their aims to be.

  33. I have no problem people being religious, but these nutters that want a Christian (read: evangelical) Theocracy need piping down.

  34. I wouldn't mind it is it was a test about basic constitutional law.. but then again she too would fail at that as well

  35. They're juuuust smart/sinister enough to know this. The test would be about submission to the parts of the bible that support they're bullshit, not any actual knowledge. Of course they'd be dishonest about it.

  36. Same thing that happened in the Jim Crow South when former slaves could recite the Constitution by heart, but poor whites could barely spell their names. Limited full citizenship for the ingroup, and lynchings for the outgroups

  37. Plenty of Atheists regard the Bible in the same manner as any other classic literature, and have a decent amount of knowledge on the text. If it were taught in classrooms, that doesn't mean anyone has to believe it. It's certainly not something that's bad to study given the cultural, historical, and thematic significance it has held over centuries. I doubt Atheists would fail a Bible literacy test at a rate that's significanrlt higher than Christians if the test is at a high school level or beyond.

  38. How did that asshat get elected?. I pay taxes which pay teachers and I don’t want schools to indoctrinate my children. Not religiously or politically.

  39. Yep, this is exactly right. The vast majority of Christians have never read the bible, while most atheists have. Reading it and knowing what it actually says is exactly why we are atheists. And that is also exactly why the church did all it could, for as long as it could, to make sure the general public wasn't able or allowed to read to bible on their own. They knew exactly what it meant for people to be able to actually read it and compare it to reality and actual history. Nothing good for them.

  40. Which is exactly what will happen. I’ll try and find it, but Pew Research or one of the polling orgs did a thing on knowledge of biblical and world religions. Not surprising, atheists were right at the very top, along with Jews and Mormons. evangelicals and Catholics were much lower on the list.

  41. This isn't about actual literacy, this is just solicitation. She is advocating for her specific religion to be advertised to the youth, paid for by government resources.

  42. “They understand the Bible yet still choose to reject it and follow satan. That makes them worse than non-believers. They are a danger to our society and should be killed or jailed.”

  43. Bible become an American citizen? Just like this post implies, atheists would pass this bs test with flying colors. 90% of these fake christians just let their bibles collect dust.

  44. Oh shit! I still own a study Bible from high school. I'll crack that bitch open again to prove a point for sure. Some mad good horror stories in there iirc

  45. What about freedom of Religion? Non-Christians may not have read the Bible. Have you read the Koran? or the Talmud? or the Torah? or the Bhagavata Purana? or the US Constitution for that matter? What about separation of church and state? Let's face it LB is an idiot.

  46. You assume the written test will be on based actual bible radical progressive socialist jewish jesus and not capitalism jesus.

  47. Didn't it take her several tries to pass the GED? What happens when it takes her several tries to pass a Christian literacy test? Lol

  48. Freedom of religion whaaat? Shes gonna go crazy when she hears about the supposed separation of church and state… oh wait. She already is

  49. As an atheist that has read the Bible cover to cover twice and spoke to many “Christians” this is 100% accurate.

  50. Was going to say I enjoy tormenting uneducated christians but showing them the questionable bits of their myth. I can find the rule about no mixed fibers in Leviticus in seconds. Lots gang bang is a quick one too.

  51. Every denomination would be up in arms too since there's no way to standardize what is a right/wrong answer if there are any questions that are based on interpretation.

  52. Exactly. One of my first questions concerning Christianity was " if only this doctrine is correct, then my friends who go to different churches are bound for hell?"

  53. I’d love to see Christian conservatives take that test. These are the same people that think the seven deadly sins are in the Bible and focus on anything except what Jesus had to say.

  54. The Bible literacy test would be about stiff Christo-fascists believe is in the Bible and not actually about what's in the Bible.

  55. I think the issue with this line of thinking is that we assume that any Boebert backed "literacy" test will actually be about the details of the Bible and not questions like

  56. How interesting! Research shows atheists know religions (any religion...) better than the people who (pretend to) follow it...

  57. It would be like my hispanic friend who said he didn’t need to study for the Spanish tests except he didn’t know shit about the actual grammar and kept failing.

  58. Who does this person even think became atheists? Its usually the people who read the Bible to reinforce their belief when they had doubts. Many atheists dance rings around the majority of people with their knowledge of scripture.

  59. Boebert has spoken against 'cancel culture' (I fucking hate that term) before. This is literally religious 'cancelling'.

  60. As my rabbi would say, sure, but only if we do it in the original Hebrew form. (This is his response to anyone knocking on his door asking if they can discuss the bible)

  61. Her job is to blow smoke while the real politicians steal the budget for their master companies and cutbacks.

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