7.5 Swiss 175gr LRX Velocity Question

  1. My 8th edition Hornady Manual lists Norma brass, Federal 210 primers and a G96/11 with a 30.7 in barrel. If you are using a k11 or k31, you will have lower velocity (although you have your quickload set up for a 31in barrel). Hornady also might be fudging their velocities up a little bit.

  2. I'm using Prvi, Federal 210, and a 1911. Difference between 30.7 and 31 are zilch and 31 is faster to write. The Hornady book has been accurate so far using my chronometer.

  3. Got 3 shots downrange today. Nearly shot my chronograph with the first flier and it wasn't recorded. The two good shots are only 2 inches apart at 125 yards offhand. I found a reloading program to check my work after my last post. I noticed my chronograph was reading ~270fps less than what Quickload was projecting. It's also ~75fps less than my Hornady 180gr data was projecting.

  4. Initiation pressure is lower for copper. Use Gordon's Reloading Tool it has a wizard for estimating the initiation pressure.

  5. You're using the wrong powder. Find a powder that will give you a 95%-105% case fill with a pressure just around the max listed

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