Closest thing to Limitless drug?

  1. Just had a conversation with a high-school friend who was an MMA fighter. He said he knew five guys at his gym that became millionaire UFC fighters. He said those guys were so focused it was borderline mania. Kanye West is a manic depressive (bipolar disorder) with a super long cycle. He has months of mania in which he writes produces and sells a hit record...then disappears until some reporter catches him saying some stupid shit during his isolated and depressive phase. I myself have noticed that I try to conquer the world every

  2. This, Until the paranoia and delusions hit. It goes from superhero to meth head who hasn’t slept in months real quick for me

  3. The inspiration for the drug in the movie came from modafinil. I have a modafinil script and it's a pretty unique drug imo. It makes me feel like I am fully rested even if I only got a few hours of sleep. Unlike with most stimulants where you would need to make up the sleep later with modafinil this is not the case. I could see how a hollywood producer could be inspired to make limitless after taking modafinil.

  4. It’s bc the writer was taking modafinil and he figured their would be some horrible shit that’d eventually happen like necrotic brain tissue lol.

  5. I've used adrifinil and it just seemed like a better version of pseudoephedrine. I did like it but it I get better effects combined with other stuff.

  6. Does this still exist anywhere? Back in the day this and cyclazodone were like the go to clearnet stims now they're practically unheard of.

  7. Yeah it doesnt last unfortunately. In the first years I struggled not taking too much and 15y later I cant take more than 15-20mg or I just get overamp and stressed. Some ppl switch to methyphenidate each 3 months to avoid tolerance, It might be a good idea.

  8. The Philosopher’s Stone aka O-PCE at 10mg a day for five days. End the last day with 30mg DMT vaped. It will take a few weeks to fully integrate all you have learned.

  9. It’s literally abt the smart drug modafinil as the writer took it while writing it and it was almost a ‘research drug’ then… Nootropics were new af at the time.

  10. Oh yes fucking love it but 3 meo pcp is gone from the market. What is the closest pcp analogue we have now to real pcp?

  11. Bro for ten years this was the case for me until my nervous system HAD ENOUGH now if take any stims or even my pre-workout I get horrible anxiety I miss that feeling I was so good at my guitar back then

  12. I was wondering if this exact question LOL. Only thing is the come down and if you want that beauty to last you have to keep drinking milk or keep yourself nourished

  13. Because meth is just too good… to be done maybe like a single .1 hot rail per year? I wouldn’t combine it with doses tho… although I have

  14. Phenibut combined with any stimulant. Super sharp clear thoughts. Without the paranoia and anxiety. Makes you feel invincible

  15. Amphetamine or modafinil, there’s always gonna be cognitive enhancing drugs like amphetamines and other stimulants but never drugs even close to the degree of that movie if someone finds a drug exactly like that id be suprised😂

  16. Modafinil. The guy from Limitless isn't grinding his teeth or staying awake for days at a time, he has clear, calm, focused energy. Modafinil truly grants that.

  17. I think you're glossing over the vastly improved intelligence/competence. If the question was just about gettin busy the answers would be obvious.

  18. I’m not a huge fan of modafinil. It just made me feel not tired, but didn’t boost my motivation or creativity or productivity.

  19. When I was in my psychosis, I was controlling everything around me. But it was just me being stuck in my own head. When I went to the hospital I was still interpreting things the way I wanted so I was being an asshole when I wanted, saying things the way I wanted. I really wished that would be my reality. Now i'm on "proper" meds I think that's oh so bad. Like, I shouldn't have. It was fun delusion at the time, but extremely dangerous (and stupid!), I don't recommend it. My recommendation is of course sobriety!

  20. Supposedly modafinil was rumored as the limitless drug. I dont believe it comes close but I think it does help. Its a smart drug so you dont really notice too much. However, that's what makes it functional.

  21. I take it on prescription. It’s great. 100mg is good for everyday usage. At 200mg, it feels like you’re on just a little bit of cocaine except it lasts all day with no crash.

  22. walked maybe 2 non-american miles yesterday, ate rice, broccoli, ground beef, white fish and honey, did my usual chest workout and felt immortal - not sure if it made me smarter though

  23. meth, alpha pvp or something of a similar structure and after taking this for the first time and you can feel like Eddie Morra from the movie "I was blind but now I see"

  24. From what I have read (but not tried) i guess 3-MeO-PCP manic episode or phenibut (mixed with functional stim) are where it goes.

  25. For me the closest is Meth i mean i could Predict a Lot of stuff and could Imagine much more vividly and a Lot of nice Features and enhancments but i ride the Wave for too Long and i rarly get more than one nice Wave. Its very hard to get and good so people Here are too retarded they would they before christmas If it would come Here.

  26. Really hard to get? Wow l. Really. I'm in Phoenix, AZ and you can literally find that shit on every corner. You can find bags of G on the ground.

  27. I knew this guy on facebook who is very into using nootropics to boost his mental capacity and he claims mixing N-Acetyl Semax and Coluracetam is the closest thing to the Limitless drug he could find. The precise instructions were taking Semax daily for a week then start adding Coluracetam to the mix.

  28. Has anyone seen the 2C-D smart drug reports, getting a batch later this week, and will report microdosing effects but apparently it’s said to be a relatively powerful cognitive enhancer.

  29. Microdosing LSD. It’s about 5-10% of a “trip” dose. I feel good energy, far less mental distraction and feel likes it helps me have the days I do it all be my vestry best of the month for my marriage, and my pr. Effectiveness at my job.

  30. Do enough pyros or meth and you'll think you're Bradley Cooper himself! (Probably thinking you're filming an action movie in some random grocery store)

  31. looking for closest drug to the one Scarlett Johansson takes in Lucy…but without turning into a supercomputer during the come down. go..

  32. A good line of blow. Serious answer: does. not. exist. Also serious answer: whatever the fuck Trent Reznor was on in the early 90's. Probably everything at once.

  33. O-pce or a wizard or jedi flip. Lsd+mdma+ketamine or mdma+2cb+ketamine. 6apb + 4-ho-mipt + ketamine. Most combinations will involve arylcyclohexylamines.

  34. High dose tianeptine if alone. But even better stacked with phenibut, kava and saki Naa. This stack made my brain work!

  35. Meth when you're right at the dosage before psychosis (plus psychosis is usually a result of not sleeping amongst other things not just the Meth itself).

  36. Nothing really. Amphetamines+Phenibut can be close if you can make it work. Spoiler alert you can't. Not consistently at least.

  37. Doing enough psycidelics to feel a little trippy happy and funny all the time because of the long term changes it makes to your brain.

  38. Good ol' shrooms or LSD are the most functional for me. Stimulants make me too focusing on one thing, and are very good for that. But with something like art, I still feel psychedelics are more useful than stimulants; on speed I'll just end up fucking my art up trying to perfect it, whereas with psychedelics I can really appreciate it fully and have a good idea of when a piece is finished. Psychedelics also impart revelations pertaining to the nature of existence which stimulants really just don't, for me.

  39. If you've got add or adhd, 4F-MPH feels like it. Except if I take too much, because then I go into hyperfocused perfectionist mode which can affect not the quality of my work, but the amount I can complete. I stop paying attention to the clock and realize I've worked through break and sometimes even lunch. It does give me the never ending thirst for water too.

  40. Ya, I've used it on my hair and gets really saturated. Takes a lot of time go back to normal. Sometimes need a heating gun to de-saturate. I snorted it once and choked and choked. I can't seem to live without dihydrogen monoxide. Insidious addiction.

  41. Noopept + lsd microdose can fit in a capsule with anything, so that plus your choice of vitamins, stims, or anxiolytics depending on the day.

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