With the benchmark for punishment being set as automatic relegation how could this affect plans for a ring-fenced Premiership? Leicester, Gloucester, Northampton, Harlequins or Exeter are the potential rule breakers.

  1. In the case of Saracens the punishment was a huge points deduction which effectively is the same as a automatic relegation. Previously other clubs had received fines for breaches but PRL changed the rules after Saracens Breach to be a lot harsher for clubs breaking the cap. Obviously this will be judged depending on the scale of the breach but it be fair to expect heavy punishment if the club is found to be in breach, no?

  2. god ill be absolutely creasing if its us. break the cap and still be shit what would be doing? paying lawes by the minute?

  3. Perhaps Exeter made a deal out of Saracens because they thought they’d got away with it themselves? Or else their memories are particularly short…?

  4. there is potential for tigers. if they were stupid on some contracts could of added up. but exeter probs main contender from the list

  5. Well, surely the punishment will depend on the severity of the offences? It's not a black and white situation of "breach salary cap = auto-relegation".

  6. No one mentioned Gloucester, but I really wouldn’t expect it to be us. The CEO has talked about managing the cap a lot, we made reductions, we didn’t sign guys up to long-term deal before the cap reduction. It would be a huge surprise if it was us. We also buy in from the Aldi/Lidl tier of countries, Gotovtsev, Kveseladze etc or promote academy lads.

  7. For us, Hill and Skinner probably were fairly cheap in the 2020/1 season. That was part of their contract cycle that took them from Prem players to BIL/ Internationals, so they were much cheaper than you think at the time. Hogg and Gray were marquee I believe. Slade, LCD, Nowell would be expensive

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