Challenge cup semi final - Toulon v Saracens lineups

  1. I think Toulon will be competitive. As every Top 14 follower knows, they've been on brilliant domestic form. They're in Mayol here, at home. Ollivon is returning well already, Serin is on good form atm, Villiere and the 15 Luc in sterling form all season. There's more int'l power with Etzebeth or Gros, experience with Parisse... and I think they'll be up for it as they haven't had a huge int'l-flavored challenge like Saracens all year really, so why not ?

  2. It’s Toulon at the Stade Mayol in Europe, I don’t think anyone should underestimate them. It’ll be a massively tough match as always.

  3. Yeah that sums it up. They're not favorites against Saracens, but they're definitely up for the task. They've had a series of very difficult matches recently, and they won them all.

  4. I think it's hard to gauge performances against us. At our peak we're one of the best teams in Europe, our average is mid prem level, and our worst is fucking dire. We probably have the biggest range of any club team in Europe.

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