Worcester Warriors Offer made - Statement from Jim O’Toole

  1. full details of where the money is coming from is really important now. They need to make sure they aren't going from the frying pan to the fire.

  2. Would 'placing the relevant entities into administration' have any consequences that would cause further problems. Really not knowledgeable on these details but know that there are some penalties for financial issues like this and that some actions like that can lead to relegation or point deductions. Obviously still better than them disappearing entirely just want to understand the implications.

  3. It would be an insolvency event that would trigger RFU regulation 5. Ordinarily this would mean relegation, but the wording might give the RFU council some wiggle room.

  4. The penalty for an insolvency event at this time is a 35 point deduction (during the season it's relegation).

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