Wales Announce Warm Up Matches for RWC23!

  1. Feels like we could lose all 3 and be hit with some big injuries so sounds about right for World Cup warm ups!

  2. WRU so desperate to not lose out on those autumn home games. Should be a sell out and at least 60k there for SA. Great for WRU's accounts, potentially disatrous for the squad.

  3. As with all things WRU it always comes back to how much money they can make! No way this is good for the squad or morale before the WC!

  4. Given Wales' setup right now seems to be built around grinding hard and toughing out games in a way that makes them tight affairs they can possibly edge. Three (almost certainly) highly physical matches, against opponents with depth to spare, is an interesting choice. Especially given their own lack of depth in key positions.

  5. Last world cup warm up games vs England were a close Welsh win in Cardiff and an Emphatic English win in Twickenham. Would loved to have seen us play against someone other than South Africa too... If we come out of this with anything other than 0-3 and injury-free it is more than expected.

  6. Some nice soft games there. I'm sure we won't come out the other end with multiple WC ending injuries.

  7. How many important players will they lose to injury in those games I wonder. Great tests for warmups but will it take its toll?..

  8. England x2 and tben SA. Nice, easy warm ups, not games that could cause injuries to major players before the RWC. Nice! Seriously tho, gonna be going in grizzled as fk and up for it, or with crushed morale and injuries, the Welsh way!

  9. Nice. We get to finish 5th in the Six nations, go 0-3 heading into the World Cup and get knocked out in the quarter finals all in one year.

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