What is the easiest path for Araxxor?

  1. Without knowing your setup and skills we can't help too much, you're saying you're getting trouble from pulsing spiders? So that suggests to me either you're running in bronze armour or you're too low level.

  2. With the bottom path changes they made a couple years ago, mid path is slower due to the time required to degrade the platform. It's the slowest by a good 15s or so at higher kill speeds and probably similar for slower as well assuming you can do the 100k before the platform goes

  3. I have farsight blood necklace, ascension crossbows, TokHaar-Kal-Xil, Asylum surgeon's ring, Ruby bak bolts (e) and full armadyl. I don't have the money for anima core yet. Supreme overloads and curses unlocked. Oh ans sharks for food. Super antipoison too.

  4. everyone prefers a different path, for me my favorite is minions and acid, i dont like shadow because of the waiting time thats why i prefer the other two a bit more lol

  5. If you're finding the minions are dealing too much damage and having trouble killing them try to make sure to use aoe/multitarget abilities. For range that's (greater) ricochet, corruption shot, and bombardment. Just in case you aren't already.

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