Monét showing off her hair (and her ass)

  1. Honey I am serving one winged Angel on this runway tonight baby. I’m going to omnislash this competition

  2. I feel like monet looks the best in very pedestrian looks. I’m never a fan of her “couture” looks but she looks great in her day to day drag

  3. She's always going for big ambitious ideas and barely executing them (like the couture princess trackpants look). I love that she has these big ideas, but yeah I'm never expecting her to wow me during runways.

  4. I said, now drop it like a thotty, drop it like a thotty, bad girl actin' naughty, church girl, don't hurt nobody

  5. This is literally that scene of Ariana and Gaga with their impossibly long hair magically floating in the wind

  6. that’s my mama and y’all can tweet you can do whateva you can tweet till you get blue in the face I don’t care she can have whatever she want cause that’s my MAMA

  7. not to be a lesbian but oh my fucking god. oh my god. jesus fucking christ. oh my god. fucking shit jesus fuck oh my fucking jesus fucking christ. god in heaven. holy fuck ing shit

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