This moron is really mad about screws and bricks

  1. This legitimately feels like self-parody. Like every clip I’ve seen of him discussing this show is exactly what I would say if I was trying to mock this guy’s way of thinking.

  2. I think its because he knows she cant outright shit on it with out getting called out. So hes trying to find "legitimate" reasoning's he can pull so it dosn show his blatant bias.

  3. It reminds me of Red Letter Media's Half in the Bag about The Last Jedi. They liked everything about the movie, just not the movie itself.

  4. I enjoyed his content for awhile. It was about the time he started showing his face and I suppose getting more popular the quality of the vids he was putting out dropped.

  5. It’s just cause AK-47s are so popular even the most “normie” person knows it as soon as they see it. It does stick out a bit more than some of the past blaster designs but my god it’s really not that significant of an issue just move past it dude.

  6. I think those weapons are changed enough to not be immediately recognizable. I mean, I’m sorry but the DL-44 is not JUST a Mauser. It has clearly added details to make it unique. No one would complain if the weapons had some extra designs to make them unique.

  7. this fucking blows my mind because he's fine with the T-21 i guess which is just a british machine gun with the magazine removed. that's it. they at least greebled the AK's.

  8. That's what I was thinking as well. This guy is apparently a big enough star wars fan to kit out his rear wall like the Death Star, but apparently never noticed that the DLT-19 is literally just an MG-34 with not a single change.

  9. He did a poll of “did you enjoy andor” right after the episode ended and the majority said they liked it or they thought it was meh. Can’t wait to see how he handles a decent portion of his groupies disagreeing with him.

  10. They have been, yeah. He even did a poll last week about what was better, PT or Andor. 35% said Andor which I thought was surprising given how his fan base is very pro-PT

  11. He essentially has two different fan bases (though, imagine being a 'fan' of a youtuber?). There's one in his live chat and the other in his main comments section. The live chat is literally filled with brain dead trolls who constantly throw spoilers out there and cry about how bad all these recent SW shows are. This is what he often looks at during his watch parties and so probably forms his opinions around that (they seem to hate it so I must hate it kind of thing). The people in the main comment section though are far more sane and level headed people who, as far as Andor goes, mostly liked the show. He wouldn't see these comments until well after his watch party has finished.

  12. I had this conversation with my friend. That really is all it takes… you glue some batteries and wires and other random crap to the AK and it’ll look like something from Star Wars. I can recognize the C96 but it’s more of a double take. Like “wait… that looks kinda like a Mauser doesn’t it?”

  13. I mean this is just on brand for him. He can apparently sit there and say that it had great EVERYTHING going for it and yet some screws and bricks completely broke him away from it and made it "forgettable".

  14. And meanwhile screws and bricks been in Star Wars for years. I mean what he thinks the buildings in Mos Eisley are made out of? Solid sand!?

  15. There’s guys on the replica prop forum who spend years trying to find the right screw or bolt for a SW prop. How does he think things are held together?

  16. Thousands of worlds that have had space travel for thousands of years; not one of them could have possibly invented simple tools and primitive construction techniques. /s

  17. That's a trait of Theory, his love for the prequels and OT blinds him so much that he forgets anything bad about them. OT blasters were literally re-purposed WW2 weapons.

  18. the only problem with screws being in star wars is that they're still using shitty ass ph*llips head. like they invented faster than light travel and the ability to destroy entire systems yet they cant invent a screw that wont strip after using it once?

  19. This guy feeds on negative energy geez, he’s the prime example of what’s wrong with the fandom. Disney can put out the most perfect Star Wars ever and they will still shit on it.

  20. "The writing, acting, cinematography and production value were great, yeah, but I'm an asshole so who cares about that."

  21. Wow. SW is somewhat futuristic, however most humans/life forms would have evolved the same way with rudimentary tools and rudimentary construction. Even the original locations in ANH utilized existing structures. This guy is nitpicky.

  22. He seems so…unhappy. Like all the positive things he says at the very beginning almost seem fake. He seems like he’s barely containing himself from going into an angry rant.

  23. That's because it's a fan film and not a multi million dollar production backed by the must profitable film company in the world. Is this sub just full of idiots?

  24. He’s the most popular Star Wars channel by a large margin, if you search just “Star Wars” on YouTube this is the guy you’re seeing.

  25. The way he became and changed in the last two years was the biggest heel turn, and I don’t like him anymore. The last thing I ever enjoyed from SWT was the Vader fan film.

  26. Theory must have the most difficult time watching the Original Trilogy then if screws and bricks are enough to dislike the entire show...

  27. So anyone who doesn't like the show is an entitled manchild? How does that work? He literally praised the show in multiple ways at the start, what's the problem?

  28. You know, it’s fine to just vibe with certain stuff and not with others. There’s definitely some Star Wars content that feels more “Star Warsy” to me than others, for probably arbitrary reasons. But I’m just a fan, not someone sharing my thoughts on YouTube with millions of followers, lol.

  29. I can’t get over how we’re getting a show that fleshes out characters and makes the acting and story feel real, and this mf keeps saying “it’s too slow they should’ve condensed it” like he isn’t the guy to complain about series being too short

  30. Then why are the reports showing that Andor has been experiencing low viewership since the very begging? Who's fault is it, that so many people found the show boring? You're acting as if he's the only who called it slow

  31. Why is he mad that we aren't just getting another forgettable planet like Kenobi and the Mandalorian have been coming up with. Gilroy made Ferrix unique, because theres actual culture and traditions there.

  32. FR lol I would much rather be able to see the screws in the walls than have the obligatory episode that makes up 1/6th of the season and looks like just California

  33. I mean, I wouldn't say "really mad" based on just this clip but it does feel like he's digging really deep to find something to complain about.

  34. "there was screws or bricks, why not smooth stone... LIKE RICH UPPER LEVELS OF THE CAPITAL, or sandstone.... LIKE A PLANET BASED ON SAND" .... Did he really say that? screws and bricks?? What a stupid reason.

  35. Look I'm not gonna deny that Theory gave a pretty invalid opinion with a very poor choice of words. However, I don't think that this subreddit is acting any better by coming on here and calling him a moron. Spreading toxicity like this doesn't exactly help to prevent it.

  36. I liked Andor as a story. It just didn’t feel like it was set in the Star Wars universe. The set is a character as much as the actors. The guns the troopers used didn’t have any changes to them, unlike Han’s gun. There was a pipe bomb, that just felt like something we would see in reality. Gilroy took this show and made it fantastic with the story telling and characters and the writing. The actors were phenomenal. The finale was kinda eh for me. Everything tied up nicely. However, it wasn’t a Star Wars show, more like an homage than set in that universe. I hope we can continue with live action shows like The Mandalorian where it can be a great show and fit in the Star Wars universe.

  37. I don’t think he realizes that literally all the blasters used in Star Wars are actual guns irl, they even shoot blanks in the filming of the original trilogy to add the smoke and flash effect. Literally the E-11 (standard storm trooper gun) is a Sterling sub-machine gun with a scope slapped on the top and some fins on the barrel to look like cooling ducts. DLT is an MG-34, DL-44 is a Mouser machine pistol, Jawa gun is a cut off Lee Enfield, the main rebel rifle is an STG-44 the list goes on and on. Even in the prequels and sequels they used real guns. Using the argument of “it sucked because the blasters just look like real guns” is the most uninformed close minded opinion I’ve heard in a while.

  38. Did he realized that Star War, a fucking future af out of this world space opera about slace samurai, ppl still using a fucking disk to record data (Rogue One) and soooo many space ships/stations still using analog panel?

  39. Maybe it’s a little petty, but why do y’all have to get so mad and be so mean to a guy just sharing his thoughts?

  40. He was praising and click-baiting the show like 2 weeks ago, now he’s done a 180 and keeps saying its bad. At least to me, it comes off as grifting and being disingenuous.

  41. I don’t know who this person is, and I definitely don’t agree with him- but I guess they are some valid thoughts? I had a similar “huh, they have screws in Star Wars. I wonder if they had to use drywall anchors” when they showed the security camera screwed I to the wall. It didn’t take me out of it- and I still loved the show (despite going in with no expectations).

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